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Let’s bow our heads and pray

for our children.

So much hell going on around the world.

They aren’t safe anymore.

Let’s pray for there safety.

Let’s pray for there well being.


for mine and yours.

Let’s lift them up

and giving back to God

I’m praying for you and you

and yours and yours.

Pray blessings on them.

Prayers for children all over the world.

Let’s bow our heads and pray

For the young and old

For rich and poor.

Cover them in prayer




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Word to the Wise (Spiritual Word Of Day)

Let’s keep our children covered in prayer/the blood of Jesus every day. The devil is using sickness, disease and the spirit of infirmity as another death tactic to try and destroy this generation and those to come.
#The #Blood #Still #Works

Isaiah 54:17….NO Weapon formed against our children shall prosper…

Good afternoon, God is good all the time. With so much killing going on around the world. This message spoke to my heart and I had a share. Pray speaks to someone heart/soul. God Bless

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A mother

What’s a mother.

I may not be one yet, but I do know

What one is because what my mother shows me every day.

Trust we may not get along all the time.

But one thing for sure she never turns her back on her kids.

A mother

Prays for you

Teach you right from wrong

Love you

Be there for you no matter how bad you mess up.

A mother you say.

Visit here and there

Isn’t what make you a mom.

Saying I love you but not

Doing what you should for them

Yea they say you carry them

But are you raising them?

Are you showing them the correct way how to be a mother?

A mother huh?

Can you remember a time

You stayed up with them through


Maybe sitting at the kitchen table trying figure out a math problem.

A mother job is never done.

Walking out on your kid/kids

Because things got rough.

You were dedicated to the streets then

Your babies.

A mother

Isn’t you.

But hey I’m a sit back and watch

Things unfold.

A mothers love is


To be one.

You need to learn love like

No other.

Fight like it’s your last breath

Take that last mile

To show them

I love you.



Not really finish yet. Seems to be missing something.

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Quit Saying…

Quit saying
Not my child
Not my child
Too many children dying young
We need start doing our jobs to protect them
We have to stop forgetting where the parents and not they friends
We have forgotten the value of life
We’re killing our young generation
Poison they mind
They have turned to social media
For attention…
We have stopped caring till it’s too late
Not my child
Not my child
I’m sick and tired of seen missing children
When are we going to start making time for different things
And focus on our children…
First thing to come out your mouth is
Not my child
Not my child
Stop it
And watch what’s going on
Going on


By: PJ
P.S this poem truly touches me deeply. After learning young girl lost her life. Missing child, devasted mom, town coming together as one. Praying for a safe return, having our hearts broken when her body is turned up. We got to do better without kids. Keep an eye on them and who we bring around them. Too many have gone missing and not return, are to return in a body bag. What the hell going on with the world harming children.

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What the World Coming to..

thumbnailCAQGAS54So many of our children

dying young and growing

up parent less

So many not believing in GOD

but is allowed to see another day

What the World Coming to

So many struggling on the

right road

but not enough running  to take

heed to his WORD

What the World Coming to

We have to start fighting for

whats important

We have forgotten to love

so much damnation around us

Why can’t we

Just Pray for peace

and stop the hate

for once.



Actually wrote this yesterday morning, it was on my mind heavy, and to see all the emotions that came through, i had to share it with you all. Do enjoy! God Bless 🙂 Registered & Protected

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Hold On

You can do it!
Don’t lose hope!
I believe in you!
Hold on to his name!
God hasn’t left you
You can do it!
Don’t you dare give up!
I believe in you!
God hasn’t left yourside
He making a way!
Call out his name!
Jesus your my Savior
I maybe down and out!
You the one I need
You can do it!
I believe in your will!
Thank you Lord!
6/12/13 Registered & Protected
Wrote poem before I got sick, me and bestie was on phone while she and her brother was working with mom, since her stroke! I was so touch by the love and motivation that I got inspired to write poem! God is truly good all the time! I haven’t shared my poetry in awhile, and I felt like this one is the perfect one to bless you all with! God Bless:) such a determine mother for christ!

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Word to the Wise (Spiritual Word Of The Day)

734370_583160355031113_2099077309_nDeclaration: Now this is what the lord says, DO NOT weep any longer, for I will Reward you, says the Lord. Your children will COME BACK TO YOU FROM THE DISTANT LAND of the enemy. There is hope for your Future; says the Lord. Your Children WILL COME AGAIN to their own land. (Jeremiah 31:16-17). #truth



Good Afternoon, Another Bless & Glorious Day! I hope everyone is enjoying Valentine with there love ones. God Bless 🙂

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Strong Woman

You never know her strength,

to she hit with the worse…

Dont mistaken her tears for


Strong Woman

Carry the weigh of the World

on her shoulders

A mother to her children

A wife to her spouse

Inspiration to many…

Strong Woman

I salute every single one of you…

Never quit doing what you do

Beautiful Gift from God

A treasure to be cherished

PoeticJourney Registered & Protected
While emailing a lovely friend lastnight, I got inspired to write this poem, she is truly a strong woman in my book. I have come across so many strong ladies while here at wordpress. God Bless 🙂