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thumbnailSCDHey World,


Its been awhile since I been able to post and just enjoy blogging.  So since September come in, I have been loving the fact its my month to bring awareness about sickle cell. I’m on Facebook a lot and in many groups dealing with my illness. Seems so many our the warriors have died. I had got to the point of why am I fighting when we get treated so poorly when we go to er. That be another post for another time. I hope to share some stuff through the month about some of the things  and so many other go through.  My doctor appoint on Tuesday went very well, my blood count is highest it ever been. I haven’t been transfuse since early June. Don’t even get me started on that hospital stay and how many times it took before they took me serious about my pain. Even though counts r good, can’t say the same about my headaches, they have got worse. Lets just say I’m taking more meds to get them in check. I’m trying to stay on top of them and not get ct scan. It could mean many things. Another post later down the road. I had eye appoint  last month, it went so so. they have to stay on top of them. I’m on eye drops  and have to wear glasses. I’m nearsighted big time Sorry to make the post so long, but its been awhile since I posted and wanted to do mini update.



I’m hoping to visit many blogs over the weekend.

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So many fighting diseases behind
Close doors…
Breaks my heart to hear
So many losing the battle…
You see our smile,
But not know our pain..
Fighting to live..
Holding back tears
So many warriors dying
From sickle cell, lupus, ms, cancer
And so many other diseases…
I never consider myself a warrior
Warriors coming out the closet
And letting the world know
I’m not a shame, my disease isn’t me..
Warriors are the ones,
Who keep moving when the
World has turn there back on us…
Keep marching to our heavenly
Father call you home..


Dedicated to so many falling warriors. Quit judging when you don’t know the whole story! God Bless.. Feel as if I can add more..

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Living With Sickle Cell Anemia


It have been awhile since I mention my illness,to it surprise me last week and broke my spirit at same time. But I know God is all I need.It started with me getting nasty cold, which turn out be bronchitis with lil pneumonia! Im like serious on bronchitis, just went through it the month before.I couldn’t hardly move,so that was my notice to make my way to evil place! God Bless me with some good nurses and doctor while in ER!  I did have a long wait, which my poor body hated, and germs spread! You would think peep would cover mouth,but nope! As you all know, im finally home since MondAy afternoon! Lets just say,my body is in for a fight of my life again. I rather not go into detail. If I refuse to take my meds, im killing myself!But come on, all meds have bad sides of them! I almost went back to hospital Tuesday, I was in so much pain! Hurt move,talk, think, cry! God gave me strength to fight without the hospital! Im still in some pain, but not as bad as early in the week! Good weather, and I cant enjoy it:( I have update doctor appointment next week, plus to get recheck on labs and xray really? Labs understabdable, but umm u sent me home saying things look better! No smart comment at the moment! Turn out I needed antiobodies, which wasn’t mention to me before you discharge me! Thinking I need a new primary doctor! Im lil lazy to do the searching right now, but dont feed me bs and then have to eat your words later 🙂 All the prayers,comments touch my heart in so many ways. I cant have transfusions, to everything is cleared. I left hospital at 7.2! Another rough journey, im praying ill make it through once again. Makes you wonder how some people become doctors when you educationing them. I did have two big idiots as doctors.

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Day 4-6, Living With Sickle Cell Anemia


Hello World, thank you for prayers and comments. Meant so much to me. I had rough weekend, idiot doctor who didnt know crap. Bless with many wonderful nurses, who showed me so much compassion. My count came up and then drop. I did come home, but I shouldn’t have as today im in more pain today then before. Im trying stay strong and not move around much, it makes me hurt even more. I cant have transfusions, im back on steroids!   Told my doctor I wasn’t going take them, but im doom even more if I dont. Ooo lucky me stuck with more poison to take. Idk how to deal, when my body wants best of me and im getting discouraged! I know God have last say so!  Idk how much fight I have in me. I pray all is well with each and everyone of you! God Bless

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Day 1-3, Living With Sickle Cell Anemia


Hey and welcome to my world. I have been in pain for a few days. Im In hospital, and hoping to go home soon. I know it won’t be with good news. Its been awhile since I been In hospital, and transfusions.  Right now my test came back to hurt my heart. I have a good doctor and some good nurses, had a problem with her lastnight. I have port for a reason and I don’t like when people try and bs me, talking about they can’t draw from it. So I gave the tech one chance and she didn’t want to do it, cause she knew the nurse was lying. Blood count has drop, its in the 7s, but still good for men but would love to be in the 8s. I hope everyone is well. I do have a feeling I’m forgetting so something, but I do update when it comes to me. God Bless

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Living With Sickle Cell Anemia

thumbnailSCDToday isn’t a good day. I’m so not enjoying the weather. Taking one day at a time, is easy said then done, when your body is screaming pain every which way. The E.R did call and check up on me yesterday, asking if I was feeling better then then day before, I told them no. I’m trying hold out to Tuesday, since I see my blood doctor. I don’t know if I can do that right now. My labs may have came back good, but my body is telling me another story, I don’t know what more to say.  I was glad I didn’t have a long wait Friday, only thing I didn’t like is the medicine they gave me. Seems my headaches are getting worse, migraine medicine not working anymore and I don’t want to up my doses to 100. Me and hospital seem to be at Whits in st the time been. My whole left back is either sore. I can’t lay on it, or touch it. I have pain shooting up. And my left arm is doing the most. Sighs… IMA love it when I have a day or even a week with of no pain. I’m on break to Wednesday, so thankful for that Blessing….

