How could you

Not take your life serious?
How could you
Poison your body
I’m hurt you gone..
But more angry that you
Didn’t think about your son
Or your body…
I heard about your parents
Wanted you to do rehab..
I wish you hadn’t said NO,
How could you be so foolish.
You leave so many hurting and grieving…
They won’t see your beautiful smile,
Hear your voice
I pray that God keep his hands on
Your family…
God Bless there soul….

PJ Registered & Protected

Dedicated to my cousin and love ones whose mourning. Its hurts when you lose a love one, hurt even more when they do stupid and foolish things. God Bless



  1. My condolensences. Sorry to hear about your cousin. My prayers are with you and your family. May God give you strength and comfort in your time of loss. ~~Michele


  2. Sorry for you loss PJ. May God give you peace and comfort even though some of your questions might never be answered. Sending you a warm smile and a tight hug in your time of grief 🙂 ♥


      1. Ill be looking out for it! I need share more, but with surgery in a few weeks, stay on top of my grades! Girl that class be killing a Sista! Pray for me:)


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