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To say goodbye….
Its heartbreaking…
To hear you have lost…
The will to fight…
You have refuse to even…
I hear they are bringing in reinforcers
as last resort….
To hear you lose…
Who you use to be…
Breaks my mother’s…
Heart. .
To not have you here…
Anymore is heartbreaking….
You was the woman to keep the…
Family together….
We got the call…
You coded…
The burden became too much. .
My God….
I thought you would be here …
A little longer….
Me and my mom…
Was just talking…
About you and how the old you
we thought returned… 
But God needed you more…
Preparing is no more…
Death is all around me…


I bn working on dis poem for a few days. I didn’t know how to finish it and I honestly thought I had plenty time to finish it before she pass. No matter how often you think you may have more time with a love one. You need to let them know how you feel. Tomorrow isn’t promise to anyone, no even a second, minute. Tonight I find out I lost a family member as well. So the poem hits me even harder then before

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Hello Everyone,


I hope everyone is well. I know its been awhile since I posted. I bn enjoying life and few hospital stays. But other then that all is well. Got heartbreaking news today, we lost a love one on my mother side right before the holidays. Always heartbreaking lose a love one, even more heartbreaking when its right before holidays. God doesn’t make any mistakes, that much I know.  I have decided to leave in a few months, I need get away. Part of me feel like I’m running away from certain things in my life, but part of me doesn’t. I need change in my life. I will come home and visit as much as possible. God work in mysterious ways. Im getting the opportunity to get my work publish, so Im excited about that. SO in the new year, I’ll be busy typing up old and new work and trying get everything that need be copyrighted.  I’ll try get back into blogging as much as possible. I have bn reading post and trying to like and comment. I have check up tomorrow with my sickle cell doctor. So I’m hoping for good news, since I haven’t been feeling my best lately. I pray everyone have a good Christmas and New Year. I shall post more or another post soon. God Bless:)

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God Beauty

The way sun glares on my face,
A loving reminder I’m alive
The Beauty Of God
Feels my heart with so much
The way the wind blows
On my face, such a sweet kiss from God…
God Beauty..
Is a wonderful feeling…
The sound of laughter from True Blessings…
The rain that bless us even…
When we have so many things
To do…
Thank God..
For his loving beauty…
Seem death have call many
Home .
But many have took there place..
As they enter into heaven…
God Beauty..
Do you feel the love of God?
Beautiful weather, as well as..
Woah I thought we left winter…
I’m grateful for his loving
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Lets Pray

thumbnailCAQGAS54This holiday so many are missing love ones.
I’m praying for the mother whose mourning and wishing she lost her life in car accident instead of her baby!
As I read her status it broke my heart.
I may not be a mother, but I know pain of losing someone close.
I’m praying for young lady fighting cancer alone and trying go on during holidays
As her mother fight to make it back to her.
Do bow your head with me …
So much pain when it should be joyful…
I know God got them covered and protected…
I pray as you all cherish the holidays, do enjoy it…
You never know when your last time or loves one’s …
Tell them you love them now while they can hear it!
I’m praying for my blogging family to continue to have a bless holiday and rest of 2013!
God Bless

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How could you

Not take your life serious?
How could you
Poison your body
I’m hurt you gone..
But more angry that you
Didn’t think about your son
Or your body…
I heard about your parents
Wanted you to do rehab..
I wish you hadn’t said NO,
How could you be so foolish.
You leave so many hurting and grieving…
They won’t see your beautiful smile,
Hear your voice
I pray that God keep his hands on
Your family…
God Bless there soul….

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Dedicated to my cousin and love ones whose mourning. Its hurts when you lose a love one, hurt even more when they do stupid and foolish things. God Bless

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Losing A love one

As of yesterday, I lost a family member. I know last week I mention I most someone to sickle cell. As you may know for the ones that been following me for awhile, I don’t do funerals. So I didn’t and will not go when they put my cousin in ground to say goodbye one last time. I’m heartbroken and disappointed how he left this world. Right now I’m just asking for prayers for me and my family. I pray all is well with each and everyone of you. God Bless

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Fallen Fighter ( sickle cell)

I just receive news you have pass away
I know we havent talk are seen each other in awhile
I use to hear how good you were doing
My heart aches
You have left a beautiful child and hubby behind
My heart is aching
You fought a good fight
I pray you rest in paradise
Only God knows our pain
Im thinking why, but i know he needed
You more.
Heartbreaking news
Hits so close to home
My tears want let me stay strong,

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Dedicated to sickle cell fighter who has pass away. Sickle Cell Awareness month started five days ago.

I can’t finish poem just yet, bare with me while I get my head and heart together. God Bless Each And Everyone Of You!

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Called Home…

God has call you home…

My heart goes out to your children..

I’m not going to pray you into heaven…

I wish you had live right to make it in..

My heart aches for you..

I’ll never see you again..

or that beautiful smile every time

I saw your face…

To my family stay strong..

I know you hurting…

But GOD doesn’t make mistakes

God Bless their mourning souls…

I pray they open their eyes up in time…

before its to late..

God has finally call you home…




Dedicated to my cousins, miss you and love you and heart goes out to your kids and the family. I know GOD doesn’t make no mistakes. God Bless


I may change title of poem, so bare with me and let me know what you think of the tile…





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Day 2, Living With Sickle Cell Anemia

Hello Everyone,


I actually got my transfusion late lastnight, I was surprise my blood pop up that fast to be honest. My doctor and nurses was surprise as well.  I haven’t heard from my doctor today, waiting to hear from him, so I can know when I get to go home. They move me to the second floor, and I’m so not happy about it. 😦 I like been on the bottom floor to be honest. The nurses don’t take as long to get to you. I had to get some x-rays done, was suppose to get them done lastnight before I got my transfusion, but lets just say I fell asleep twice and they was no show. So we move on to the blood and got it started. I have to get meds before I can get blood. I had some great nurses lastnight and this morning, and now I have new nurses and I don’t know how I feel about it all since Im not on the floor I have come use to. I have a feeling I be home before Christmas. I’m still in some pain, I hope to be feeling no pain, real soon. I hope to enjoy my little break from school while on it recovering. Thanks for all the prayers and comments, truly means a lot to me. I don’t know whats going on with my phone, I been trying to post from my phone and can’t do it. I actually receive some more heartbreaking news while in the hospital. My family have lost anther love one, its sad to hear someone lose another child, but I know they in a better place. Please do keep them in your prayers over the holidays. God Bless 🙂