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How to grieve

Is there appropriate way to grieve for someone you lose? Do you rush someone to move on when they lost there love one? I understand not going into depression over it. We have to pray for them not demand they move on. I had a talk with someone about it and they getting mad cause someone seems to be sleeping there life away. Please don’t tell me you understand when you don’t. Don’t tell me it’s going get better. Don’t tell me you going be there for me and you don’t. Don’t ask me what do I or the family need. I notice when you lose a love one, and after the funeral they calls stop. What happens afterwards when we still grieving and wishing our love ones still here. What happen to the calls the showing of love? Does it all go in vain and was you m lying to them? What happen when we start to struggle and lose our way. Can we call on you when we drowning and our hell and wonder if we ever going get out of it. So many unanswered questions. I’m so thankful for the people who understands where I’m coming get from and don’t sit and lie to me. Who says after so many odd years they still miss them and thinking of them and it doesn’t get any easier. Stop lying to us and saying it’s going to get better. Just be real and let us grieve the way we want. Pray for us and keep reaching out and checking in. Just be a friend or a family. What I come to realize after losing my dad, is family is BS. They like to show there assume and it the worse possible way. If only the person who we grieving the was alive you wouldn’t act the way you act and turn your back on family. When grieving we go though so many emotions. It’s really many steps to grieving.

Question is how do you grieve? Have you ever had anyone tell you to get over it? What do you do when a love one tells you how to grieve ? So many emotions run thru me when people try to tell me how I feel. Do share your thoughts on the matter.

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Bigger Picture

My heart hurts so bad right now
I done made the biggest mistake
And fallen for a man
Who only thought of me
As a chess piece
The time I needed to be strong
I fail myself
Im standing in the rain
With a broken heart
Im a Queen
In dire need
If you see me walking with
Head hanging down
Please mind your own business
Im dealing with my lost
One after another.
I need to go back to the time things
Was simpler and remember my damn
God will give it to you

And take it away.
Im dealing with my lost
And having a talk with my master
Let me do this alone.
He never left me when I had it all
And didnt know how to act.
Dealing with heartbreak when
The world going thru pandemic
It seems so trivial.
To worry about a Lil heartbreak.
When God is showing me a bigger



Hope you enjoy. I have been working on this piece for over a month. Glad to finish it for poetry month. Do let me know what y’all think. God Bless

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When you start not care anymore…
Moving on never felt so good…
It helps when they make it so..
I Thank You..
You the REAL MVP..
I love you for helping me..
Let go…
The less I care..
The more Joy…
I feel inside..
I can’t complain…
When you showing me,
The true you…
I can only Thank You…
When care turns into…
That’s when you know stupid..
Ran its course..


Wrote the poem while I was sick.  So much I had clear my mind/heart. Feels good when you let your heart do what it loves.. Let Go and express.. dedicated to My Love Journey..  No title as of yet..

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Broken Woman…

You broke me baby

I don’t want to be broken

I’m ready to feel complete

What happen to me?

I feel like I’m outside looking in

as I move from day-to-day..

I’m a broke woman trying to get

out this hell hole…

If you feel my pain..

why don’t you lend a hand and pull

me out…

I’m broken..

What am I to do?

I’m trying to come to terms

of been a broken woman

fighting to be complete/free…



Poem is dedicated to Love Journey, do enjoy and let me know what you think. God Bless 🙂 Registered & Protected

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It’s hard to move on..

when I’m so into you

The way you leave me feenin’

for your love

Got me rethinking the 5′

years we had together

but I know its for the best.

I hope you cherish my heart

because it may be the last

time I express myself..

You was the one who made

me push when I wanted

to give up on my dreams…

I dedicate this to you

I may be into you

but I got to do whats best…


My Love….

I do…

Love you with all my heart…



Poem is truly dedicated to the Love Journey, actually closing a chapter in my life. I’m not doing it in order. So don’t be surprise if you see some lovey dovey poems from me. You’ll see some ole one’s from me and you’ll see some new one’s from me as well. I’ll let it be known if it dedicated to the close chapter in my life. Do Enjoy! God Bless 🙂 Registered & Protected

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I Refuse

To go back to you

I’m not going to change my

character for you anymore

I Refuse

To let you change my heart

You brought me pain and

swore you change

You still the same

I Refuse

To give you the chance

to break me.

My Spirit

has change for the best

I change and your ways don’t

impress me anymore.

I’m not tempted to yearn

for you.

I Refuse

to not Believe

I’m wrong when my heart

says keep moving on.


