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Hello and Welcome to my World. Its been awhile since I posted and read comments. I have been through a lot meaning to my emotions and still trying to get over losing my Ole Man{ dad}. Its rough when you a daddy girl. Its getting better but still is a struggle to be honest. I have been in hospital a few times. Its weird not having him here when he was the one I usually counted on when something would happen to me. I’m thankful last visit wasn’t long there was more concern about me getting covid then anything. I went awhile before I even step foot near the place since my area was getting it bad and they had sent extra help because of it. I did have to get blood that I wasn’t happy about. One of these days it can kill me instead of help me. Even though I haven’t blog much I have been writing here and there. I’m also thinking about where to go from here. i need go back to school and finish my last year and i still want to blog and educate people on my illness. I cant believe how many people have follow my journey because of the fact I have shared so much. Its a blessing that so many of you care and willing to learn. I still want to bring more to ya’ll. my fight isn’t over yet and its not easy. I must say I haven’t had any bad experience lately. I know the last time I went i got someone I wasn’t crazy about because they don’t know anything about sickle cell. She was making it seem like I had Covid instead of listening to me , I have made it clear that I don’t want her. If you not going to listen to the patient why be in the field period? Another season has come in and pray everyone is staying warm/cool depending wherever you from. I pray everyone is staying healthy as well. No matter what we going through God is still good all the time. Till next time God Bless

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Word to the Wise (Spiritual Word Of Day)

What the devil thought would bury you, God will use to bless you.
What he thought would eliminate you God will use to elevate you.
God will turn incinerators of adversity into incubators Of anointing.
He will turn prisons of pain into platforms of power.

Good Morning, Pray all is well and everyone had a good weekend. Time to do the week over again and hopefully better than the week before. God Bless

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Word to the Wise (Spiritual Word Of Day)

What the devil thought would bury you, God will use to bless you.
What he thought would eliminate you God will use to elevate you.
God will turn incinerators of adversity into incubators Of anointing.
He will turn prisons of pain into platforms of power.

Good Afternoon, I pray all is well with everyone and message speak to someone heart/soul. God Bless

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Word Of Wisdom

Don’t try to prove yourself to people who are committed to misunderstanding you. Doesn’t matter what THEY think! This should give YOU, WE, US #motivation every day knowing this statement is true. Already claim the blessings are about to manifest. Repeat “It’s all going to happen for me. I believe it. I own it.”✨💕✨

Good Evening, I pray all is well with each and every one of you all and message speak to someone heart/soul. God is truly good all the time. I’m still not feeling my best but trying to push through it. I’m hoping to make visit to blogs this weekend. Till next time, stay bless:)

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Word Of Wisdom


Check Your Motives

Don’t “bless” someone and go around bragging about the “blessing” you gave, then say the Lord told me to “bless” them. He might have said bless them, but I doubt He told you to brag about what you did.

Motives are EVERYTHING!!!



Good Evening, I pray all is well with each and every one of you all. God is truly good all the time. Got blessed with a powerful message and wanted to share it with you all.

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New Year  (2017)

Good Morning World,
I pray all is well and that we all made it in the New Year. God is truly good all the time.. I may not be feeling my best, but thankful see another day/year. It’s raining where I’m at. Love rain long as I’m not in it and that it don’t interfere with my sickle cell. I hoping to make 2017 better year than the last. Only God knows what we can handle and what we can’t. Idk after receiving some bad news my body is preparing me for big crisis. You don’t expect your love one received bad news that they have cancer. You think they unstoppable. My dad  (man of God) as yell know I’m PK. Was sick for few months, after Christmas he finally went doc to receive some news we wasn’t expecting. .ulcer or cancer and his labs was lower then mine for the first time in my life.. he needed to be in hospital receive blood.. my God we could’ve lost him.his counts was 4, and he was still thinking about going work.. me and my brothers and mom talk him into going hospital. Tests was done, he got blood soon as he hit floor. So thankful for people who give blood save so many people lives. He came home yesterday. I had wait till he made it home find out what’s going on. Worrying doesn’t do well with sickle cell person.. colon cancer we don’t know how serious till tuesday. I heard it spread more before leaving hospital.. I want scream, cry but hell that’s not going make it go away. I’ll have finish post another time. I pray yell r doing good. Remember tell your love ones you love them. You never know. GOD Bless 

