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Living With Sickle Cell Anemia

Welcome to My World. I made it a year without admissions. When you know your body, you know your limit. I tried so many times to push myself so I could make it to the little lady party the following day on 18. It was strange getting admitted when the dr. on the floor told me and not the E.R doctor or nurse. I wasn’t crazy about having to deal with E.R doctor, to be honest, we don’t have a good past. He did give me the wrong meds before. Thankful it wasn’t my time to leave here. After coming in and talking to me. Idk what kind of meds he was trying to give me. It’s something they give preg woman. Didn’t touch my pain but was trying to put me sleep. Different Things we go thru when dealing with people in the medical field makes you wonder how they got a degree. I didn’t have my usual nurses I usually deal with so having one got in E.R wasn’t umm pleasant. Getting on the floor was a different story. I was glad to be on first-floor just not crazy about the room I was in. I didn’t like how the doctor did my meds because the pain wasn’t been touch and had to practice my breathing to get thru the night and the next day till the doctor came to see me. When they see your counts still dropping they want to move and so right by you. Didn’t have the doctor I was used to having when all they have do is look at my file. Makes you wonder why they make stuff harder? My counts were 7.4 when I arrive, retic was 9 and hematocrit was low as 20.3 and the next day it was even lower in 17 and I was 6 in my counts. So who was looking at blood transfusion that they haven’t had in over a year or more? Believe or more. I got cross and type but had to wait till my blood was found since I have antibodies. Took it a few days which was a surprise. What was a bigger surprise I was itching the whole time during the first unit? We had space the other unit out. The same thing happens to that and they stopped it. I never had that happen before. So they wanted to clean up the mistake and I’m still waiting to hear what happen. I have 3 doctor appointments coming up. So I’ll find out if anything happens are not. If you wondering if I got medicine to prevent itching and answer is yes. Always have to get it, so I won’t have a reaction. Just this time around it didn’t work. I even got steroid meds for the second unit and still the same reaction. I wasn’t crazy about steroids but hey whatever helps. One does of steroids can’t make me gain weight. Lol. The one unit brought my count up to 7.3 and it drops till 7 the next day. I didn’t want to be there for my birthday, so was glad to get a discharge. I hate that haven’t been as active in the blogging world but still taking it easy. I did t know my counts was that low when I went in. You think it’s a small thing and it can be a major thing. Does make me slow it down some and take care of myself. It’s hard to do that and grieve at the same time. It’s hard to deal with sickle cell and remember not to get to happy are excited or whatever. It’s possible it can kick a crisis in. So thankful for all the kind comments and prayers. God sends the right people in your life. You never know who you need and why, but it’s truly a blessing to have. Pray all is well with each and every one of you all. I plan on doing a post with doctor visits. I know one doctor I’m meeting for the first time. Hope it goes well. Hate new doctors and starting over. Sighs. Do anyone else feel that way? Ok, maybe not hate it dislike. Who knows I may just hate change. Lol until next time stay bless.

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Day 1-3, Living With Sickle Cell Anemia



Hey Everyone,


As you can see by the title I’m in hospital, been here every since Christmas Night. So glad I had the chance to spend Christmas Eve and Christmas Morning with my love one’s. I was trying to make it to the end of the month. I was hoping it would pass.  I had to have transfusion today. Blood count had got low, I knew something was wrong since I been having headaches . Its a sign that your blood count can be low or I’m getting ready to go in a crisis. I do hope everyone of you all had a Lovely Christmas. Well better then mine:) I have some great nurses and doctors. So thankful for that to be honest. Last time I was sometime last month, and doctor wasn’t doing right by me. So I left the hospital, and lets just say I was in a lot of pain. I’m hoping to do right by myself dis time around. I’m hoping to go home tomorrow if everything come back looking normal. I’m still in some pain right now. Hoping the blood did some good for me. I try not to get blood, because one day when I’ll need it , it may not help me . Sighs. Well I had warm Christmas, seem the cold front is coming in. Guess its a good thing I’m in hospital now, to prevent all that. But its just cold in the evening time, so it shouldn’t be 2 bad. I’m going to wrap this post up, because I’m getting tired and restless. I haven’t been sleeping much for whatever reason. I always got some stuff on my mind. I know I have check up on the 4 to see how the meds is  doing. I hope good news, but I really haven’t been on them since I been in hospital. Only meds they giving me is my pain meds and not my every day meds.  I must say it truly means something  when you have  a great group of people taking care of you. I even have some nurses coming visit me since they always say I’m a good patient. Makes me feel good when they think that about me. I feel like I be getting on there nerves at times. But I have met some that have became friends.

