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Love Lesson

When starting a relationship. Do you believe and think its best to be friends first are just jump in head first.

I believe in getting to know a person and becoming friends. Its good have a bond with someone. Knowing the good and bad. Some say friendship is good because you learn the end and out of the other person. You grow as a couple and some may think it’s not good. You could run them off once they get to know you. Some may see the ugly and not want to put up with it for a lifetime. Some may see it and love it and know how to handle it.

Why jump in head first without thinking. Some may succeed in that kind of relationships and some may not. Makes me wonder is it safe to do relationships that way. So many questions running thru my mind when I think about starting a relationship without been friends.

Love to hear yall thought and opinion on this topic. Thank you for joining my love journey.

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Does love sound like a conversation starter

When it comes to love, do we truly take in consideration if we both ready? Should we talk among ourselves see where we’re each both stand with one another? Love is truly a conversation starter. How do you all feel about it,? Do you just go into love without having talked about it? Hell, that’s like going into relationship blind? My thoughts on the matter. Sometimes love to surprise us and slap us in the face wake us up? Usually, I go into a relationship not prepared for anything major. I let them know not looking for anything. Sometimes it’s best to start off as a friend and go from there. So the question at hand does love sound like a conversation starter? 

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Day 1-3, Living With Sickle Cell Anemia



Hey Everyone,


As you can see by the title I’m in hospital, been here every since Christmas Night. So glad I had the chance to spend Christmas Eve and Christmas Morning with my love one’s. I was trying to make it to the end of the month. I was hoping it would pass.  I had to have transfusion today. Blood count had got low, I knew something was wrong since I been having headaches . Its a sign that your blood count can be low or I’m getting ready to go in a crisis. I do hope everyone of you all had a Lovely Christmas. Well better then mine:) I have some great nurses and doctors. So thankful for that to be honest. Last time I was sometime last month, and doctor wasn’t doing right by me. So I left the hospital, and lets just say I was in a lot of pain. I’m hoping to do right by myself dis time around. I’m hoping to go home tomorrow if everything come back looking normal. I’m still in some pain right now. Hoping the blood did some good for me. I try not to get blood, because one day when I’ll need it , it may not help me . Sighs. Well I had warm Christmas, seem the cold front is coming in. Guess its a good thing I’m in hospital now, to prevent all that. But its just cold in the evening time, so it shouldn’t be 2 bad. I’m going to wrap this post up, because I’m getting tired and restless. I haven’t been sleeping much for whatever reason. I always got some stuff on my mind. I know I have check up on the 4 to see how the meds is  doing. I hope good news, but I really haven’t been on them since I been in hospital. Only meds they giving me is my pain meds and not my every day meds.  I must say it truly means something  when you have  a great group of people taking care of you. I even have some nurses coming visit me since they always say I’m a good patient. Makes me feel good when they think that about me. I feel like I be getting on there nerves at times. But I have met some that have became friends.

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So many in need of healing

The baby who fighting to live


The woman fighting to live

Praying for miracle


The woman who weeping

of a love one close to losing

the battle

Give them strength to hold on

Lets Pray

For our blogging friends

who suffering in silent

GOD be with them through

there hard time

So many in need



That all things or possible.



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So many or truly in need of prayers, we may not know who needs it, but as she pray anytime of the day do pray for them. Today I find out someone has receive bad news and they have 4 tumors, I have a few close friends whose grieving and of course Team Starla. Sending my prayers and love to each and every one of them and to every one of my blogging family. God Bless You All! 🙂

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Poet Dilema(Why Me?)

I don’t know where or how to start this entry. Been a good friend, can get you in predicaments that have you wondering how did I get here.

A & B

Mr. A. has become a father a few months ago. I met him years ago when he was dating my younger cousin, who was underage at the time. So the only time to see him, I would have to say we going to spend some girl time together so she could see Mr. A. Me and him have been friends for years, even though they not together anymore. He recently came back into my life almost a year ago in February anyways back to the point of the post. Mr. A has feelings for me, yea shocking I know. I DON’T DATE ANYONE WHO HAS BEEN IN RELATIONSHIP WITH FAMILY MEMBERS OR EITHER FRIENDS. I done told him this so many times, but he not hearing or he don’t believe. we had a conversation last night and he was like i know you thought about it at one time or another. I was like honestly I havent, and truth be told it was the truth. ITS ALL ABOUT RESPECT WHEN IT COMES TO ME. Mr. A has been there for me when I got sick a few years ago. He was at the hospital everyday with me, and when the nurses took to long to come he would go get them. he the only guy every see me cry besides my father and brothers. When I got drunk the first and only time when I was at my rebellish age he took care of me. Watch over me the whole time without trying anything. And let me tell you it wasnt easy job to do. lol I done tried to hook him up with a few other people’s since we known each other. He fell in love with my best friend but was too scared to let her know how he felt, and lost her to his cousin and then finally lost her to someone she shouldn’t have every marry. How do we know if we have a chance with someone if we don’t open our mouth and let it be known how we feel about them.  This guy done got ticket for me in the past, when I use to stay in Florida he was coming to see me because we hadn’t seen each other in a long time. Thats how close we was and still is that close to today. I’m slow when it comes to picking up on the feelings. If I’m not into you, I wont notice that you into me.  I even dated his cousin who I was digging along time, we had talk before we actually met and seem to have kick it off. Doesn’t matter that we don’t talk nomore, or if the relationship went sour. I choose to stay true myself and true to any friendship/relationship I make on my JOURNEY.

