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Hold On

You can do it!
Don’t lose hope!
I believe in you!
Hold on to his name!
God hasn’t left you
You can do it!
Don’t you dare give up!
I believe in you!
God hasn’t left your side
He making a way!
Call out his name!
Jesus, you’re my Savior
I may be down and out!
You the one I need
You can do it!
I believe in your will!
Thank you, Lord!



Day 28. This poem means so much to me. I and bestie were on the phone while she and her bro was helping mom. She had a stroke at the time and bestie wanted to take care of her mom herself. Her mom love for God and her determination to keep fighting. That’s amazing.

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Strong Woman

You never know her strength,

to she hit with the worse…

Don’t mistake her tears for


Strong Woman

Carry the weigh of the World

on her shoulders

A mother to her children

A wife to her spouse

Inspiration to many…

Strong Woman

I salute every single one of you…

Never quit doing what you do

Beautiful Gift from God

A treasure to be cherished


Wanted take it back to one of my older poems and dedicated to all the strong ladies around world. God Bless

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My Love Journey P.5 (repost)

lovejourneybystuwillsFor some odd reason I’m having trouble on how to reblog my very on post.. So will post link here for you all to check out again or check out the first time. Question and thoughts have been on my mind for awhile. I’m trying to get back in the hang of things with My Love Journey. Also have other things that I’ll be posting but that’s another post for another day.


Thoughts: Its crazy how we have a show called Catfish, but doesn’t seem to make people stop falling for people online. Should it make you stop are be cautious of your heart? What’s happening online could possible happen in real life. People get played everyday. So does it really matter on how we come by the person we love? Does it matter how you met that person? So many question for the post once again, but love to hear everyone thoughts.  If I forgot anything do let me know, please and enjoy. its always a pleasure to hear from my fellow bloggers and there thoughts as well.

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Sound Good….

Sound good to me…
The way you say my name…
Drives me crazy…
I love the way you sound when I say your name…
You truly sound good to me..
Just imagine if I was lying
Next to you
The music we would make…
Beautiful melody as our
Body intertwine with one another
You Sound good to me…
I’m missing you tonight …
PoeticJourney Registered & Protected

Do enjoy dedicated to my love journey, let me know what you think! God Bless

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Mirror Mirror

Mirror Mirror
Who Am I
Do you deceive me…
I don’t recognize the person looking back…
I see bruises
And forget where I been…
I feel like I’m chasing sleep to recover time…
Mirror Mirror …
Why am I suffering ..
When everyone is moving on…
That did me harm…
All I want is be free..
What have I done wrong to deserve all this…
All I want is to be free from this turmoil….




After reading silent Kim poem yesterday it gave me the courage to finish this poem about a person dear to my heart. I don’t know how it effects ya’ll, but been there for her, I can understand where Kim is coming from. Her poem pull at my heart and finally gave me the courage to share my poem to the person dear to me who love it btw the and working on art piece to go with it, so once it done I’ll share with ya’ll once again. Do enjoy and let me know what you all think. God Bless 🙂 Just remember you all are never alone, God is with you even when it feel like the world has left yall to sit ad riot and the turmoil of the mind.

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Lets Pray

thumbnailCAQGAS54This holiday so many are missing love ones.
I’m praying for the mother whose mourning and wishing she lost her life in car accident instead of her baby!
As I read her status it broke my heart.
I may not be a mother, but I know pain of losing someone close.
I’m praying for young lady fighting cancer alone and trying go on during holidays
As her mother fight to make it back to her.
Do bow your head with me …
So much pain when it should be joyful…
I know God got them covered and protected…
I pray as you all cherish the holidays, do enjoy it…
You never know when your last time or loves one’s …
Tell them you love them now while they can hear it!
I’m praying for my blogging family to continue to have a bless holiday and rest of 2013!
God Bless

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No Title…

My mouth gets me in trouble ….
When my heart can’t seem…
To express my feelings..
Idk if I can put my heart on
The line…
I been in love with you…
I done fell out of love…
With love still burning deep
Inside of me…
I tried so many times to turn
My feelings off, but you is where
My heart at…
I must be crazy….
With the feelings I’m having..
I know I dont have too
Many more chances …
With you..
But I do love you…
You is where my heart at…
I wish I told you
Just how much u
Truly mean to me…
When my mouth betrays me..
My heart pays in end…

Haven’t came up with a title just yet, dedicated to love journey! Even though I been awhile, been going thru the motions… do enjoy and let me know what you’ll think…God Bless:)

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Not looking back

Something tells me were not meant to be anymore..
I’m strong enough not to cry anymore…
Tears wont bring you back to me..
I tried to hold on to something that wasn’t meant to be…
Who am I kidding?
I know my worth?
I should be treated so much better…
I shouldn’t have to wait …
To you make time for me…
Idk why I’m doing this to myself. ..
I may love you…
You may care..
Doesn’t mean we need to be a couple …
I need to be myself…
Find myself in CHRIST..
Right now I’m lost …
Blind by your misguided trust .
I have to do this on my own..
I know my FATHER wont abandon me..
I know my value…
I pray you know yours …
I’m not looking back…
Its time move on…
Closing the chapter of us..
And preparing myself
For someone worthy
When I’m ready…

I have had a lot on my mind lately. Wanted to share it with you all. Dedicated it to Love Journey, do enjoy it. Let me know what you all think. My friend (Red), gave me the title to my poem, she is on my blog roll if you would like to visit her blog.

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Ready for Love….

Don’t tell me I’m young
I don’t  know what I feel
My heart is feeling love
I don’t know how to explain
My feelings
My head says its to soon
My heart is rejoicing
To a new love in my life
Don’t tell me I’m not ready
I done been through hell
I’m standing here ready for
Whatever meant for me
I maybe young in your eye’s
But I know what love about..
I’m Ready….
For what my God has for me..
Stop, don’t speak..
I know..
What I’m feeling…
Its love…
I’m Ready…

Dedicated to Love Journey of course. Another poem,I wrote a few months ago, but couldn’t finish to now,and finally got inspired with then titled. Do let me know what you think and enjoy. God Bless

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Emotional Paralyzed

My heart has been paralyzed by emotion from my past
I believe he done played my strings as if I was yo yo
I’m bitter
And down right
How could I been so stupid?
So many signs!
My heart may never be the same
The past knows how to destroy you and bring uproar
His web of deceit
May have won this fight
I be damn if he win the battle
I may be broken
Bitter and down right ice cold
But a love of a good man hasn’t left me….
PJ Registered & Protected

I’m not sure on title just yet, so it may get change. Do let me know what you think. Enjoy and God Bless… of course its another one dedicated to my love journey.
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