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Just Maybe…

just maybe

I’m missing you…

And wanting you back…

Just Maybe…

but I refuse to let you back in

Just Maybe…

Just Maybe…

Just Maybe…

I catch myself thinking of you

but I refuse to pick up the phone

and crawl back…

Maybe I’m Missing You….

Do that make me a fool?

Just Maybe…

Just Maybe…

Just Maybe…

I’m missing you…

But the lies you told…

was too many…

So many lies told…

So many tears shed…



Just Maybe…

I could be missing you…

Thinking of you…

hoping for  a different outcome


My heart beating to you…

Just Maybe…

Just Maybe…

Just Maybe…

I’m Missing You…



Another poem from the past that I would like to add to my love Journey. Do enjoy and let me know what you think. God Bless:)

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Fight the Feelings…

Fight the Fall

I can see myself falling…

in love with man….

I can’t have…..

I seem to always…

get put in this position….

Why we want what we can’t…


I tell my heart to stay on guard..

because his my weakness…

It’s like diving head first…

and think later…

Why the hell you making me feel..

this way?

I love been free…

without remorse….

I’m screwed…

while you here…

I see myself loving you…

While fighting my heart…

I don’t want love here…

What happen to fun and freedom….

Did I mess up falling for you….


Did I FUCK UP, letting you back..

in my bed?


I hate that I let my guard break once again..

When will I learn?

I’m falling and fighting myself?

I so hate…

feeling so confuse…

You cloud my judgement…

I’m over here over thinking..

and still fucked up…

I’m falling..

while fighting regret…

I regret that one last chance to go there with you..

that one last chance to put my feelings in the air..

I regret opening myself to a man who isn’t ready..

I fail to realize to not see I couldn’t control..

how my feelings would react when you walk back in..

How did I let my heart get chip…


I regret everything that has happen in the past week..

But then again I can’t say…

I really regretted it…

It was meant to happen, so I could open…

my eyes to you..

I was hoping he would open

his eyes to reality…

but as someone brought to my attention..

I fucked that up by being..


What do we do when regrets seem to take over..

But at the back of your mind..

You screaming…

but words seem to betray you ..

and your emotions is taking over..


Not sure when I wrote it. I just know it was sometime last year. With different things I was going thru, and things other people were going thru. Just put my heart in my work and wrote.  I thought about changing some of the language, but at that point of my life. I was struggling so hope you enjoy..

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I’m missing your touch…
I’m missing your love..
I loved the way you made..
Me feel…
My heart
Was at peace…
Trip down memory lane..
Got me yearning for you…
I’m missing the past…
Our present situation. .
Is heartbreaking. .
It’s like
Why did we stop caring. 
My heart use to be near..
I use to sense your pain…
Missing you..
Loving you..
Gone so wrong..
Honey baby
Where have you been?
My heart..
Missing love. ..
I miss feeling what we..
Missing the feelings,
Not you…

Dedicated to Love Journey, not sure on title. Do let me know what you think, enjoy

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No Title…

My mouth gets me in trouble ….
When my heart can’t seem…
To express my feelings..
Idk if I can put my heart on
The line…
I been in love with you…
I done fell out of love…
With love still burning deep
Inside of me…
I tried so many times to turn
My feelings off, but you is where
My heart at…
I must be crazy….
With the feelings I’m having..
I know I dont have too
Many more chances …
With you..
But I do love you…
You is where my heart at…
I wish I told you
Just how much u
Truly mean to me…
When my mouth betrays me..
My heart pays in end…

Haven’t came up with a title just yet, dedicated to love journey! Even though I been awhile, been going thru the motions… do enjoy and let me know what you’ll think…God Bless:)

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My Love Journey P.15

Hello and Welcome to My Love Journey, if you new make sure to check the other post out with the same title just different number.

I know its been awhile since I post in My Love Journey. I’m hoping to have more post for you all in the near future while I’m taking a break from school. This question is close to home with me. I like to know what you all think about the matter at hand. Example: If you talking to someone and you have feelings for them. You both have feelings for one another, but you in different places. What if someone close to you comes in the picture and sweep you off your feet? Would you go into the relationship all the way and let the other person go? Or would you do the relationship with them and still keep the other person in your life as well? Would you tell them you met someone or not? Would you be scared you would lose them if you told them you have someone new in your life?  So many questions right? I tend to over think somethings, and don’t like to leave anything out when I do post for My Love Journey.

