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My Love Journey Thoughts

When looking for love and dating. How do yall feel about them calling you sweetie, baby, sexy, etc? I’m not fond of it, just be honest. You don’t know me so don’t come at me with sweet talk. I feel like we have let them pass because we think its cute are whatever reason may be. Sweet talking doesn’t work on me. What happens to talk to the opposite sex with respect? If you correct them they want to call you a female dog. Why should I lose my worth because they have lost their dang mind on the correct way speak to me with some sense. Am I wrong for thinking like that. Fellas how do yall feel about woman calling yall sexy, handsome, etc?

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My Love Journey Thoughts…

I know it’s being awhile since I posted on topic. I have being thinking how word my thoughts. Do ya’ll believe it’s ok for judge okay a divorce if the man says he can’t find his wife? I’m not saying woman don’t do the same tactics. I just heard it have happen the way I mention it. And both cases the male lied about not knowing where there spouse at. And yes both of them ended up getting remarried. I believe it should be investigated into more. Bad enough we making it easy get marry, not we giving them pat on back out of marriage. What are ya’ll thoughts on the matter? 

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My Love Journey Thought….


During my Journey recently a lot of different things have come to my knowledge. As I was having conversation with my best friend about her journey. Im not big on saying follow your heart. For the fact, at times my heart and head are saying different things. Deep down I feel like I’m betraying myself. What I mean part of you want to forgive and the other half want to hold your ground and move on and just stay guarded. We got to know when to do what’s best for us. Sometimes bn guarded can do more harm to us then heal. Something I’m still learning.

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My Love Journey Thoughts..


With My Love Journey I have learn that in any relationship we must all learn that saying sorry will not fix everything.  We don’t know how much our words can cut someone. And to be honest I hate saying sorry it seems like I’m weak and I know deep down It doesn’t. Some say it just to say it. But I’m the type of person who says it and mean it from deep down. We must know when to say it and what it truly means to say you sorry. Everyone isn’t going take heed to apology because we don’t know what they done went thru in previous relationships. I don’t like people saying sorry when it comes to me, because they tend to mess up again. I guess y’all can see where I’m coming from with dis post. So let’s just be cautious with what we say to the ones we love .

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My Love Journey Thoughts..


When dealing with love on my journey and coming across someone who tend to want to use you for all the good you worth. Some times it seems were the light that they need to survive, to get them out there hell  hole. Is love taking all the hell they put you through just to show them. I love you, I’m here for you. I ask myself dis question constantly, because it seem like I may have something prove. Do we stay because we gave them our word that we wouldn’t  hurt them. Some even play on our guilty conscious when we fed up and ready to walk. The control a user can have is banana’s.

I decided to add thoughts towards the end of it so I won’t get confused.  When I’m feeling much better.. hoping start the other My Love Journey post again. Till next time. God Bless