Update (Good Report)

Good Morning, I pray everyone is having a Bless Day. I got the call yesterday that I been waiting for. My labs came back good from last Thursday. I’m so happy and not surprise, because i already know. I love how God works things out for me. I have to stay on the meds for twenty more days before I can actually stop taking, not happy about that, but happy the doses drop. My headaches have got worse since taking the meds. Once I’m off, I can start getting ready and plan for my surgery. Hopefully end of the month are beginning of next month. I do have another doctor appointment tomorrow, with blood doctor. Praying that one goes well as well. I want to hear your blood count is high 7 or 8! Okay maybe not 8, but I can hope right? Well wanted to share that little news with you all. God is good and able all the time. God Bless 🙂

So thankful for all the prayers from each and everyone of you. Many Blessings



    1. 🙂 Thank you for prayers ima need them,hopefully I have a nurse who know how take my blood! I had good one last week at SC doctor! P.s I hate needles! God Bless U! Thank for all the hugs and faith in me! Sending some hugs your way!


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