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Word of Encouragment

I’m not sure who this is for but
Push through the feelings, hurt, disappointment, Set back, Heartbreak, Sickness & THEM!!.. DECLARE IT! I will PUSH!!
I declare you’re getting your strength & Joy BACK NOW!!

Good Morning, God is truly good all the time. Pray message speaks to someone heart/soul. I’m hoping to catch up on blogs over the weekend and return to blogging. Do have update post coming up for a check up since hospital stay. God Bless

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Staying Away

I’m staying away.
I refuse to hear any bad news
My heart
Can’t seem to grip reality
I know I need to be strong
But my body won’t let me
I gotta stay away.
My heart can’t take bad news.
I’m believing you
Going to make it
Your strong woman.
You won’t give up.
I can’t see you in that bed.
So many times i
Wanted to pick up the phone
And hear your voice.
Always had some kind
Of excuse not call.
I wish I had called more.
Came around more.
I just know
You coming home soon
I’m sorry.
I didn’t do right by you.



I wrote this a few hours before got the news she passed away. Still, so hard believe she truly gone. God Bless

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Fighting to Live

You fighting to live
Only God got last say so.
The doctor didn’t think
You’ll ever open your eyes.
My God
Is amazing
No love
Greater then his
You a winner
Don’t stop fighting.
Prayer warriors.
Stand around and behind you.
You may have got hit with a stroke
And blood on the brain
My God
My God
My God
Is a healer.
Yes, he is.
He was in the room watching over you.
Through surgery
Nobody but God.
You a fighter
In a fight, of your life.
Just keep fighting
And beating odds.


I haven’t been all here to blog. A week ago wrote a poem called Dear God, this is the continuing piece, update whatever you want to call it. Do enjoy. God Bless

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You A Queen

You a queen

Know your worth.


Look in the mirror

Value your worth

You a queen

Don’t lose who you are.

Hold on to your spark

You a queen

Know your worth

Don’t let the world dictate who you are

You a queen

Know your worth

Don’t let your surroundings break you

You are strong

You a queen



Another poem dedicated to the month. Do enjoy. Don’t ever forget your worth. God Bless

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Strong Woman

You never know her strength,

to she hit with the worse…

Don’t mistake her tears for


Strong Woman

Carry the weigh of the World

on her shoulders

A mother to her children

A wife to her spouse

Inspiration to many…

Strong Woman

I salute every single one of you…

Never quit doing what you do

Beautiful Gift from God

A treasure to be cherished


Wanted take it back to one of my older poems and dedicated to all the strong ladies around world. God Bless

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Word to the Wise (Spiritual Word Of Day)

GOD is RESTORING Strength to Your BODY, PEACE to Your MIND, and JOY to Your SPIRIT..!!! AMEN…

No matter what you going through, God got you cover. God Bless

Good Evening, more like night. Wanted share these message before calling it a night, pray speaks to someone heart/soul. God Bless

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Against All Odds

I learn to fight
I shed tears, question
Myself if I was meant for
These journey with Warriors
Against All Odds.
God showed me just how..
Strong I was to be Warrior..
He knew what he was doing
When he created me
Against All Odds .
I showed strength, when I wanted
To give up
God showed me love…
In the midst of storm
He showed me I’m nothing
Without him..
Reminded me to hold on to
Against All Odds..

Dedicated to my journey of life. No matter what you going thru his right there in the midst! Don’t stop fighting/ believing in him..No matter my odds, God had everything in control… Not sure if I’m happy with this piece, do let me know what you think 🙂

I’m re sharing poems dedicated to my illness to the end of month since its sickle cell awareness month. I do have new one’s I hope to put up real soon, so do bare with me. If you don’t like rereading different post that’s fine as well. God Bless;)

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Letter to cancer


Dear Cancer,

Why you had come ruining my family? We didn’t welcome you, nor ask for you. Honestly I never thought I would hear your name in my household. I was always out looking in, but now I know first hand the damage you can cause on someone I love. But you don’t care, how you came. Long as you settle within the body, and destroy it. I’m watching you take a toll on my ole not going to win dis fight, nor will you break him.. me on the other hand you’ll succeed. I’m fighting to control my fight and to overcome stress. you created so many problems with your arrival. You almost won cause you came unexpected. I’m thankful God stepped in and covered the situation. I catch myself checking on you throughout the day to make sure you still among the living. I’m tired of you and honestly I’m ready for you to exit the way you arrive.


Sincerely Concern,




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True Love


I couldn’t be more happy
With this matrimony….
The day I met him and saw
The love in his heart for Kendra
In kids..
The words came out my mouth….
You belong together….
I got to mention..
I don’t like to many people..
But God saw fit for you to enter…
They life….
I love watching you two react with
One another… 
I know the feelings aren’t 4sho.
The way kids love and respect  you..
My brother you truly a blessing from God
My sista,
Bn long time coming you deserve
It mami
God was waiting on you to be ready for love…..
The time to heal and time to let
I love the conversation we had…
The man not going nowhere….
What God has brought together can’t no
Man/woman destroy…
Do keep God in your marriage.
You know he got you…

PJ A.k.a. P. PRIM