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A mother

What’s a mother.

I may not be one yet, but I do know

What one is because what my mother shows me every day.

Trust we may not get along all the time.

But one thing for sure she never turns her back on her kids.

A mother

Prays for you

Teach you right from wrong

Love you

Be there for you no matter how bad you mess up.

A mother you say.

Visit here and there

Isn’t what make you a mom.

Saying I love you but not

Doing what you should for them

Yea they say you carry them

But are you raising them?

Are you showing them the correct way how to be a mother?

A mother huh?

Can you remember a time

You stayed up with them through


Maybe sitting at the kitchen table trying figure out a math problem.

A mother job is never done.

Walking out on your kid/kids

Because things got rough.

You were dedicated to the streets then

Your babies.

A mother

Isn’t you.

But hey I’m a sit back and watch

Things unfold.

A mothers love is


To be one.

You need to learn love like

No other.

Fight like it’s your last breath

Take that last mile

To show them

I love you.



Not really finish yet. Seems to be missing something.

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Thru Your Eye’s

I see the man…

God created you to be…

Thru Your Words.

I feel your pain,

and emotions you had

to endure alone.

Let Me …

Heal You.

just these once.

Let Me.

Be Your


for support.

Thru Your Eye’s

and Word’s

I see the change in you.

Thru Your Action.

I see so much in you.

Your Love…

Your Soul…

Your Heart…

When will you learn..

I’m here for you,

even when things get rough…

I can’t be there for you…

if you don’t open up to me…

Thru Your Eye’s.

you seem to be against the world

on your own…

You lose someone who

can’t take being shut out…

You lose a love…

that never can be replaced…

I don’t think I can let

myself love you anymore…


I give you part of my heart…

You hurt me…

Thru Your Words…

I feel…

but don’t return the love…

Thru Your Eye’s…

I can’t see who

God wanted you to be.

You Lose Some…

You Win Some…

You Lost Me…

because you couldn’t

understand how a real woman

could love you

and be there for you…

Thru My Eye’s

You still hurt from the last one

Thru My Words…

I can’t even seem to care like

I use too…

I have changed so much over the past

few weeks…

Your Love…

use to…

touch me in every way…

Now It can’t even melt

the ice from my cold heart…

Thru My Soul…

I’m done with the

back and forth…

I pray you made it where God

Want you to be…

Let the next woman…

guide you thru your

hard times…

Let me hear about it…


Not take it with you…

Thru My Words…

I’m done with you…

No lost love…

No Nothing…

Let My Actions…

Speak Louder Than Ever…

“Boom Boom”

Justice Bn Serve…



God Bless

A poem I wrote years ago and wanted to share it with you all.  I believe it’s good to see how far you come with writing. I can’t believe it been that long since I wrote this piece on here. The poem will be dedicated to love journey. Do enjoy and God Bless

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New Year  (2017)

Good Morning World,
I pray all is well and that we all made it in the New Year. God is truly good all the time.. I may not be feeling my best, but thankful see another day/year. It’s raining where I’m at. Love rain long as I’m not in it and that it don’t interfere with my sickle cell. I hoping to make 2017 better year than the last. Only God knows what we can handle and what we can’t. Idk after receiving some bad news my body is preparing me for big crisis. You don’t expect your love one received bad news that they have cancer. You think they unstoppable. My dad  (man of God) as yell know I’m PK. Was sick for few months, after Christmas he finally went doc to receive some news we wasn’t expecting. .ulcer or cancer and his labs was lower then mine for the first time in my life.. he needed to be in hospital receive blood.. my God we could’ve lost him.his counts was 4, and he was still thinking about going work.. me and my brothers and mom talk him into going hospital. Tests was done, he got blood soon as he hit floor. So thankful for people who give blood save so many people lives. He came home yesterday. I had wait till he made it home find out what’s going on. Worrying doesn’t do well with sickle cell person.. colon cancer we don’t know how serious till tuesday. I heard it spread more before leaving hospital.. I want scream, cry but hell that’s not going make it go away. I’ll have finish post another time. I pray yell r doing good. Remember tell your love ones you love them. You never know. GOD Bless 

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In my Feelings….

