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Take a hold of my hand

Take hold of my hand

Don’t you dare let go

I have a message

for you to receive

I know you struggling

and you on the verge

of giving up

I’m here to let you know!

Take hold of my hand

and follow me

I know you think you


I want you to know

You never alone

GOD is here

yes, he never left you

even when you turn

your back on him

Killed your body

with drugs & alcohol

No, No,No

Don’t let go just yet

Follow me & listen

so many times you had to

go hungry because

you didn’t want to live


you had to sit in the cold

because of your pride

Don’t you dare let go

of my hand

I’m not finish

Take heed to what

I’m saying

You fighting the wrong


You running the wrong way

GOD is everywhere

Don’t you ever think he

forgot you when you

think you alone

He loves you

Today choose him to


Tomorrow not promise

Now let go of my hand

& pray



Actually true story in this poem here, I’m not happy with it because I feel like I’m missing something. But if you struggling and feel like you alone. Just remember you not. Do enjoy and God Bless 🙂

Its a repost but one of my favorites and mean a lot to me and wanted to share once again. Do enjoy pray speaks to someone heart/soul. God Bless:)

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Just Maybe…

just maybe

I’m missing you…

And wanting you back…

Just Maybe…

but I refuse to let you back in

Just Maybe…

Just Maybe…

Just Maybe…

I catch myself thinking of you

but I refuse to pick up the phone

and crawl back…

Maybe I’m Missing You….

Do that make me a fool?

Just Maybe…

Just Maybe…

Just Maybe…

I’m missing you…

But the lies you told…

was too many…

So many lies told…

So many tears shed…



Just Maybe…

I could be missing you…

Thinking of you…

hoping for  a different outcome


My heart beating to you…

Just Maybe…

Just Maybe…

Just Maybe…

I’m Missing You…



Another poem from the past that I would like to add to my love Journey. Do enjoy and let me know what you think. God Bless:)

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You showed me

You showed me love
The same way you showed me heartache.
You showed me trust
The same way you showed me how heart less you can be
You showed me all of you
You destroyed me
I was willing to give you all of me
You showed me that you wasnt worthy
But most of all you showed me I could love


Actually wrote it last month while going though somethings and dealing with health and studies. Truly dedicated to my love journey and perfect for the new year! Do enjoy and God Bless 😉

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Lay Your Worries Down

Lay your worries down





Lay them on down

Put your worries in

GOD hands

he will never let you down

So things not going your





 there no reason to


no reason to


Just put them in

GOD hands

Who can you trust better

then him?




Just lay your worries on


Get on your knees & pray

Give it to him

Lay your worries

on down


PoeticJourney Registered & Protected
I usually stress and worry about situation that I’m going through in my life. I plan on stop stressing and just take it to GOD.  I always knew he could be the only person I could count on but I get in my panic mood and forget to take it to him. So this poem/song. I believe it would be more of a song than anything once I’m done with it. I plan on telling my story through my words. Such as songs/poetry and of course THE WORD OF GOD…. Do enjoy and let me know what you think of it, no not the finally copy just yet.I can see I have a lot of work to do on this one. lol!

God Bless and please Remember no matter what you going through take it to GOD, he have the whole World in his hands.

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~Welcome to 2012~

I like to say Thank for joining my JOURNEY(2011), and for sticking with me and been my support system when I needed it. A Blessing to me, when I truly thought I couldn’t deal with alone, sometimes we need help, even when we think we can handle it.

“THE JOURNEY IS THE REWARD”  Saw the quote today while I was out with my mom, but not sure whose it by and wanted to share it with ya’ll, honestly I don’t think I have come across the quote before.

Also like to thank you all for the prayers for me, my family and friends. I do pray for each and every one of you. I heard from one friend her mother is doing much better and also says thank you for the prayers. GOD IS GOOD.  I hope & pray each and every one of you made it into 2012 safe & sound! Many Blessings 🙂

I been reading my messages as they came in today, but couldn’t respond to them since for some odd reason my data wasnt working like I would like it. I have a lot of reading and catching up on. I actually had a good day. I got to see my cousin who has been gone for a long time. It was good to hear from her and to see her. I can’t wait to see how 2012 go for all of us. A post without a poem. I so can’t believe it. lol

God Bless Each & Everyone Of You!

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Word to the Wise (Spiritual Word Of The Day)

2012: LET FREEDOM REIGN from my house to your house from coast to coast from shore to shore…in every nation…city…country…town…IN EVERY HEART..MIND..SPIRIT…LIFE…LET FREEDOM REIGN!!! LOVE YA…NO LIMITS!!!


Good Morning, Today is the first of the year in 2012! Happy New Year to each and everyone of my readers. I do hope everyone made it in the New Year safe& sound. I’m running liittle late with my word of the day. Actually doing it before I leave for church. God Bless Each & Everyone Of You!

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Change In Me

I’m ready for a change in me

I’m ready

Yes, I am

Either you with me or not

Choose who you for today

Because you can’t serve two


A change is coming

And I’m not talking about a

New Year

A change in me

Watch me Evolve into

Who GOD wants me to be

I’m ready

For a change

Hold On

To his hands and never

Let go

A change is coming

So be READY!


PoeticJourney Registered & Protected
As you can tell I’m not finish with it just yet. It’s a working process, after having a good talk with my cousin who did my hair today.  She open my eye’s up to different things that I have overcome, let me tell you without GOD I wouldn’t be here. I’m here because of him. Will be new stuff coming from me in the New Year so just stay tune and wait it out. The poem/song is my story. Lessons I have learned since I been on my JOURNEY &  the different people’s who have come and gone!  Okay enough of me talking your eyes off. Lol. God Bless and Welcome to 2012!