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Word to the Wise(Spiritual Word Of The Day)

Please STOP asking all kind of people their advice for your life. When In actuality they don’t know what to do with their own lives.



Good Morning, I pray all is well with each and everyone of you all and the message speak to some one soul/heart as much as it spoke to mind. Im still in hospital, waiting to hear from doc so they can draw blood from my port, I’m not in the mood to be pin cushion if you know like I know. I hope everyone is staying warm/dry depending where you all from. Until next time. God Bless:)


Do bare with me I still have comments to approve. In due time







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Day 1-3, Living With Sickle Cell Anemia



Hey Everyone,


As you can see by the title I’m in hospital, been here every since Christmas Night. So glad I had the chance to spend Christmas Eve and Christmas Morning with my love one’s. I was trying to make it to the end of the month. I was hoping it would pass.  I had to have transfusion today. Blood count had got low, I knew something was wrong since I been having headaches . Its a sign that your blood count can be low or I’m getting ready to go in a crisis. I do hope everyone of you all had a Lovely Christmas. Well better then mine:) I have some great nurses and doctors. So thankful for that to be honest. Last time I was sometime last month, and doctor wasn’t doing right by me. So I left the hospital, and lets just say I was in a lot of pain. I’m hoping to do right by myself dis time around. I’m hoping to go home tomorrow if everything come back looking normal. I’m still in some pain right now. Hoping the blood did some good for me. I try not to get blood, because one day when I’ll need it , it may not help me . Sighs. Well I had warm Christmas, seem the cold front is coming in. Guess its a good thing I’m in hospital now, to prevent all that. But its just cold in the evening time, so it shouldn’t be 2 bad. I’m going to wrap this post up, because I’m getting tired and restless. I haven’t been sleeping much for whatever reason. I always got some stuff on my mind. I know I have check up on the 4 to see how the meds is  doing. I hope good news, but I really haven’t been on them since I been in hospital. Only meds they giving me is my pain meds and not my every day meds.  I must say it truly means something  when you have  a great group of people taking care of you. I even have some nurses coming visit me since they always say I’m a good patient. Makes me feel good when they think that about me. I feel like I be getting on there nerves at times. But I have met some that have became friends.

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Good Morning,


Will be short post, since its Christmas. I posted the last update late. I don’t know what happen. I guess it had bn awhile since I posted that I forgot to take it off draft and hit publish.. lol.  I had some what okay doctor appointment. I got put on more meds. So not happy about that. I got back in Feb, before I leave in March so that’s good. They up my dose on one of my meds. I already know how dis going to go. Lets just say I’m not happy:( . I bn dealing with headaches for like 3 days, not so bad today. I’m listening to music as I type up my post. So that’s helping. I’m loving the weather we having here in the South. Not cold whatsoever. I hope everyone having a lovely Christmas. I don’t believe I ever had a warm Christmas, but I’m so not complaining. Even with the rain. I’m not crazy about the rain because it makes my body aches and can interfere with my illness, but I do love rain. SO love and hate relationship. We trying to see about not depending on pain meds, I like the way that sound. Because I’m bad about going cold turkey a lot, but that could be reason why I be in and out hospital because I do that a lot. Sometime you just want to enjoy life and not be drug up. Just my opinion .  Sorry it took so long to do my updates, with everything going on, with health and holidays. I probably wont post anymore 2 New Year. So I want to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and Happy New years one more time. God bless :). If I forgot anything in the update, will edit later on. I need some sleep. Music do put my mind at ease.  Thank You all for sticking with me on dis bumping ride I call life.

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I regret that one last chance to go there with you..

that one last chance to put my feelings in the air..

I regret opening myself to a man who isn’t ready..

I fail to realize to not see I couldn’t control..

how my feelings would react when you walk back in..

How did I let my heart get chip…


I regret everything that has happen in the past week..

But then again I can’t say…

I really regretted it…

It was meant to happen, so I could open…

my eye’s to you..

I was hoping he would open

his eye’s to reality…

but as someone brought to my attetnion..

I fucked that up by been..


What do we do when regrets seem to take over..

But at the back on your mind..

You screaming…

but words seem to betray you ..

and your emotions is taking over..