Mr. B has been in my life for a long time as well. His marry and well they going through somethings. Before I get into anymore details. We were together when we was younger, but things didn’t work out, so we both move one. He got marry and I got engage to someone and cut it off for my reasons of course. Anyways he discover me on Facebook.  I must say I don’t use my real name on Facebook so how did he find me you ask? We have the mutual friend in common and he had been asking about me. Why would a marry man ask about another woman, was the question I ask myself and my best friend. Anyways I debated on adding him on Facebook, so I went for it because well my feelings for him had been dead a long time ago. We stayed in touch through messages on Facebook then move from that to texting and then talking on the phone. Hold on now, we never talk on the phone while his marriage was going good, well I thought it was good. I decided to check my Facebook status of all my friends and his caught my attention. I was like whats going and it wasnt showing that he was marry anymore. So I tried to help him out by been  a good friend and telling him to make it work out. I didn’t know the whole story what was going on, meaning he didn’t tell me everything when I was in the hospital back in September. I find out more once I got out the hospital and I was like I’m sorry to hear and whatnot.  He haves a little girl int he mix of all this drama that’s going on. So right now he done with trying to make it work, for whatever reason. Don’t want to go all in detail with his business. I recently told him I would be here for him, because hey I’m a good friend and I know what it mean to have someone you can count on. He done caught feelings and I can honestly say I care for him like a friend.  Seems I get myself caught up in all this mess when I try to be nice or help a friend who needs someone.

The point of the post is I need advice or  in put or should I call it feedback. Whatever sit right with you. I can give advice to someone all day but it seem like I can’t give myself advice when I need it. I honesly don’t see how I got myself stuck in this situation. IF you wondering have I tried been mean to them, let me tell you! Yes, I have and it doesn’t get me nowhere. Iff you wondering if I know how to be mean, trust and believe I do. Maybe I should’ve made this into a poem instead!  Probably would’ve been everywhere in that as well.  Oh yea please do look over my typo’s. I would love to hear what the guys have to say if they get inspire to tackle this post.

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Me Time

You choose to be just friends…

Why you making it

So impossible to forget you…

No, I don’t miss you…

You the last person to cross my mind…

But you are starting to tick me the hell off…

It was your choice to go our separate ways…

So Why?

Want you let me have my

Me Time

So Let Me Say These…

Real Talk…

I’m glad you said what you said…

I’m freer then I ever being before…

You don’t excite me…

You don’t move me…

So Give me my

Me Time…

Don’t be impossible…

Just be possible…

And follow my actions…

If you see me…

Act like you don’t know me…

If you hear me…

Act like I never existed…

I’m enjoying my…

Me Time…

Oh yea If you think…

This is about you…

Trust it is!

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What Is Family?

To me family is the one’s whose there for you through the hard times as well as the good times. Sometimes there your own flesh and blood and sometimes there the people’s who you meet along the way as you take your journey to discover who you are.

 “The family.  We were a strange little band of characters trudging through life sharing diseases and toothpaste, coveting one another’s desserts, hiding shampoo, borrowing money, locking each other out of our rooms, inflicting pain and kissing to heal it in the same instant, loving, laughing, defending, and trying to figure out the common thread that bound us all together.  ~Erma Bombeck”

                I ask this question to tell you a story.  But before I began I would like for you to think before you respond. So here is my story. My parents were recently in a car accident and the car got total.  They couldn’t get out the car, had to wait to emergency personals came to help them out. So he decided to call his older sister to see if she could come and get them and bring them home. His sister told him she was busy and on top of everything she didn’t even tell her husband about the ordeal. I don’t what would possess him to call her in the first place. She act like she can’t help anyone or too good to help anyone.  So I had a talk with my cousin, my dad sister older child. First she was like or they okay, and were wondering if her mom knew about it. I told her yes, she knew and she wouldn’t go pick them up and bring them home. She was like why, what? I was like I don’t know that was a lie, because I knew.  And she was like I know how my mom can be, because I know they done had plenty problems before. Then five minutes everything changes she hit me back up. Trying to make me feel bad for whatever, hell it didn’t change my mind.

Since I have sickle cell and I had crisis awhile back and had call her sister who don’t mind helping me out if she can. I needed a ride to hospitals. She was like I have doctor appointment and I can come and pick you up before I go to it, because she was at work at that moment.  She was like let me call my mom if you can’t wait. She was worry that it could be serious, since me being close to death in the past before. Let me tell you nope she wouldn’t come and get me. I don’t even know why my cousin even bothers to call her mom and ask. I figure she thought she would say yes or something.  I held out to my cousin came and got me.  Since the accident we have being struggling, and I came to the point I wanted to give up on my dreams and focus on something that could help my parents out.


To be honest, it pisses me off that you can’t afford to count on family now and days. I can’t be to mad at my cousin because she don’t know the whole story. Having to bite your tongue says a lot for me, since I’m the type of person who just says whatever. I believe I should say how I feel to the person that really started all these. I feel bad because my uncle is put in the middle because his helping us out. Am I wrong to be mad when someone is willing to help or should I still feel the same because his my uncle by marriage? It amaze me to see who is willing to help you out when you at your lowest. So to the question, what would you do, if this same ordeal happens to you. Would you want family to help you? Or someone that’s not your relative to help you out.