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Day 4, Living With Sickle Cell Anemia

Not sure how to start my post. I have been sick since Christmas Eve. Didn’t want go E.R are miss bn my family for the holidays. I finally decided to go to E.R Saturday after Christmas,  long as my count was good, they didn’t keep me. I thought I was getting better and ended up worse then Christmas. Two more hospital visits before I was bless with doctor who knew what to do when it comes to my illness. Tuesday morning, I was brought back to E.R, but what a wait cause hospital was book. I know I cried so much that the pain got worse every time. 6 hours waiting to be seen. once I got in back, it went smoothly. Had a good doctor and nurse. I couldn’t walk the first few days. I can walk a lil now but legs still bothering me. I got two units first day here, didn’t work as soon as I got it. Brought my count up to 9, has drop to the 7’s now. Praying it doesn’t drop anymore. I’m still here cause of pain n count dropping. Hoping go home tomorrow but only time will tell. I’ll end it for now and share more at another time. Pray everyone had a good Christmas and New Year. GOD Bless

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Living With Sickle Cell Anemia


Hello and welcome to my World! I have been in and out of hospital for past few weeks. Back in school so That’s taking up my time, but I’m praying to get back on top of blogging and visiting with you all. The first time in hospital was short stay, blood pressure kept dropping while I was sleeping. Second time was last week of October, seem I have warm antibodies again, and I haven’t had transfusion in awhile. Idk what’s going on, but I’m happy they not putting me on steroids for now. It would do more danger them anything. I have to have surgery in right arm down road. Blood count was dropping.  But no to to transfusion.  I had good nurses… got favorite male nurse, name Denny, such a sweetie. GOD truly bless me with lovely and caring nurses. Had good female nurses as well. My favorite was Nikki:) good doctor as well. I have miss reading y’all blogs and hearing from you all. I pray all is well with each and everyone of you

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thumbnailSCDHey World,


Its been awhile since I been able to post and just enjoy blogging.  So since September come in, I have been loving the fact its my month to bring awareness about sickle cell. I’m on Facebook a lot and in many groups dealing with my illness. Seems so many our the warriors have died. I had got to the point of why am I fighting when we get treated so poorly when we go to er. That be another post for another time. I hope to share some stuff through the month about some of the things  and so many other go through.  My doctor appoint on Tuesday went very well, my blood count is highest it ever been. I haven’t been transfuse since early June. Don’t even get me started on that hospital stay and how many times it took before they took me serious about my pain. Even though counts r good, can’t say the same about my headaches, they have got worse. Lets just say I’m taking more meds to get them in check. I’m trying to stay on top of them and not get ct scan. It could mean many things. Another post later down the road. I had eye appoint  last month, it went so so. they have to stay on top of them. I’m on eye drops  and have to wear glasses. I’m nearsighted big time Sorry to make the post so long, but its been awhile since I posted and wanted to do mini update.



I’m hoping to visit many blogs over the weekend.

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Day 4-6, Living With Sickle Cell Anemia


Hello World, thank you for prayers and comments. Meant so much to me. I had rough weekend, idiot doctor who didnt know crap. Bless with many wonderful nurses, who showed me so much compassion. My count came up and then drop. I did come home, but I shouldn’t have as today im in more pain today then before. Im trying stay strong and not move around much, it makes me hurt even more. I cant have transfusions, im back on steroids!   Told my doctor I wasn’t going take them, but im doom even more if I dont. Ooo lucky me stuck with more poison to take. Idk how to deal, when my body wants best of me and im getting discouraged! I know God have last say so!  Idk how much fight I have in me. I pray all is well with each and everyone of you! God Bless

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Surgery Update

Hello Everyone,

So thankful for all the prayers and comments truly touch my heart! I’m home, actually came home yesterday! It wasn’t as bad as I thought, my God knew I could handle it all! I read the comments but couldn’t respond and.still can’t!  Everyone saying I’m doing good on the walking! It maybe with walker for now! But to hear nurses say how good I am when other people are struggling that been using them longer then me. I had a good team working with me. I had a little rough time! Fever after surgery, they couldn’t find out where it was coming from. My blood count held its own before and after surgery! Then well it fell and came back up and did it all over again. I had a great group of nurses on my team as well! Some I felt probably in wrong career because she just forgot a lot of stuff! Lol Talk about that another time! Time for me to crash, hope.share more soon.God Bless