Im stuck with regrets…


As I mention I have bn writing even though I may haven’t bn busy blogging and sharing. I have bn sharing my thoughts on paper. Right now I’m refusing to do just that, because I’m going thru so much as the poem says. I know things happen. Teach us a lesson. I hope and pray everyone have a bless Christmas and if you don’t celebrate Happy Holidays 2 you and yours. God Bless 🙂

 God is truly the reason for the season. I can’t sleep since I’m not feeling my best and my mind is doing 2 much thinking. I need to write and I don’t want 2. I usually let myself think for awhile before I temp to write. But I truly need to think as much as possible cause I refuse to write. No matter how much it may make me feel good or either break me .


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Hello Everyone,


I hope everyone is well. I know its been awhile since I posted. I bn enjoying life and few hospital stays. But other then that all is well. Got heartbreaking news today, we lost a love one on my mother side right before the holidays. Always heartbreaking lose a love one, even more heartbreaking when its right before holidays. God doesn’t make any mistakes, that much I know.  I have decided to leave in a few months, I need get away. Part of me feel like I’m running away from certain things in my life, but part of me doesn’t. I need change in my life. I will come home and visit as much as possible. God work in mysterious ways. Im getting the opportunity to get my work publish, so Im excited about that. SO in the new year, I’ll be busy typing up old and new work and trying get everything that need be copyrighted.  I’ll try get back into blogging as much as possible. I have bn reading post and trying to like and comment. I have check up tomorrow with my sickle cell doctor. So I’m hoping for good news, since I haven’t been feeling my best lately. I pray everyone have a good Christmas and New Year. I shall post more or another post soon. God Bless:)

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Hey All,

I know its been awhile since I posted. I hope all is well with each and everyone of you all. I have been in and out of hospital since last post. I have been writing poetry and starting some post and just stop them. I just haven’t had the energy to post and share with you all. I have been reading ya’ll work. I don’t like or comment all the time. I do miss each and everyone of you all. I’m not here to complain. I’m just here to check in. I was hoping to share a piece with you all but seem to have left my handy dandy notebook at home. I knew I was forgetting something once I step out the door dis morning. I should never leave home without my journal. I still try and write in my phone memo. But I love to write in a notebook/journal as much as possible. So I can have something to go back to as well. I have so many poems I haven’t even finish yet, that haven’t even made it to phone or even a pc or tablet. We seem to let technology take over, but we got to remember where we started when it come to writing. I love to see my thoughts on paper.. All my mistakes, my mark outs..  I have such a busy month, and worry about overdoing it. I have surprise bridal shower Friday coming up and I’m not feeling my best. Next weekend is the wedding reception and I have poem I’m going to read, and super excited about. And for the one’s that been with me from the beginning and know I’m a PK I have a few church events as well. My best friend from middle school is back in town since June and we been spending a lot of time together before she leaves next month for Cali. Fall has come and yes, I have a love and hate relationship with it.. OMG… right now here its beautiful, not to cold or to hot, its just right. First Friday in dis month I paid for the weather change on me and I was in for a few days. Shortest visit for me and must admit I was so excited to get out. I have been on the go a lot lately, trying to enjoy life.. I know a recent post I mention about was I truly living? and the answer was no.. I’m not talking about been crazy, I’m talking about stop making excuses due to my illness.  Right now with the weather going back and far… I’ll be marry to my home once more, just the way it should be :)…  Anyways going to end post here, I know I’m everywhere with dis post..

Thank for all the prayers, comments, likes, and joining my journey. I hope to be more active real soon. God Bless 🙂

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Living With Sickle Cell…


Am I really living? Came to conclusion Im not. I have stop doing the things I love. I have stop moving to my frustration to be better. I realize its time get out my comfort zone! Enough is enough. If we dont live now , we wont
be able live later 

Just wanted share some thoughts that bn on my mind lately. Stop letting stuff hold you down. Release anchor from your life and live.

Dis my month shine: Sickle CELL AWARENESS MONTH.  . I have bn in out hospital for about a month.. .Till next time do stay bless;)

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Word to the Wise(SPIRITUAL Word of the Day)

Prayer is the lifeline of the Christian’s walk with GOD. Without prayer, he is powerless, fruitless,  and lifeless. Prayer can do anything GOD can do.

Good Evening,I pray all is well with each and everyone of you all. GOD is truly good all the time…Pray message speak to someone soul/heart. GOD Bless