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Rest On

As I layed in bed
You was fighting to live
God Bless Your family
They gave upon you.
When you needed them
To a fatherless child
Broken hearted mother
So many grieving individuals
My heartaches for you.
God Bless You
As you rest in paradise.
As I layed in hospital
Fighting to keep going.
You was dying
And leaving so many
Hurting and shock
God Bless the brokenhearted
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Someone from my area lost his life fishing over weekend. We had bad weather , but they discover him yesterday morning! Let your love ones know how much they mean to you! God Bless

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How could you

Not take your life serious?
How could you
Poison your body
I’m hurt you gone..
But more angry that you
Didn’t think about your son
Or your body…
I heard about your parents
Wanted you to do rehab..
I wish you hadn’t said NO,
How could you be so foolish.
You leave so many hurting and grieving…
They won’t see your beautiful smile,
Hear your voice
I pray that God keep his hands on
Your family…
God Bless there soul….

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Dedicated to my cousin and love ones whose mourning. Its hurts when you lose a love one, hurt even more when they do stupid and foolish things. God Bless

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I’m not here for myself

I’m come humble as I can be

I’m praying for many others,

then myself.

I know you got my situation

taken care of..

So I’m down on my knees

for my friends & family

Thank You Lord

Watch over the grieving mother

give her strength to carry on

while bringing another life into

this world..

She’s hurting right now,

but I know you make no mistakes…

Dear Lord

Touch the loving mother

who staying strong for her baby girl

who going through such ordeal

Thank You Lord…

My God Is Good…

Dear God,

I’m here

down on my knees

praying for many others

You been too good to me…

Thank you Lord…

this prayer is for you & you

Don’t lose FAITH

He hasn’t forgotten you

Down on my knees

humble as I can be…

My God Is Good..

Yes, he is..

My Lord, I ..

Thank You …

In Jesus Name…



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