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Day 4-5 Living With Sickle Cell Anemia

thumbnailSCDHey and Welcome to my World, I’m still in hospital and hopefully I get to come home tomorrow. I should know something in due time. I still can’t have transfusions, but it seem the meds they have me on is finally working and that makes me happy! I have been on some new meds since May, and ready to get off it. I’m actually on a lot of new meds, but this meds I really ready to get off because it’s interfering with some of my other meds, that I need on everything basic. Sighs. It feels good to finally get some sleep, I believe I’m still tired, but I’m actually on my last week of studies, and I need to try to catch up before the week is over with. So much to do in so little time. I have had some great nurses, had one rude nurse name Mary. Makes me wonder how she got a job to be Nurse Assistant, if all she does is complain, I would hate for her to be nurse, and she says she going back to school for it. Well, I hope peeps run the other way and don’t look back, I’m just saying. My bestie mom finally came home from the hospital the other day, and she is doing much better, but got heartbroken phone call, that she is not her self, she lost some of her memory. I spoke with her a few days ago, she knows who I am. It breaks my heart when strong woman a God is struggling the way she is. It’s truly breaking her daughter heart, because she want to take care of her mom and not rehab place. Doctor just told me not to long ago that my retic count has come up, I’m hoping to hear my blood count has come up as well. I’m praying for some good news. Looks like my head is everywhere with this post, please do forgive me. I have a lot going on with me at this time. Thank you all for the prayers, truly means a lot to me. I pray all is well with each and every one of you. God Bless 🙂

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Living With Sickle Cell Anemia

thumbnailSCDHello Everyone,  I’m finally home, been home for a few days now, spending time with my love one’s. Getting much rest as possible. I must admit I’m so glad to be home, so can’t wait to be feeling my best. I usually would have this post up already, but still not 100 percent. I’m hoping sometime this week to know if my blood count has went up some more. Before I left it was still in the 5’s and we all know that’s not good. I must be honest with you all. Only Lauren knows whats going on with me. Right now I’m not doing good. I was supposed to have surgery on my birthday to have hip replacement, due to my illness. But that’s when I find out I had warm antibodies in me, because I done had so many transfusions, that’s why I can’t have anymore right now. I have been on the meds for over a month,and there not doing anything for me. I’m getting a lil discouraged, I must admit that to you all. I have been at my lowest last week and wanted to throw in the towel. I don’t know if it’s because I was just tired because of my health, and everything just wasn’t going my way or just cause the devil was just trying to get the bet of me. I believe it was a little of both. I’m not thinking that anymore. I know God isn’t finish with me yet, I’m here for a reason, so I need to continue to hold on and continue to fight to he calls me home to be with him. I’m so touch and feel so much love by all of your comments and prayers, it truly meant so much to me. I got to many visits from family and love one’s and calls from my best friend and TN, y’all thank you for praying for her mom her who had a stroke, she is doing so good. She has been there for me and so has her brother. They  have been keeping me laughing and if I couldn’t sleep staying up with me, and just praying for me. I couldn’t ask for two great group of lovely souls than them two. God knew what he was doing, he knew I couldn’t have that surgery for a reason on 5.21.13, I had to overcome this obstacle last week, and I can’t wait to im fully over it. I can’t wait to I can share more with you all. I need my rest and to stay on top of my studies, you all know how much I hate to be behind on my studies. God is truly good. I want to say thank you again. Thank you for joining my JOURNEY, and been part of my blogging family. I pray all is well with each and every one of you. God Bless. Sending love and hugs to each and every one of you. God Bless 🙂

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Day 5-8, Living With Sickle Cell Anemia

thumbnailSCDHello Everyone, This has been one long week. I don’t believe I have been this sick in a long time. I havent been in the mood to blog are do much of anything. I actually started back with my studies Wednesday and havent even tempted to do any of it. I’m hoping to do some of it. I actually made calls yesterday to let them know whats going on, with me. I don’t want to be drop from my classes. I didn’t get transfusion because it’s not in my best interest, but part of me wish I had got it. I’m so weak. My blood count is still low but still holding its low. I’m 5.8 so it’s coming up a lil. So that good 🙂 I got off the fluids yesterday, which im very happy about, I got tired of going to the bathroom so much. I still have my port hook up since I still have to get pain meds, since Im still hurting. Yesterday they actually lost someone on my floor she was 100yrs ole. She was blessed to live to see such a bless age. My nurse took it hard, and I can truly understand where she was coming from. Thank you all for the prayers and comments, and do bare with me. I havent had the chance to approve comments. Even the likes means a lot to me 🙂 Im hoping to go home today are tomorrow. It maybe tomorrow because im not feeling my  best today, and I want to be at my best when I head home. I did get a chance to talk to my lil lady and she ready for me to come home to her. And im ready to come home to her as well. I told her to be good, so I hope she does, but that easy said then done.   I have had some great group of nurses, doctor. Cant really say doctors, because I only been seen one doctor. I have to make a post about that another time, right now I feel like laying back down and getting some more rest. I pray everyone is having a Bless Friday.