What the World Coming to..

thumbnailCAQGAS54So many of our children

dying young and growing

up parent less

So many not believing in GOD

but is allowed to see another day

What the World Coming to

So many struggling on the

right road

but not enough running  to take

heed to his WORD

What the World Coming to

We have to start fighting for

whats important

We have forgotten to love

so much damnation around us

Why can’t we

Just Pray for peace

and stop the hate

for once.



Actually wrote this yesterday morning, it was on my mind heavy, and to see all the emotions that came through, i had to share it with you all. Do enjoy! God Bless 🙂

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  1. Beautiful words, straight from the heart. Of course, I see your emotions in it. I’ll join you in praying for peace but just to let u know when that peace finally comes, the world with it. We all pray to be heaven bound. Blessings.


  2. This is so deep to the heart, Lord as i read it my heart just sunk.. brought lots.. and I wonder why.. I know the Lord sees and hears all.. should i question why.!!!! or should I just hope for a change a miracle.. However unto thee thy Lord I leave all to you. Thanks Sweetheart for this post.. bless your heart. One love


    1. Thank You Maureen, I learn to never ask him why, he knows all things and know whats going on. You very welcome, A change is coming in due time. It does make us wonder what is really going on with the world. I pray alll is well on your end.. God Bless 🙂


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