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Word to the Wise (Spiritual Word Of Day)

God is getting READY to TAKE Your Story PUBLIC!!!! EVERYONE Saw You in Your PAIN, Now EVERYONE will SEE You in Your GLORY!!!! The GLORY of The Lord Shall be REVEALED, and ALL Flesh shall SEE It TOGETHER!!!!

Good Afternoon, God is truly good all the time. Pray the message speaks to someone heart/soul. Hoping to have an update post soon. God Bless

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Word to the Wise (Spiritual Word Of Day

God heard you CLEARLY….. so trust Him COMPLETELY!! πŸ™ŒπŸ½

Good Evening, I pray all is well with each and every one of you all and message speaks to someone hearts/soul. God is truly good all the time. At this very moment, I’m in the hospital. Hoping have a post up this weekend. God Blessed

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Word to the Wise (Spiritual Word Of Day)

The only thing harder than waiting on God is wishing that you had.

*What a powerful message. Sometimes we so inpatient, that we move to fast and end up with something not meant for us. I’m learning every day to just wait on him. Been in that wreck open my eyes in so many different ways.

Good Morning, pray all is well and everyone had a good weekend. And let’s make this week better than the last. As of Saturday, my dad is admitted to the hospital. He kept passing out due to cough and a lot of mucus comes up. Sighs are all I can say at the moment. As you all may know a few years ago we find out he had colon cancer. He had surgery back in Nov to remove one of them because it was on its way to bust. Come to find out they have to keep an eye out it cause it’s near his liver. And now some spots in his lungs, so they think it has something do with his lungs.

*P.S. I know I’m behind in blogs, do bare with me. And thank you all for sticking with me. I have a checkup tomorrow on my good and now my cough still with me even after cough meds and antibodies. Will have an update on me hoping tomorrow.

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Word to the Wise (Spiritual Word Of Day)

May the LORD expose every manipulator that has attached themselves to you. “Eyes to see” will be your portion in this season. May He wake up your discernment so you will never be taken advantage of again.

Good Morning, I pray all is well with each and every one of you all. Pray y’all enjoy y’all weekend and message speak to someone heart. God Bless

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Hello and Welcome to my world. If you celebrate the 4th, hope you enjoy it and be safe. Today we’re just resting. Two days ago I and my parents were in an accident. I never been in one and let’s just say my life flash before my eyes. God is good, it could’ve been worse then what it is. We didn’t hit anyone. My dad lost control. We couldn’t wake him and I and mom went in panic mode. I was the only one not buckle in. All I was thinking about he wasn’t waking up. We had to grab the wheel before we hit a house. We swerve into an open field and was just speeding. we ended jumping a ditch and almost into another one. So thankful we didn’t hit the pole. As some of you all may know I had a hip replacement a few years ago. I was worry I had did damage to it. My hip was in a lot of pain and my head and neck. My dad came around once it stops. So thankful we had help. So many people came to check on us. They saw the whole thing and somebody calls 911. They were asking if we were ok. They stayed till firetruck and ambulance and police. I rode in the ambulance. Not crazy about them, but it was a short ride. it’s weird how long you have wait be seen when you did had to wreck. So thankful my favorite guy was working. He made sure her x-ray order in and ct scan. As of right now my hip not looking so good. Everything came back good, but I’m walking funny. And was told first x-ray can miss something. I’m scared of what x-ray will say. Sickle cell appointment coming up so we shall see what going on. Other then dad seems my dad has something call syncope. When he coughs at the time he passes out. Thank God it’s not behind a wheel. So no driving for him no time soon. We hope to find out more this weekend are Monday. He did the fine day after the wreck, all of a sudden he’s doing it again and more then once. This is something new to him. We wondering if it has something to do with his new cancer meds treatment. I will keep y’all updated. Until next time. God Bless

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Word Of Encouragment

What if you “CAN” do what you have talked yourself out of doing? Believe in yourself and Just Do It!


So many times we stop ourselves into doing what’s for us. It’s time to put fear in the back of our head and walk on Faith.

Good Evening, I pray all is well with each and every one of you all. Pray message speaks to someone heart/soul just as much as it speaks to me. Yesterday I had planned on blogging but one thing leads to another. And yesterday I was in my first and pray to God only accident I will ever be in. I’m sore. Hoping to do update post tomorrow. God Bless

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Love Lesson

What a powerful message. I wanted to take it back and just share a love lesson. Were so quick jump in a relationship just as well as jump out of it without fighting for it. We have lost how to communicate with our other half. When to love and when to throw in the towel have become the new norm. We have stopped trying to fix us and started moving to the next person.

When do you decide to fight? And when do you just walk away? Is love worth all the ups and downs? In my opinion, I believe it’s worth it.

If you can see the image, do let me know. For some odd reason, they not showing on my end.

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Word of Encouragment

Stop wasting your time trying to prove yourself to people who don’t know themselves

What a powerful message. We got to stop focusing on stuff/people who don’t matter. Long as you know who you are. Blessings

Good Morning, God is truly good all the time. I pray everyone had a good week and their weekend is even better. Still underwater but still going keep on. Pray message speaks to someone heart/soul. God Bless

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My Love Journey Thoughts

Dating with chronic illness. When do you let them know about it? I always have kept it to myself for so many years. The last person that was in my life understood what I went thru because he had someone in his family with the same illness. Do living with sickness stop yall from dating? Everyone doesn’t deserve to know. And everyone cant handle just what we go through on a daily. I have debated with this question in my head for so long. I’m at the point and saying screw love and my journey. I have had two friends tell me I’m wrong to think like that. Who knows maybe they’re right. I can’t hide behind my illness.


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Living With Sickle Cell Anemia

Hey and Welcome to my world, for some Welcome Back. What a day I had. Finally got to meet my primary doctor and so far I must admit I like her. I’m so not a morning person and I had to be a walk in person. OMG! So had to be there at 8 this morning. Sighs. You guessed it still had wait be seen. Sighs. I hate the doctor office for that reason. Waiting! Got to the back prob before 10. Gave them all my information and told them why I was there. As some of you may know I have a nasty little cold and she orders x-ray that plan get tomorrow after my doc appointment. Since I have sickle cell we trying make sure it doesn’t turn into acute chest or pneumonia. Who knew meds for something else could give me a cough that evolves into a nasty one. In the back of my head, I’m saying duh. Lol. Anywho we made the visit sweet was the student doctor working with her. I’m not fond of students working under nurses or doctors. But she actually surprises me with the questions about how she can be a better doctor when dealing with sickle cell patient. So gave her a few of things I been through and how I have been treated. She sat and listen to me talk. I pray she never change from listening to her patients. I even gave her my blog link. I explain to her so many people still don’t know what sickle cell is. Before actually open up to her I as if she knew what it was she just knew the basic of what’s in the book. You would think after all these years they would update the information. Still not my best but hoping the meds help. Will keep y’all updated as I go. Have Eye appointment tomorrow. Until next time God Bless