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My Life

How can I speak…

when I’m only one


You seem to look…

at me crazy…

Cause of the pain.

and you don’t understand…


I’m one in a million…

So many of us or losing.

the fight…

So thankful for the one.

who fought with me.

You may not hear me…

But I know many hear me.

and join me to fight for ours.


Do you hear me?

I hate to yell but hell.

my pain is that intense…

NO act.

over here.

We want Justices…


We are tired of been


some die in pain…

because of the abuse from

the ones…

who supposed to help us.

Do that make you all happy?

see so many dying?


Technical I’m not finished with it but wanted to get it up, while I have the time and strength to share. I wanted to share it last month since it was Sickle Cell Awareness Month. But you all know its every day for me… Do enjoy and let me know what you think. The poem says a lot, so many sickle cell warriors have died this year. We don’t have it easy when we go to E.R/hospital. Since so many don’t know what it is or what we go through. We get sent home in pain or mistreated while been in hospital. I know you all have read a few of my post, and know I had could not so good nurses and doctors. I’m praying for a cure for us.

Day 19. Something I wanted to repost again. I can’t believe I didn’t add a date it was written. Do enjoy and God Bless

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Word of Encouragment

Some of you have been wrestling with some decisions but I heard on tonight to tell you that sometimes you have to let some things go and come to an end so that the new can be ushered in!

Good Afternoon, I pray all is well and message speaks to someone soul/heart.God Bless

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Word to the Wise (Spiritual Word Of Day)


Isaiah 43:18 “Remember not the former things neither consider the things of old.”

If GOD told you to LET IT GO, allowed you to ESCAPE IT or took you FROM IT, DON’T RESUSCITATE IT!
Don’t give life to those DEAD habits, thoughts, memories and relationships GOD has caused to DIE!
EVERY TIME YOU rehearse it in your mind, call the number of your former lover, recall to mind how he/she “felt,” meditate on how they hurt you, rejected you, offended you; YOU give life to DEATH!
In the spirit stamp a DNR across your heart and mind to remind you and your past to LET IT GO! IT DIED, DO NOT RESUSCITATE!

Good Morning, God is truly good all the time. Pray everyone having a Bless Friday. The bad weather done brought cold front in, so I’m in bed till I get warm. Pray message speaks to someone heart/soul. God Bless

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Brings me back to my childhood.
Grabbing them off the ground
The trees.
Picking them up off the side of the road
Just to get a sweet taste from the bud
Do you remember them growing up?
Been able to share the memories
With the babes.
Watching my lil lady sit on
Trampoline sucking on them
Made my heart jump for joy
To share my memories with her
And for her to enjoy it.



Day 18. Lil lady took pic of the honeysuckles. Do enjoy

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Life Advice

If you don’t like your life, change it, into what you think it should be

Good Morning, pray everyone having a good Thursday. I’m still not at my best and it seems I been blessed with headaches for 3 days now. Sighs. Pray message speaks to someone. God Bless

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Let Me Go

Let me Go
I just want to be free
To get some rest.
To just live my life
I’m tired of hurting.
I’m tired of the pain
Waking me up in
The middle of the night
Making it hard to move
I’m Praying to God
And hoping
I’m not going into crisis.
I don’t have time to be
Down in my body
Just let me be.
I got things to do.
Weather doing its thing
Bringing me down
All I want to be is free



Day 17. Living with sickle cell is no joke. I haven’t been feeling my best lately and wanted to share a poem dedicated to my illness. Enjoy and God Bless

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Word to the Wise (Spiritual Word Of Day)

Psalms 91 is a powerful reminder to anyone facing difficult or challenging times that God provides His PRESENCE when in trouble, PROTECTION from harm, PROMOTION from our present situation, PROSPERITY to his people, and PRESERVATION in every circumstance. BE ENCOURAGED!


Good Morning, God is truly good all the time. Pray message speaks to someone heart soul. God Bless

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Morning Love

Morning love
The way to my heart
Warming me from head to toe
Even from inside out
Don’t speak
Till I had me a cup of joe
Morning love
Smells so good
Smelling the spices as you create
Such magic
Morning Love
In the pot
Do you hear it brewing?
Drip Drip
Not strong or mild but just right
The bold taste of Colombian bean
Spreading throughout the house
You know the way to my heart
Don’t speak
Let me enjoy my cup of joe
Now you may begin
Good Morning

Day 16. Nothing like a cup of Joe in The morning.