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Good Evening,


wp-1458744164813.jpgI pray all is well with each and every one of you. I hope y’all having a good Holiday. I know I been away a lot. Every time I think I’ll return, something comes up with my health. I have bn having crisis in my hands for a month now. I’m right-handed and that’s the hand that been giving me trouble lately. I did have a good Thanksgiving. I know awhile back I had mention a death in the family and soon after we lost someone else. Its heartbreaking when you lose you child by another person hands. I wont go into detail about it.  Ended October I was admitted, I was really sick. COunts had dropped tremendously . I haven’t bn that bad in over a year. I couldn’t walk and lets just say not talk either. I did a lot of crying and screaming. I was in hospital for over a week and few days. I can’t tell you when the last time my sickle-cell had me down that long. Im pretty sure if I read thru my blog It would let me know.  I had to have two units of blood, I was running fevers but no infection so they say. Im just so thankful I got the blood. It had bn awhile since I had blood. Im thankful for that. God is truly good all the time.  Im hoping to be back soon if not before year out. Making 2017 my year . I miss blogging and writing as well.  Thank God for voice..   I hope to fill y’all in with more update soon. Right now Im in process of looking for new place.  So we all know how that can be. I hope to catch up on blogs . I have read each and everyone of your comments, just haven’t had the time to accept and comment back.  I love the holiday to be able to spend with my family. Thanksgiving and Christmas. Christmas I love the movie I get to see since end of October.  I spent the whole week of thanksgiving with my love. She is growing up so fast. where does the time goes. Im hoping to return to my love journey post very soon. I so miss them but have bn saving my thoughts to share with you all. Im hoping be able to try to get something publish in the new year, only God knows.  Until next time I pray all is well with each and everyone of you all.  Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays. Please do be safe and remember to let your love one know you love them every chance you get. Never know when its your last time on Earth. I don’t know it seem like every time someone look around someone losing someone. So I had mention it. God Bless

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Mini Update


Good Morning, I pray all is well with each and everyone of you all. I’m sitting here at my eye appointment waiting be seen and wanted to check in with you all. Wow spring is finally here and the weather being a little crazy over my way,  how about y’all?  I have been doing schedule post when I know I’m not going have the time to do it a day. They truly come in handy when I’m not at my best. But not all my post or schedule. I made a error dis morning and it took my schedule post back to the 9, sorry about that y’all.  I’m hoping today appoint go well, my eyes being giving me problems and I have to have dis done once a year to make sure my sickle cell isn’t doing major damage. Lately I have being hearing how so many sickle cell warriors or dying. Always hit me hard, when I hear heartbreaking news. I know one day I’ll be call home. Every day is a struggle when it comes to my health. Some days I dont want get out of bed. Some days I want run away from a dis. Some days I just give it to God and continue my fight .  I may be strong but I do get weak at times and discouraged. Okay I’m getting carry away here. I’m hoping have a post dedicated to dis soon. Till next time pray all is well…

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My Love Journey Thoughts…


I recently have learned a life lesson on what my words could do to someone I truly love and want in my life for along time. On dis Love Journey it’s hard to acknowledge just what a person is feeling when it comes to you and your needs. I have been in love with a guy going on 12 years off and on. We finally got the chance to really get to know one another but I still keep my heart guarded because I feel he does the same. I’m a very sarcastic person, and I thought he could tell the difference. No matter how long you know a person,  you still have be careful how you word things. You can lose them or push them farther away and have to work getting them back to where you work so hard to let there guards down.

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Day 3, Living With Sickle Cell Anemia


Hello World,  I’m writing you from hospital bed. I bn sleeping off and on today because of my counts bn low. Yesterday was a rough day for me. I woke up with headache and it didn’t go away till the end of night. I wasn’t feeling nobody. My counts are at 7.1, not the best and not the worse. My right arm is still giving me trouble.  I can’t do much with it. The doctor mention blood transfusion yesterday,  honestly that’s my last result. The last transfusion was back in December when I get put in hospital on Christmas. I done had some great nurses. Thats always a plus when it comes to me. I’m praying counts don’t drop no more. Till next time. Thank you all for the prayers and comments, truly means  a lot to me.

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Mini Update


I don’t have a regular post today, due to the weather. we’re under tornado watches and  warnings. I just got news that one of my friends homes got damaged due to storms. I was waiting for tomorrow to do update Post but so it seemed I may have to cancel my doctors appointment. I believe we will still be under the warnings and thunderstorms tomorrow.  Tomorrow is never promise to anyone. So on that note I shall end my post till tomorrow.

I do want to let you all know with any of my post I do love inputs, thoughts, opinions, whatever you all may want call them.

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I know it’s been awhile since I post. I pray all is well with each other. I have been taking it easy. Sad to say I have been in n out of hospital. Hopefully in due time I can return to blogging more. I have miss sharing and reading and hearing from you all. It’s the summer and I hate it. I’m spending time with my lil lady. We both turnt a year older in May. I have some poems to share with you all. Hope all is well with each of you….GOD Bless

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My Life

How can I speak…

when I’m only one


You seem to look…

at me crazy…

Cause of the pain..

and you don’t understand…


I’m one in a million…

So many of us or losing..

the fight…

So thankful for the one..

who fought with me..

You may not hear me…

But I know many hear me..

and join me to fight for our..


Do you hear me?

I hate to yell but hell..

my pain is that intense…

NO act..

over here..

We want Justices…


We tired of been


some die in pain…

because of the abuse from

the one’s…

who supposed to help us..

Do that make you all happy?

see so many dying?

Technical I’m not finish with it but wanted to get it up, while I have the time and strength to share. I wanted to share it last month, since it was Sickle Cell Awareness Month. But you all know its every day for me… Do enjoy and let me know what you think.  The poem says a lot, so many sickle cell warriors have died this year. We don’t have it easy when we go to E.R/hospital. Since so many don’t know what it is or what we go through. We get sent home in pain or mistreated while been in hospital. I know you all have read a few of my post, and know I had could not so good nurses and doctors. I’m praying for cure for us.