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How I grieved

Doing my grieving, I lost myself.

My Thoughts

My healing process of losing a parent or parents is rough. I suppose it’s different if you’re not close with them or in my case a daddy girl. Please don’t ever let anyone rush you on how long you should grieve. Every day is a struggle. Some days i want to crawl back in bed and hide. I miss you from the bottom of my heart. I haven’t been the same since I got the call. Honestly i never imagine you would leave before me. The day before u died it broke my heart. I prayed to God and it went unanswered. Damn my hero isn’t here anymore. Your death has destroyed me to the point I stop living and was giving up. God put people in my life to encourage me to keep living. Today I’m taking it one day at a time until we see each other again.

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Word to the Wise(Spiritual Word Of The Day)

What They THOUGHT would HURT, and HINDER You, will Actually HURDLE Your Way FORWARD..!!! ‘If GOD be FOR You…’ You KNOW the REST..

#Let #Me #Go

Good Morning, God is truly good all the time. I pray everyone is having a bless week. Fall hasn’t arrive just yet here. So if you feeling it stay warm. Many Blessings

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Word Of Wisdom


Two ways we learn from hurt: We learn how to dodge it/not inflict it or we perfect and reenact it.



Good Evening, I pray all is well with each and every one of you all. What a day I had, I had a doctor appointment and end up missing it because the tire blew.  I try and have update post later this weekend. I pray all is well with each and every one of you all. God is truly good all the time. God Bless:)

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My Love Journey P.20

Hello and Welcome back to My Love Journey, if you new, make sure check other post out with same title just different numbers.


I have been thinking on how to get this post, just right. The question I’m asking today, rediscovering yourself after your spouse/boy friend/girlfriend has broken you? What  I mean about that, how do you learn to pick up the pieces and get back on your feet? Some may see you as a damage individual, but someone see something or someone worth loving. I know many of us, have been to that dark place and we just didn’t want to try anymore. After having  heart & heart talks with a few people in my life. I see how hurt and damage one evil person can do to someone that’s worth loving. How do you get back up after going through hell with that person, to either move on or giving that person another chance?

I love to hear from my fellow followers, so do share your opinions/thoughts on this situation. I surely can’t wait to hear from y’all. If I have forgotten something. I’ll make sure to comment to your question. Registered & Protected

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Im So In Love…

I’m so in love

that it hurts…

I wish someone had warn me

of this type of feeling…

I wouldn’t never introduce my

heart to love,cause Baby

its kills me…

to feel the way I do

When it feel like I’m alone, but

I know I shouldn’t feel this way

I’m so in love

to its hurts…

 Sometimes I just want to put

my heart on the back burner,

but  I know I go through the motions

Its  a lesson in disguise

Love is beautiful feeling…

like a windy spring day

Nothing but love around

The way the flower bless

me with love

The way trees help me to breathe..

I’m so thankful

What a beautiful season for


I’m so in love…



Still need some more work, but wanted to share it while I have the time, do let me know what you all think. Not sure of the title of just yet. So it may get change, but if you have a title for it do share, love to hear from you. Do Enjoy and God Bless 🙂 Registered & Protected

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My Pain

My pain,

you can’t see

Do they not


I hurt in

the same way?

Why must I suffer

because of stupidity

I know they thinking

nothing wrong, she

here for the meds.

The pain

I have, they should

walk a mile

in my shoes

Are we not the


Look pass my outer

Laying here

tossing & turning


The pain

I have is driving me


Do they not understand

I hate this place

Don’t I tense up

every time a needle

is mention.

I know they got

to be tired of seen me

trust it goes both ways.

My pain

they don’t understand

nor believes.

Oh your blood count is good

and everything else is fine

Lets send her home.

I swear they love seen

me coming back

to this EVIL PLACE

I wish they could

understand and treat me

with RESPECT..


I know you in Control

and you know my pain

Praise God

for a doctor

who understands,

a friend

who always there

a nurse

who never forsake me

Praise GOD

he knows My Pain




I’m so thankful for everyone kind and encouraging words, and letting me know you still praying for me. Yesterday morning I woke up around 12 and my whole body was hurting, I couldn’t move. I got up and fell back down on my bed. Took me turning and tossing in my bed for like 4 hrs to get back right so I could sleep. I still wasnt feeling my best when I did my post yesterday. The poem is inspired about what happen and etc…



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Wasn’t suppose to happen.. I was suppose to walk away and leave it as that…
I’m glad I know now to b honest… but it doesn’t change anything..
I’m still walking away… and you still with her..
bought to many memories back… When we first met, the day we took it further as friends.. and the day you ask me to be your wife..
Even the day you broke my heart..
To the times I hurt you and you left the room… You know  going our separate ways is for the best…
I hurt you.. You hurt me… You stay hurting me…
What A Night.. I’m mad to know I still love you But give me time.. Its going to be gone. . My soul is broken My heart is rip..
I can’t breathe I’m slowly dying. You said you don’t want to hurt anyone..
But hurt me every time I know where your heart really at and it’s not me..
was suppose to happen.. slap some sense into me, and help me walk away.. with no regrets..
That night did something to me.. showed me my heart sill beats to you..
show me closing love out, hell its always there…
You push me away.. I haunt you, to you ready to accept and believe..
U came to realize, can’t no other man touch me like you do, thats freaking crazy to me..
You work your way in my life left a mark on my heart


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Another old poem and wanted to share with ya’ll. Truly give you something to think about! I don’t know why the poem came out like this. Guess the way the other blog was set up!  Do enjoy

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What you scared of

Or you worry about

your old feelings returning

Or you scared he may

feel the same for you

You didn’t know

you hurt him back

in the day.

Years have past

And here is your chance


And you have found one

another all over again.

What you scared of?

Dont let your opportunity

pass you by.

These could be your second & only


What are you scared of?

Is your heart


you right now?

Do you want him?

Are you just that confuse

because your heart is

playing with you.

What you scared of?

he could be the one

and you letting your heart

get the best of you

What you scared of?

These may be your only chance

Open your heart,move

your lips to the beating of your


Tell me..

What are you scared of?

Tell him just how you feel

Tell him now, not later.

What you scared of?

It’s now or later.

Make the right choice & and

let it be known.


Just make the first move

Tell him what you been feeling

so tell me

What you scared of?


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I know awhile back you read a poem I wrote that my friendé), inspired me to write about her situation, well I wrote this one first and since it was little too much to type up at the time. When me and her was in a chat I came up with the one I shared called

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Ice Cold

Left me standing in the rain alone…

Told me I love you, but not enough
to walk away from the pass

You got me so Ice Cold…..
I been trying to warm myself
next to a warm body….

All I seem to do is freeze
’em, because I’m so Ice cold…

I had let you in….
You came to hurt me…
You succeeded..

Why you had to leave me
in the rain….

Why you couldn’t accept
me for me…

I was so cold, and you warm
me up….

Now I’m so Ice Cold…

When I see you,
my soul, heart, body, mind
turns Ice Cold

Might as well be dying
because I’m alive but feel
so helpless

I’m so Ice Cold
please call 911…
I’m not going to make it…

up and down…
in and out…
up and down…
in and out…

Move slowly now…

I’m gone….
SO Ice Cold!




Another poem from my past I wanted to share…  Part of my Love Journey and lets just say I have learned a lot while on my JOURNEY. Registered & Protected