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Living With Sickle Cell Anemia

Hello World,

I have been home for awhile since Wednesday. Blood brought my counts upto 9.5,which is good! I had good nurses and doctors! Thank God! Hoping 2016 be better year, lesser hospital stays..Its been cold every since and it’s already doing a number on me. Night I got out wasn’t all that cold, but i ran fever all way to next evening. I hate winter because it love tortue my body. Im hoping to have schedule days ill post till im done with hectic real life. Seem be on a break with writing and thats not good. I like to say Happy New Year to everyone. I brought the new year in with friends and family at church. My team won 0-38! Sorry about the short post, hoping have a longer one soon. I have doc appointment next week. So hoping that’ll be longer post. Looking to bring my love journey post back as well. Im hoping change blog up soon. I pray all is well with each and everyone of you all. God Bless

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Good Morning,


Will be short post, since its Christmas. I posted the last update late. I don’t know what happen. I guess it had bn awhile since I posted that I forgot to take it off draft and hit publish.. lol.  I had some what okay doctor appointment. I got put on more meds. So not happy about that. I got back in Feb, before I leave in March so that’s good. They up my dose on one of my meds. I already know how dis going to go. Lets just say I’m not happy:( . I bn dealing with headaches for like 3 days, not so bad today. I’m listening to music as I type up my post. So that’s helping. I’m loving the weather we having here in the South. Not cold whatsoever. I hope everyone having a lovely Christmas. I don’t believe I ever had a warm Christmas, but I’m so not complaining. Even with the rain. I’m not crazy about the rain because it makes my body aches and can interfere with my illness, but I do love rain. SO love and hate relationship. We trying to see about not depending on pain meds, I like the way that sound. Because I’m bad about going cold turkey a lot, but that could be reason why I be in and out hospital because I do that a lot. Sometime you just want to enjoy life and not be drug up. Just my opinion .  Sorry it took so long to do my updates, with everything going on, with health and holidays. I probably wont post anymore 2 New Year. So I want to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and Happy New years one more time. God bless :). If I forgot anything in the update, will edit later on. I need some sleep. Music do put my mind at ease.  Thank You all for sticking with me on dis bumping ride I call life.

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Left a mark……

My heart beating to so many beats.. 
You got me confused  & I
Cant take it…
I’m grown now..  so the
Past will never repeat…
Ill always have feelings for you..
But you seem be the same
From my past…

We not young anymore..
So if you trying to play
Please walk away now
And let me be..
I never thought I catch
Feelings for you. 
Never imagine I’ll keep
Thinking of you..

I felt so hurt when I heard
You had a little one…
Thats when I knew I didnt
Mean anything to you  
Its cool. 
I’m over it..
Some days it still hurt,
But not as much as before..
Now you have another blessing..
I always knew you be a
Perfect father.. 
I saw so much in you..
Years ago…

You seem to take my breath a way…
Your smile is so amazing…
Your heart..
One of a kind, but already
Full with your family. 
Boy you got a piece of me. 
I hate it cause every time you
Walk in….
I knew my heart will be broken..
Why can’t you see. 
I’m one of a kind?
O well..
In due time..
Ill stop caring for you. 

Thank God…
For blessing me….
See the real you..
Thank God…
I have strength to walk away…
Before you do me harm   


I have started writing again. Actually wrote it while in hospital..I usually like to think and let stuff sit on my mind and heart for awhile.  Dedicated to my love journey  do enjoy.. let me know what you think.. God Bless:)

Will change title, still thinking on it:)

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Happy Mother’s Day

Good Morning, I pray all the mothers have a Bless & Glorious Day! God truly Bless Me With A Good One! Let me not forget the fathers who doing it alone 🙂

I’m having some trouble with my Twitter account, I have made a new one and will remove ole link and add new one to page, soon as I’m feeling better today! Seems I have a cold and its kicking my butt! God Bless Each & Everyone Of You All 🙂