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I’m so thankful for all the kind comments and prayers. Only God knows all things and just how much I’m lost without my ole man.

I’m in need of prayers for comfort

I’m in need of a piece of mind


Are the only thing that will get me through all this.

One day at a time

My heartbreaking just the mere thought of not seen him anymore.

Breaking even more because of Sunday.

He just reminded us last month it was coming up.


To not question why he choice to leave so suddenly.


To know I got this thing life without him in my corner.


For comfort for my family


To keep living and not dwell on him not been here.

I know death is part of life.

It always catch me off guard when you don’t expect it suddenly


Just to keep moving day to day.




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Word to the Wise (Spiritual Word Of Day)

Let’s keep our children covered in prayer/the blood of Jesus every day. The devil is using sickness, disease and the spirit of infirmity as another death tactic to try and destroy this generation and those to come.
#The #Blood #Still #Works

Isaiah 54:17….NO Weapon formed against our children shall prosper…

Good afternoon, God is good all the time. With so much killing going on around the world. This message spoke to my heart and I had a share. Pray speaks to someone heart/soul. God Bless

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Day 2-3, Living With Sickle Cell

I’m still in the hospital and in a lot of pain. At one point I truly thought, I was getting better, but that’s negative. I haven’t got much rest to be honest.  I started working on the post yesterday, but my body wasn’t having it. Some days I just felt defeated. I haven’t gone 7 months with no hospital stay in a long time. It’s being awhile since I gotten sick. Honestly, we know our body better than anyone. With all the rain we have been getting, I’m not surprised on the way I been feeling! I’m still trying fight the sleep. You know as a child we hated to go school. I pray who all were affected by Tropical Storm Cindy, made it out with no harm.  My count seems to be playing with me big time. Drop all the way 7.3 and following day it comes up to 7.6. I’m feeling much better than I was, which I’m very thankful for. We a lovely visit from my Lil Lady, she had been texting me saying she misses me. That visit I truly needed to brighten my day.  Thank you all for the prayers , it truly means a lot to me. God is truly good all the time. No matter the situation, good or bad. Going end post here since I’m hurting . God Bless

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Mini Update

Good Morning World,


wp-1458744164813.jpgI hope everyone had a bless and safe weekend.  I hope everyone that was affected by the storm is doing ok. My end wasn’t as bad as some area. Got plenty of rain and win that 4show. Other than that we came out okay. I haven’t been to my place see how it did on that end yet. I’m hoping to check it out. After seen that video going around on facebook of the two trap babies. Omg God is truly good all the time. It brought tears to my eye’s see how all that was involved came together save them, babies. My god that stranger that was praying the whole time. Just really did it for me. Nobody but God that’s all  I can say.  Yesterday was a pretty day. Windy and sun were out. I love how the weather can make something so bad be so beautiful. Watching the news and seen how many people died. My God, it breaks my heart, let us keep them in our prayers and their family as well. We never know when it’s our last time on earth.  Let’s remember to let our loved one’s know we love them and we forgave them for whatever the reason maybe. Sometimes we think we have more time to do whatever we haven’t done. But honestly, we don’t.


I have been debating on what to post or how to share certain things with you all on my blog since I have been going so long. I have plenty to post about, it’s the idea getting everything together just right that bothers me. Till next time, I pray all is well with each and every one of you all. Take the time and pray for someone are let them know hey I’m thinking about you are I love you.  God Bless during these terrible times we living in.

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Update ( Happy New Year)

Hey World,

It’s bn awhile since I check in. Almost new year. Seem like 2016 just came in and now we walking into 2017. I hope you all had good Christmas. I had okay one. Wasn’t feeling my best but was glad be around love ones. Today I received bad news. I’m still trying to come turns with it. I know for a fact it’s time to return writing. I was planning on returning for new year. I know God has the last say so. When I want scream and cry, I need remember give it to God. I know right now I’m not making sense, but coming into new year will be update post. I pray everyone have a good new year. God Bless 

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Living With Sickle Cell Anemia


Hello World,

Yesterday I got the word I could go home. I got paperwork on having pneumonia. I’m hoping and praying I’m cleared of it all. I’m not feeling my best, I’m hoping it all past soon. All I want to do is sleep and that’s all I plan on doing. I’m so thankful for all the prayers and comments, truly means a lot to me. I hope to have a update post soon as I’m 100%. I pray all is well with each and everyone of you all. God Bless

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Word to the WIse (Spiritual Word Of The Day)




Good Afternoon, I pray all is well with each and everyone of you all. God is truly good all the time. I’m trying to return back to blogging full time, but I can only do what my body/mind allows me. I have another rough night dealing with my health.  But I’m  taking it one day at a time. Hope everyone is staying warm! God Bless:)

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Living With Sickle Cell Anemia


Hey, welcome to my world! A very short post. I have been under weather lately. Blood count is good n praying doesn’t drop anymore. Had a follow up doctor appointment today.  Over weekend got so bad couldn’t walk r stand. My ankles had swollen up. If it’s not one thing it’s another. My arms and hand hurts, which make it hard to type. I do read when I get the chance,  hoping to have update with more information.  Please do keep me in your prayers. God is good all the time:) I pray all is well with you, you and YOU:)