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Bigger Picture

My heart hurts so bad right now
I done made the biggest mistake
And fallen for a man
Who only thought of me
As a chess piece
The time I needed to be strong
I fail myself
Im standing in the rain
With a broken heart
Im a Queen
In dire need
If you see me walking with
Head hanging down
Please mind your own business
Im dealing with my lost
One after another.
I need to go back to the time things
Was simpler and remember my damn
God will give it to you

And take it away.
Im dealing with my lost
And having a talk with my master
Let me do this alone.
He never left me when I had it all
And didnt know how to act.
Dealing with heartbreak when
The world going thru pandemic
It seems so trivial.
To worry about a Lil heartbreak.
When God is showing me a bigger



Hope you enjoy. I have been working on this piece for over a month. Glad to finish it for poetry month. Do let me know what y’all think. God Bless

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My Love Journey Thoughts

I never saw myself giving online dating a chance. And let me just tell you it’s not all that is cracked up to be. Some of the profiles are a joke and make you wonder why you even here. I have to take many breaks. If you have done online dating what did you look for are should I say did you know what you were looking for.? I ask that because you can say what you looking for and still the crazy ones won’t come at you sideways. I do know what I want, I don’t believe I find him online. But who knows God may place him in my path.


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What happen

What happens to our love.
What happens to a lifetime.
What happens to our love.
You promise me forever
But I’m here with broken hearts.
You said I was your sweet lady.
You told me lies
You said forever I will be by your side.
But here I stand alone.
What happen
What happen
To us?
You choose to walk away when things
Got rough.
What happens to our lifetime.
You use to call me your angel.
You use to promise me the world.
I knew that was a lie
But I was so deep in love.
What happen


Another poem dedicated to poetry month. Do enjoy. God Bless

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My Love Journey P.3

How do you know you love a person? Or what you feel is Love and not Lust.

I ask a close friend these questions, and she gave me a good answer. She truly had me thinking about it. Have we made a decision in the past about who we love or telling a person we love them because we thought what we felt was love? I know itโ€™s easy to say you love a person, but the action does speak louder than words.

I’m still on my love journey for the ones who were with me for a while and for the ones who haven’t. I started this post back in 2011 or 2013. And taking breaks from them as well as blogging. I have returned with more questions and thoughts as well. So hoping to stay on track with them this goes around. Love is a beautiful thing, don’t you think? Do let me know about love/lust. Until next time. God Bless

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Love Thought

What a powerful message to not share with you all. It seems some of us make a lot of these mistakes when starting out and some still make mistakes even when been at it for a while.

As you all know I’m on My love Journey and still learning stuff every day. From what I been through to stuff I watch happen to people I love. Do share y’all thoughts with me.

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Love Lesson

Wounded people have the tendency to take out their frustrations on whoever comes along next. You can’t learn to love or allow someone to love you if you are still frustrated and controlled by the pain from your past ..Break up with Dysfunctional relationships and stop building up for the next while you’re being damaged for the next ..I break the chain of allowing toxic relationships to live within you ๐Ÿ‘‘๐Ÿ™Œ๐Ÿฝ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿฟ๐Ÿ’– #itspossible

Another powerful message. So many carry the hurt from previous relationships to next. We’re doing more damage than good. We need to heal before we can move on to another relationship. Sometimes it’s best to be by yourself. Love yourself first, then were able to love another. As y’all may know I’m on love journey. Love hear what y’all have say on the matter.

Good afternoon, another powerful message. Pray, speak to someone heart/soul. God Bless

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Love Lesson

We donโ€™t have a lifetime for wrong relationships. Donโ€™t make desperate choices, and then be forced to make drastic changes.

What powerful message, so many of us make the wrong choices and then have pay for it. We got to be more careful when it comes to any and all relationships. It’s even worse when you have kids in the mix. We truly got to do better.

Good Morning, I pray all is well and everyone enjoying there Friday. &

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Love Thought

How can we love someone, when we cant even love ourselves. So many of us going in and our of relationships like its nothing. Some even going back and forth to same one they left. Have we really forgot our worth?

So many thoughts running thru my head. It’s been awhile since I shared some love thoughts with y’all. I would love hear what yall think. Will next time. God Bless:)

What happen to loving you, discovering you before you decide to love someone else .

So many thoughts running thru my head. It’s been awhile since I shared some love thoughts with y’all. I would love hear what y’all think. Will next time. God Bless:)

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My Love Journey Thought…


While on My Journey, I have decided to take a break from love and relationships. I’m not saying or denying that I may give upon love. Some things seem to come running atcha full speed. It makes you question everything you think you may feel for a person. Sometimes reality does a number on you and shake everything within. I believe love is a beautiful thing and does different things for us. All I’m saying I may need to rethink everything from here on out. I can write poetry with so much feelings and emotions, but I can’t lie. I can’t tell a person how I feel without my poetry. Does that mean I’m not sure on my heart? Does it mean what I feel isn’t real?ย My Love Journey may not help anyone or it may. I only can share what I feel and what I have learn by observing from watching people who have love like no other who have been together for a lifetime and who have failed.