I love to hear from my fellow followers, so do share your opinion/thoughts on this situation. I surely can’t wait to hear from ya’ll. If I have forgotten something, I make sure to comment to your question. Registered & Protected

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Am I Wrong

for feeling  the way I do

My heart in one place

 & my head thinking of

someone else

Am I wrong?

I don’t like who I am

once it all done

I’m cheating myself

and losing who I used

to stand for.

How could something

be so much pleasurable

be so wrong.

It’s wrong because

My heart  not in it

My head just going through

the motions.

The other day I thought of


Miss the hell out of you

but went another way

Since I can’t have you

I’m replacing you

with someone whose

close to my needs & body

I rather have you that’s

close to my heart

Am I wrong?

for feeling these way?

I miss you

haven’t heard from you.

I thought I was done with you

Months ago

But you ran across my heart

and I have the urge to pick up

the phone & reach out

to you

Instead I call boyfriend #2

I’m trying to move on but

my head saying otherwise

Am I wrong

for feeling lonely when I don’t

have to be by myself?

I’m missing you deeply

I know you not thinking

of me

I want you, but I choose him

Who am I hurting?

Answer is

I’m wrong for doing what I’m


I’m losing myself

my standard are being tested

My heart trouble

Man #1

Where are you?

Do you feel me?

can you since me?

I’m in trouble

Am I wrong

for feeling these way?



So many time’s we ask the  question Are we wrong or like the poem says Am I wrong. This is inspired by true events in my life and many others in my life. I get inspired to share not only one story but many others. Sometimes we tend to lose who with are when getting involve with someone. So before you jump in head first make sure you not losing who you are. Do enjoy poem. God Bless & Good Night

I dedicate this poem to my Love Journey, if you new at my blog or My Love Journey make sure to check the post and the questions out. Love Journey or My Love Journey! I will return to My Love Journey once I’m finish with the semester. Registered & Protected

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Forget the Pain

I’m trying to forget the pain…
Dyin inside slowly…
weepin, lawd knows I never cried
like this over a man before…

So lets Forget the Pain…
I done shed my last tears of you…
I done stop my heart from lovin you..

Done remove you and threw
you out my life..
I done erase my feelings…

Forget the Pain…

Is like forgetn a part
of me…

That part of me, I never want to
feel again..
You broke my heart…

Im so ICY

Last time I cried..
my tears froze cause of
my coldness..

Ya’ll say Forget the Pain..
I see myself moving on, but not
sensin the love around me..
I walk into his life the other
He scared me cause I walk
ri out..

I dont want to love
My heart still jumpn to the frustration
of my anger…

Im forgetn the pain..
Just like I forgot the day
I said I LOVE YOU..

I remember the day I said

The hardest day of my life but
it was the truth…

Forget me…
Forget you..
Done Deal…

Move me…

Touch me…
I feel nothin but
the air …

You sing do you think of me..
like I think of you..

I done forgot you


Wats that?
Tease me
You cant even touch me..

Forget the Pain
Damn Ri..

I shut that part
of my life out..



Another ole poem dedicated to Love Journey! Registered & Protected

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What you scared of

Or you worry about

your old feelings returning

Or you scared he may

feel the same for you

You didn’t know

you hurt him back

in the day.

Years have past

And here is your chance


And you have found one

another all over again.

What you scared of?

Dont let your opportunity

pass you by.

These could be your second & only


What are you scared of?

Is your heart


you right now?

Do you want him?

Are you just that confuse

because your heart is

playing with you.

What you scared of?

he could be the one

and you letting your heart

get the best of you

What you scared of?

These may be your only chance

Open your heart,move

your lips to the beating of your


Tell me..

What are you scared of?

Tell him just how you feel

Tell him now, not later.

What you scared of?

It’s now or later.

Make the right choice & and

let it be known.


Just make the first move

Tell him what you been feeling

so tell me

What you scared of?


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I know awhile back you read a poem I wrote that my friendé), inspired me to write about her situation, well I wrote this one first and since it was little too much to type up at the time. When me and her was in a chat I came up with the one I shared called