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Lord, I’m Thankful

I’m thankful for
His mercy
His blessings
Thank you, Lord
For loving me
Waking me every morning
I’m thankful for
You Lord
For loving me
Thru my up and down.
Thank you, Lord
I’m thankful for
Your everlasting love
Thank you for
My life
I’m thankful for you.

Day 11. I had another poem I was working on, but after hearing the word tonight. Got bless with another poem. Do enjoy. God Bless

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Day 2-3, Living With Sickle Cell

I’m still in the hospital and in a lot of pain. At one point I truly thought, I was getting better, but that’s negative. I haven’t got much rest to be honest.  I started working on the post yesterday, but my body wasn’t having it. Some days I just felt defeated. I haven’t gone 7 months with no hospital stay in a long time. It’s being awhile since I gotten sick. Honestly, we know our body better than anyone. With all the rain we have been getting, I’m not surprised on the way I been feeling! I’m still trying fight the sleep. You know as a child we hated to go school. I pray who all were affected by Tropical Storm Cindy, made it out with no harm.  My count seems to be playing with me big time. Drop all the way 7.3 and following day it comes up to 7.6. I’m feeling much better than I was, which I’m very thankful for. We a lovely visit from my Lil Lady, she had been texting me saying she misses me. That visit I truly needed to brighten my day.  Thank you all for the prayers , it truly means a lot to me. God is truly good all the time. No matter the situation, good or bad. Going end post here since I’m hurting . God Bless

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My Life

How can I speak…

when I’m only one


You seem to look…

at me crazy…

Cause of the pain..

and you don’t understand…


I’m one in a million…

So many of us or losing..

the fight…

So thankful for the one..

who fought with me..

You may not hear me…

But I know many hear me..

and join me to fight for our..


Do you hear me?

I hate to yell but hell..

my pain is that intense…

NO act..

over here..

We want Justices…


We tired of been


some die in pain…

because of the abuse from

the one’s…

who supposed to help us..

Do that make you all happy?

see so many dying?

Technical I’m not finish with it but wanted to get it up, while I have the time and strength to share. I wanted to share it last month, since it was Sickle Cell Awareness Month. But you all know its every day for me… Do enjoy and let me know what you think.  The poem says a lot, so many sickle cell warriors have died this year. We don’t have it easy when we go to E.R/hospital. Since so many don’t know what it is or what we go through. We get sent home in pain or mistreated while been in hospital. I know you all have read a few of my post, and know I had could not so good nurses and doctors. I’m praying for cure for us.

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Only God

Nobody but God
Brought me out…
I want to take time..
To thank you..
For your everlasting…
My God…
Is awesome God….
So many times…
I wanted to walk away…
And throw my hands up…
When things got hectic…
But God…
Kept me sane..
Putting the right people…
In my life..
Telling me not to
Don’t Let The Devil
Steal your Joy…
Thank you Lord..
For not giving upon me…
I’m so thankful…
Of your love…

Enjoy and God Bless

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God Beauty

The way sun glares on my face,
A loving reminder I’m alive
The Beauty Of God
Feels my heart with so much
The way the wind blows
On my face, such a sweet kiss from God…
God Beauty..
Is a wonderful feeling…
The sound of laughter from True Blessings…
The rain that bless us even…
When we have so many things
To do…
Thank God..
For his loving beauty…
Seem death have call many
Home .
But many have took there place..
As they enter into heaven…
God Beauty..
Do you feel the love of God?
Beautiful weather, as well as..
Woah I thought we left winter…
I’m grateful for his loving
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You Caught Me…

You caught me drowning

when I needed…

someone to bring me to

my senses…

Sweetie I’m so thankful

for you…

Even though we may bump

heads at times…

I think of you constantly…

you brought sunshine in my life…

when my body was letting me


I laugh so much..

I didn’t recognize my feelings…

I fought to recover

my past…

You reach out and pull me drowning…

I’m so thankful for a man like




Actually wrote dis last month, but wasn’t sure if it was finish, are ready to be shared. Its dedicated to Love Journey, do enjoy and let me know what you think. God Bless 🙂 Registered & Protected

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Real Friend

983304_10201704306508663_1945959012_nWhat is a real friend?
someone to pick you up when you down
Someone that understands your pain
When words can’t be find
What is a real friend?
Is someone you can trust
I’m telling you a real friend is one in million
Its a unbreakable bond!
What’s a real friend
Someone that lends a ear
When your whole world
Comes crumbling down!
I’m Bless to have you
I thank God for you
He knew I was in need
When he gave me you
This is my thank you
For been you….

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Its been awhile since I wrote the poem, but I was waiting on her to find another picture to made her think of us. And she recently did. I know I recently wrote a prayer poem. Her cancer recently came back, so she is battling that, but receive news, she doesn’t have to do chemo this time around, which we are thankful of.  Do enjoy the poem, and let me know what you all think. hopefully have time to do update post on her and her mom who had the stroke over the summer. God Bless each and everyone of you all.

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Physical therapy

Week three since of Monday just pass. Yay! As you all may know for the ones who read my late post last week, of my accident! Doesn’t look like I damage anything, which I’m very thankful of! I was very worry… thank you all for the prayers. I so don’t like this season or the next. I’m more concern with my sickle cell while recoverying. Having trouble doing squats. You never realize the lil things to you can’t do them anymore. I know its temporary thing for now. I’m pushing myself every week! And trust I crash out everytime I get home. Me and bed have such good relationship during the day then night.  We working on bending my knee while walking, I think in back of my mind I’m scared ima fall. I still be happy with X-ray in a month. I have truly learn lesson to not do much and even tho not crazy about walker its not the enemy, it can prevent harm while recoverying… God Blessed till next time

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Word to the Wise (Spiritual Word Of The Day)

734370_583160355031113_2099077309_nOnce you have prayed, Release your concerns. This doesn’t mean you can’t pray about the same thing again, but once you’ve Finished a prayer, allow the issue to be Surrendered into His hands so you can Rest and have Peace. Trust Him to take care of it. Learn to Partner with God. #ASK


What a powerful message I got Bless with, I had to share it with you all.



Good Evening, I know its been awhile since I posted, I have been busy with my studies and taking care of myself and getting ready to have major surgery in the upcoming month. I’m so thankful for all the comments and prayers. It truly breaks my heart to see someone young do their life so careless. I hope to share a poem in the upcoming week, they plan to lay him to rest later this weekend. Please do keep my family in your prayers. I pray this message speak to someone soul. God Bless 🙂

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Update (Good Report)

Good Morning, I pray everyone is having a Bless Day. I got the call yesterday that I been waiting for. My labs came back good from last Thursday. I’m so happy and not surprise, because i already know. I love how God works things out for me. I have to stay on the meds for twenty more days before I can actually stop taking, not happy about that, but happy the doses drop. My headaches have got worse since taking the meds. Once I’m off, I can start getting ready and plan for my surgery. Hopefully end of the month are beginning of next month. I do have another doctor appointment tomorrow, with blood doctor. Praying that one goes well as well. I want to hear your blood count is high 7 or 8! Okay maybe not 8, but I can hope right? Well wanted to share that little news with you all. God is good and able all the time. God Bless 🙂

So thankful for all the prayers from each and everyone of you. Many Blessings