Im in my darn feelings…
But it’s time for me to come
To my freaking sense..
bump the past…
On to the next…
The past is the past for a reason….
I’m thanking God the year is almost
To be able to leave my mishaps and
Heartbreak in 2015.
Seems like a good idea,
But I know it’s going to haunt
Me and in the following year.
I just pray I’m strong to not go
I messed up.
I got carry away once I slipped
Into my freaking feelings ..
My heart


I have bn writing, just havent had the time to post due to health and holidays, do hope you all enjoy. dedicated to my love journey do enjoy. God bless;)

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Day 1-3, Living With Sickle Cell Anemia



Hey Everyone,


As you can see by the title I’m in hospital, been here every since Christmas Night. So glad I had the chance to spend Christmas Eve and Christmas Morning with my love one’s. I was trying to make it to the end of the month. I was hoping it would pass.  I had to have transfusion today. Blood count had got low, I knew something was wrong since I been having headaches . Its a sign that your blood count can be low or I’m getting ready to go in a crisis. I do hope everyone of you all had a Lovely Christmas. Well better then mine:) I have some great nurses and doctors. So thankful for that to be honest. Last time I was sometime last month, and doctor wasn’t doing right by me. So I left the hospital, and lets just say I was in a lot of pain. I’m hoping to do right by myself dis time around. I’m hoping to go home tomorrow if everything come back looking normal. I’m still in some pain right now. Hoping the blood did some good for me. I try not to get blood, because one day when I’ll need it , it may not help me . Sighs. Well I had warm Christmas, seem the cold front is coming in. Guess its a good thing I’m in hospital now, to prevent all that. But its just cold in the evening time, so it shouldn’t be 2 bad. I’m going to wrap this post up, because I’m getting tired and restless. I haven’t been sleeping much for whatever reason. I always got some stuff on my mind. I know I have check up on the 4 to see how the meds is  doing. I hope good news, but I really haven’t been on them since I been in hospital. Only meds they giving me is my pain meds and not my every day meds.  I must say it truly means something  when you have  a great group of people taking care of you. I even have some nurses coming visit me since they always say I’m a good patient. Makes me feel good when they think that about me. I feel like I be getting on there nerves at times. But I have met some that have became friends.

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Hello Everyone,


I hope everyone is well. I know its been awhile since I posted. I bn enjoying life and few hospital stays. But other then that all is well. Got heartbreaking news today, we lost a love one on my mother side right before the holidays. Always heartbreaking lose a love one, even more heartbreaking when its right before holidays. God doesn’t make any mistakes, that much I know.  I have decided to leave in a few months, I need get away. Part of me feel like I’m running away from certain things in my life, but part of me doesn’t. I need change in my life. I will come home and visit as much as possible. God work in mysterious ways. Im getting the opportunity to get my work publish, so Im excited about that. SO in the new year, I’ll be busy typing up old and new work and trying get everything that need be copyrighted.  I’ll try get back into blogging as much as possible. I have bn reading post and trying to like and comment. I have check up tomorrow with my sickle cell doctor. So I’m hoping for good news, since I haven’t been feeling my best lately. I pray everyone have a good Christmas and New Year. I shall post more or another post soon. God Bless:)

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Word to the Wise(SPIRITUAL Word of the Day)

Prayer is the lifeline of the Christian’s walk with GOD. Without prayer, he is powerless, fruitless,  and lifeless. Prayer can do anything GOD can do.

Good Evening,I pray all is well with each and everyone of you all. GOD is truly good all the time…Pray message speak to someone soul/heart. GOD Bless

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Word to the WIse (Spiritual Word Of The Day)




Good Afternoon, I pray all is well with each and everyone of you all. God is truly good all the time. I’m trying to return back to blogging full time, but I can only do what my body/mind allows me. I have another rough night dealing with my health.  But I’m  taking it one day at a time. Hope everyone is staying warm! God Bless:)