~PJ~ Registered & Protected


Actually got inspired to write this poem from a certain person in my life. I saw what they was going through and went with it, so do enjoy! I feel like something is missing.  Will be dedicating it to Love Journey! God Bless 🙂

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The Sweetest Love

The pain of Sweetest Love

so tormenting to my soul

seal with broken promises

Never felt love as

bitter as this

The pain of The Sweetest Love

your everlasting suffering

can’t choose to love or

to let go

My Sweetest Pain

is walking away from you

and never coming back

The Bitterness is you

staying in my life

when you can’t let me go,

you seem to forget what

you once had is now over.

So The Sweetest Love

is you been unhappy

and its bitter to be so joyful

doing your worst time

The Sweetest Love



Believe I’ll donate this poem to Love Journey, if you new to my Journey make sure to check that category and take a peek. Do Enjoy! God Bless 🙂 Registered & Protected

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You my shoulda, coulda, woulda

hell.. you have become my

joy that I saw you for the real

person you…

To late to say…

Shoulda, Coulda, Woulda..

When you had me you didn’t

appreciate me..

Now I done move on

I’m glad to be with someone….

to love and cherish me

You crying and saying she

wont love u like I did….

I pray she don’t love like you…

Your love poison my soul…

Your infidelity destroyed me

I’m glad I finally move on..

So to your Shoulda, Coulda, Woulda…

You shoulda

cherish me when you had me

I coulda bn the one to heal your

damage and sick soul..

I woulda bn your rock to the

day we died..

You made me..

Your hubby..

Your friend..

when you already gave that

to another man..

You told me it was over and

now you knock up with his baby…

Did you honestly think

I would be your man??

You lied…

broke me down..

I was a pimp and

half a man..

Now im a King and

have recovery the

rest of me..

Damn I see I really

didn’t know you…

The age of a woman…

A mind of a child…

Dats truly insult to the

ones who don’t act

the way you do…

Shoulda, Coulda, Woulda…

Your obsession is an illness…

Cant you see I don’t give a damn for you…

It’s A shame you playing the fool that you

try so hard to replace me with…

You saying and Doing everything..

in your power to win me back…

Damn shame.. I don’t want you…

When will you get the picture and move


Your stupidity is an Illness…

PoeticJourney Registered & Protected

Another poem dedicated to My Love Journey, its actually inspired by true events, but feel like I left something out, but could be wrong. You be judge and let me know.

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Honestly Don’t Matter

I’m gone…
U did it…
I walk…
U messed up…
It don’t matter….
I  already said bye
u said whatever…
It don’t matter…
I’m a G…
N I know its killing you cause I don’t care…
I tried to care, but all I saw was you doing yo thing…
So I bounce & I’m good on my own…
I don’t care cause I never really love you…
I don’t care, I know you can tell now..
Everytime we talk it’s whatever n however..
And you like it wasnt even like that…
What we had wasnt anything serious
it was a journey & now its over…
I’m walking away…
Trust I’m never coming back…
I promise you these…
U had me once & now you lost me…
I died the night you screwed me over…
Did u see the blood in your hands…?
it was my soul…
Did you hear the screams in the back of you head?
It was me but you was so caught up you didn’t even give
a care…
I’m not mad… I’m just over it & I’m so gone…
It honestly don’t matter n
I honestly don’t care about you



As you can see this poem was writen a few years ago, and since I’m on a JOURNEY I wanted to share it. I may go back and forth and share poems from the past present and whatnot. I learn to deal with things a little differntly I can honestly say I’m glad I got a better understanding and relationship with GOD. Registered & Protected

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Don’t Change

How many times have you heard

these exact words?

They didnt know what you was


Don’t Change

You a good person

Don’t Change

you going to make someone happy

one day!

Just Don’t Change

How many times you going to tell

me I’m good, but still walk away

Don’t Change

Your heart in the right place

but, you too good for me

Don’t Change

You a keeper

I’m just not ready for long


Don’t change

I’m tired of these words

Don’t change

How about I’m moving on

I Done Change

I don’t fall for the same kind

How about don’t you dare

say them words

I’m throwing in the towel

I’ve been there ever since you

were broken

I healed you just to have you use me

And you got the nerve to open

your mouth and say

Don’t Change

Im changing from the fool

I been

to the wise woman



I’m here to tell you I changed

I thought I had to heal everyone

but I was wrong

I’m only here to do what God

created me to do.


PoeticJourney Registered & Protected