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Living With Sickle Cell Anemia…

thumbnailSCDHey Everyone, And welcome to my world, basically a update from my two checkups. Not good updates, but hey I’m still alive, so I can’t complain. Right now Im waiting on phone call, on my blood work, lets just say I wasn’t happy about gettting stuck by a person who didnt know what they was doing. Bad enough my doctor was on vocation and I had lady who didnt know what she was talking about, so ummm she didnt order all the blood work I need’d. So I got a feeling when I do get a call, Its not going to be a good one. Makes you wonder why give me a appointment when the person I need to see when they on vocation? I don’t believe she like my attitude much, if you come in talking like you know everything I had while I was in hospital.. You already on my bad side. Sighs…


Primary doctor update didn’t go so well either, I had to wait awhile just to be seen… Add’d more poison to the list, for me to take. Since everything I eat, makes me feel uneasy, now I have ear infection on top of that. Im debating on taking more meds. My headaches have gotten worser, and trying to go to school with them is no joke. I dont want my meds up, because I would sleep all day,and I do enough sleeping as it is due to my health. So I believe I didn’t forget anything, if so I share in another post when I have another doctor appointment next month.

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Living With Sickle Cell Anemia

Will be short post, haven’t bn feeling my best for three weeks now! Trying to stay on top of my studies, and praying not to get sick. I truly hate this time of the year, not good for my body. Actually made doctor appointment today for my headaches, they have got worse making it hard to focus. I’m in crisis as of now, but blood count is holding its own. Honestly if I tend to be in pain I may have to do some hospital time. Its taking a lot out if me to do the post, so ill end it here and pray all is well! God Bless:)

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Living With Sickle Cell Anemia (Update)

I have been home since Monday, and getting much rest 🙂 Usually I would’ve been shared a post with you all soon as I made it home, but still haven’t bn feeling 100 percent yet! June hasn’t been good month for me, I have had doctor appointments and a few E.R visits but kept getting the okay from E.R because my blood count looked okay but my retic count kept going up. If you have posted in one of my Word of the Wise , you have seen the conversation I had with Kim 🙂 My thing was, I knew something was wrong, even if the blood count looked normal to them. We all know when something is wrong with our body! I know I shared with you all I wasn’t feeling my best and I had spent the day with my mom. Turnt out later that night I ended up getting worse and well you all know where I ended up. I tried to make a doctor appointment, but the receptions didn’t know when he was coming in and I didn’t feel like waiting all day, turns out she didn’t know what she was talking about. I don’t like when people don’t know what they talking about. So I ended up waiting it out all day to around 3 before I made it to the E.R! Lets just say grr to my whole experience, I didn’t really get things moving to around 9 that night! Sad, I know! I was in the back around 4 and blood was already taking and all that good stuff, hadn’t seen the doctor or anything. Lets just say like I mention many times before nurses on the floor is way better than the nurses who work in the E.R. Well that’s just my thought on the matter. Once I was on the floor I saw a lot of familiar faces and met a lot of new faces. I know I don’t post much when I’m in the hospital now a days, some days I just don’t have the strength to share with you all anymore. I don’t want to bore you all. Some days to be honest I just don’t feel like posting how my day is going when I’m stuck in hospital room. So I’m trying to get everything all out that I didn’t get to share with you all while I was in the hospital. I was supposed to have blood work done last month on my birthday but took to long because they couldn’t get a nurse to draw it from my port, so came back a few days later and they act like they didn’t understand what the heck I was trying to say to them. I’m still BLESS that MAY was good month for me 🙂 God Is Truly Good! I must admit I had a problem with the doctor that step in for my blood doctor who came to see me, he was like I see your primary doctor order blood for transfusion, you not going to need it. I look at this man like I was crazy, thinking to myself it takes no time for my blood count to drop before I need it, and I rather have the blood before it drops then for them to look for it and it get lower than 6.  My blood doctor is only down my way on Wednesday, so I was stuck with someone who thought he knew what I needed. Hmmmm……….If you all wonder I have 3 doctors, that mean i have to go all over town when it comes to doctor appointments! lol! YIKES!  I have my sickle-cell specialist doctor appointment coming up this week! I hate going to doctors and hospitals and needles. Well I don’t hate needles anymore since I have port. but the doctors and hospitals I hate. I know thursday I’ll be sharing another post with you all and letting you all know how it went. I do pray you all having a good weekend! God Bless 🙂



P.S I’m so thankful for all your prayers and kind comments and even likes when I’m in the hospital, it truly means a lot to me 🙂

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Doctor Appoitnment (Update)

Good Morning,



I know I was supposed to do this a few days ago, I have been busy trying to get the last-minute studying in, and have to be honest I had my head in a good novel, that I couldn’t put down! 🙂 So I’m a book-worm, feels good to be able to read some more like I use 2. It actually went well, it was basically a check up since I got out the hospital. I really havent been feeling my best, so that was another reason to go as well. My blood count is still in the 7’s, I must admit it’s not the best but I’m so thankful it’s not a 6. I probably would be back in the hospital, which I must say it feels like my home away from home lately. Thats sad to say, I know. But if you new on my JOURNEY, YOu don’t know I have been in the hospital every month since September, I believe I have had a transfusion, ever since then as well. I have to say trying not to worry since I haven’t been feeling my best. I have to put it all on GOD hand.  Oh yea I do have new primary doctor, I know I mention that back awhile. If you wondering if my old doctor gave the okay and sent my referral heck no, he even call me while I was in the hospital to ask if it was true that I wanted to change primary doctor. I said yes.  It was actually his wife and she had the nerves to have attitude. Even the doctor I have now, even call him to get it and still nothing, or you surprise? You know it took a long time to get him to fax the information over to see the sickle-cell specialist. But last month I took the time to call my insurance to change the doctor, so it kicks in next month.