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Word to the Wise (Spiritual Word Of Day)

I prayed for you today. I asked our Father to bless you with abundant provision. May God anoint your hands to acquire wealth. I pray that you are extremely successful and exceedingly prosperous in all that you do in the name of Jesus!

And may the Lord, the God of our Fathers, increase you thousand times more and bless you as He has promised! – Deuteronomy 1:11

Good Morning, I hope and pray everyone had a good weekend and message speaks to someone heart today. Happy Mothers Day. Do Enjoy y’all day. And know we enjoy y’all every day.

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Word to the Wise(Spiritual Word If Day)

Many of you are feeling the warfare in this season. You are fighting for your focus, your purity, your testimony, your eyes! I pray for a renewed strength in Jesus name! I decree and declare that you shall rise up and that you will be encouraged in your spirit on today! In your weakness, He is made strong. Be strong in the Lord, and be strong in the power of His might!

Good Morning, I hope and pray everyone has a good/bless week and message speaks to someone heart/soul. God Bless

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Dear God

Let me bow my head and
Pray to my heavenly father.
God I need you
I’m not asking for myself
Dear Lord
Can you Look over my loved ones
Watch them throughout day/night
But God
Right now
I’m asking can you
Please watch over my Godma
As they operate.
You know the rest
Lord, I thank you.
Thru good and bad
Down on my knees
Crying out for your mercy.
Do cover everyone that’s in need
My God
Nobody but you
Can heal and touch them.
My God
Is able.



Day 26. Today was suppose be good day spend time with my bro see the Endgame. The call I receive today shook me. I’m still waiting to hear the report. I have been calling on and off today. I know God got the last so. Pray message/prayer speaks to someone heart. God Bless

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Let Me Go

Let me Go
I just want to be free
To get some rest.
To just live my life
I’m tired of hurting.
I’m tired of the pain
Waking me up in
The middle of the night
Making it hard to move
I’m Praying to God
And hoping
I’m not going into crisis.
I don’t have time to be
Down in my body
Just let me be.
I got things to do.
Weather doing its thing
Bringing me down
All I want to be is free



Day 17. Living with sickle cell is no joke. I haven’t been feeling my best lately and wanted to share a poem dedicated to my illness. Enjoy and God Bless

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Take a hold of my hand

Take hold of my hand

Don’t you dare let go

I have a message

for you to receive

I know you struggling

and you on the verge

of giving up

I’m here to let you know!

Take hold of my hand

and follow me

I know you think you


I want you to know

You never alone

GOD is here

yes, he never left you

even when you turn

your back on him

Killed your body

with drugs & alcohol

No, No,No

Don’t let go just yet

Follow me & listen

so many times you had to

go hungry because

you didn’t want to live


you had to sit in the cold

because of your pride

Don’t you dare let go

of my hand

I’m not finish

Take heed to what

I’m saying

You fighting the wrong


You running the wrong way

GOD is everywhere

Don’t you ever think he

forgot you when you

think you alone

He loves you

Today choose him to


Tomorrow not promise

Now let go of my hand

& pray



Actually true story in this poem here, I’m not happy with it because I feel like I’m missing something. But if you struggling and feel like you alone. Just remember you not. Do enjoy and God Bless 🙂

Its a repost but one of my favorites and mean a lot to me and wanted to share once again. Do enjoy pray speaks to someone heart/soul. God Bless:)

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Let’s bow our heads and pray

for our children.

So much hell going on around the world.

They aren’t safe anymore.

Let’s pray for there safety.

Let’s pray for there well being.


for mine and yours.

Let’s lift them up

and giving back to God

I’m praying for you and you

and yours and yours.

Pray blessings on them.

Prayers for children all over the world.

Let’s bow our heads and pray

For the young and old

For rich and poor.

Cover them in prayer




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Word to the Wise(Spiritual Word Of Day)

You’ve prayed that God reveal your ENEMIES, but have you asked Him to show you who is willing to help?? Don’t label everyone who is coming next an enemy. They could be the answer to your problems.

Good Aftetnoon, I pray all is well and message speak to someone soul/heart. God is truly good all the time. God Bless

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A mother

What’s a mother.

I may not be one yet, but I do know

What one is because what my mother shows me every day.

Trust we may not get along all the time.

But one thing for sure she never turns her back on her kids.

A mother

Prays for you

Teach you right from wrong

Love you

Be there for you no matter how bad you mess up.

A mother you say.

Visit here and there

Isn’t what make you a mom.

Saying I love you but not

Doing what you should for them

Yea they say you carry them

But are you raising them?

Are you showing them the correct way how to be a mother?

A mother huh?

Can you remember a time

You stayed up with them through


Maybe sitting at the kitchen table trying figure out a math problem.

A mother job is never done.

Walking out on your kid/kids

Because things got rough.

You were dedicated to the streets then

Your babies.

A mother

Isn’t you.

But hey I’m a sit back and watch

Things unfold.

A mothers love is


To be one.

You need to learn love like

No other.

Fight like it’s your last breath

Take that last mile

To show them

I love you.



Not really finish yet. Seems to be missing something.

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Thru Your Eye’s

I see the man…

God created you to be…

Thru Your Words.

I feel your pain,

and emotions you had

to endure alone.

Let Me …

Heal You.

just these once.

Let Me.

Be Your


for support.

Thru Your Eye’s

and Word’s

I see the change in you.

Thru Your Action.

I see so much in you.

Your Love…

Your Soul…

Your Heart…

When will you learn..

I’m here for you,

even when things get rough…

I can’t be there for you…

if you don’t open up to me…

Thru Your Eye’s.

you seem to be against the world

on your own…

You lose someone who

can’t take being shut out…

You lose a love…

that never can be replaced…

I don’t think I can let

myself love you anymore…


I give you part of my heart…

You hurt me…

Thru Your Words…

I feel…

but don’t return the love…

Thru Your Eye’s…

I can’t see who

God wanted you to be.

You Lose Some…

You Win Some…

You Lost Me…

because you couldn’t

understand how a real woman

could love you

and be there for you…

Thru My Eye’s

You still hurt from the last one

Thru My Words…

I can’t even seem to care like

I use too…

I have changed so much over the past

few weeks…

Your Love…

use to…

touch me in every way…

Now It can’t even melt

the ice from my cold heart…

Thru My Soul…

I’m done with the

back and forth…

I pray you made it where God

Want you to be…

Let the next woman…

guide you thru your

hard times…

Let me hear about it…


Not take it with you…

Thru My Words…

I’m done with you…

No lost love…

No Nothing…

Let My Actions…

Speak Louder Than Ever…

“Boom Boom”

Justice Bn Serve…



God Bless

A poem I wrote years ago and wanted to share it with you all.  I believe it’s good to see how far you come with writing. I can’t believe it been that long since I wrote this piece on here. The poem will be dedicated to love journey. Do enjoy and God Bless