Letter to cancer


Dear Cancer,

Why you had come ruining my family? We didn’t welcome you, nor ask for you. Honestly I never thought I would hear your name in my household. I was always out looking in, but now I know first hand the damage you can cause on someone I love. But you don’t care, how you came. Long as you settle within the body, and destroy it. I’m watching you take a toll on my ole man..you not going to win dis fight, nor will you break him.. me on the other hand you’ll succeed. I’m fighting to control my fight and to overcome stress. you created so many problems with your arrival. You almost won cause you came unexpected. I’m thankful God stepped in and covered the situation. I catch myself checking on you throughout the day to make sure you still among the living. I’m tired of you and honestly I’m ready for you to exit the way you arrive.


Sincerely Concern,






  1. Hey Babe!
    My prayers go out to you and your family. I know it isn’t easy to stay positive when a lot of things are pretty much in the negative, but keep your faith and hope alive. God’s got this. He’ll pull you and your family through this. Keep trusting in Him. I’ll be here praying for you in the mean time. Stay blessed and stay encouraged!
    Love Sherline. 😀

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    1. Thank love, for hour kind words and prayers.. truly means a lot to me. Sometimes it’s hard stay positive, but I have remind myself God got last say so. Holding on to his word. Hope all is well with you..God Bless

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