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Word of Wisdom

Some people are just drama creators. They constantly and continually live in a perpetual state of self-manufactured perplexity. It seems they are not happy unless they are producing drama. Today find peace say “NO” to O.P.D. OTHER PEOPLES DRAMA! #shift

Good Morning, God is truly good all the time. I pray everyone had a good weekend and message speak to someone heart/soul today. God Bless

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Word Of Wisdom


Some ppl have the “I’ve arrived” mentality when in reality they haven’t even left yet! #StayLow #HappySaturday

Good Morning, God is truly good all the time. I pray all is well with each and every one of you and message speak to someone heart and soul.


I wanted to do something a little more different with my blog.  As you can see I change the title of this one.  I’ll have Word to the Wise on some days and Word Of Wisdom on others.  Do enjoy and pray everyone has a good and Bless Weekend.



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My Love Journey Thought…


While on My Journey, I have decided to take a break from love and relationships. I’m not saying or denying that I may give upon love. Some things seem to come running atcha full speed. It makes you question everything you think you may feel for a person. Sometimes reality does a number on you and shake everything within. I believe love is a beautiful thing and does different things for us. All I’m saying I may need to rethink everything from here on out. I can write poetry with so much feelings and emotions, but I can’t lie. I can’t tell a person how I feel without my poetry. Does that mean I’m not sure on my heart? Does it mean what I feel isn’t real? My Love Journey may not help anyone or it may. I only can share what I feel and what I have learn by observing from watching people who have love like no other who have been together for a lifetime and who have failed.

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I done cried my last cry
I often wonder how often you think of me
Do i cross your mind Anytime?
I’m having my shoulda, coulda, woulda moment
But i’m taking  u turn
Back at one
And seen just how much i wasn’t appreciated
I shoulda protected my heart ,
I woulda be the one for you,
I coulda been your backbone when you was down and out
I cant take this craziness
Im torn because every time i thought i was through door
Im slap with the reality
That love have no chance here
I had that crazy love
And all i wanted was you to Let me Love you
The way you deserved
I use Find Myself In You
The way you made me feel
Every time you call you brought joy to me
You used to be my number one man
Where did we go wrong?

PJ Registered & Protected

Dedicated to love journey! So do enjoy and let me know what you all think.

Not sure if title just yet! So do bare with me! Also believe its not quite done!

I love me some Brian Mcknight, and so do the other person who inspired me to write the finally chapter of us.. some things just can’t be left unsaid, my heart wouldn’t let me. To move on with the new person, I need to let my past be done and to close the chapter for good. I’m pretty sure I got more poems to add, but this is the ending of something that wasn’t meant to be, and move on to something and someone amazing.