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My Love Journey

I started blogging a few years ago on Xanga basically on my Journey on LOVE but it ended up discovering who I was with all my trials and tribulations. I have have been here for a while now and so I decided to bring my other blog here little by little. I have poetry and questions about love and I know for a fact I’m not the only person dealing with LOVE. So hope you all enjoy it and if you have questions or comments do ask and put your inputs here. Love to see where everyone has to say. I’ll be posting something here every day or every other day depends how hectic my week is going. Being that I’m psychology major and I’m either having a talk with someone for myself meaning getting advice or giving it to a friend or reading different blogs. I love to learn more, you can never learn enough, don’t let anyone tell you differently.
I have been through a lot with this word and love. I done gave up and close my heart, but I remember that God didn’t give up on me (us). So why should we give up and become cold? A man and woman will let us down, but he wouldn’t. I know to be in a relationship of any kind. Such as marriage, dating, etc. Yes, we going to go through something. Love is patient. I need to learn to have that and I’m pretty sure I’m not the only person out there who doesn’t have it. I have come to conclusion. I don’t have any whatsoever. I got common sense to know when to let go and walk away. Some peoples don’t want help and want to stay in the past. If being betrayed, angry and so far, make you happy then more power to you.

The song I would l like to share today will be song redid by Ruben Studdard and question to go with it. Can a broken heart be healed? As he sings “How can I mend a broken heart”? Something to think about, because I have learned from this song and poem shall be posted shortly.

Not sure if the video will load again, blogging from the phone.

After having trouble trying to reblog my work, and just recopy everything. I decided to go this way. After bringing love lesson/love thought to the blog. I was like why not bring My Love Journey postback, it been a long time and I wouldn’t mind sharing them again and getting feedback.


I blog for many reasons, the love of writing, to inspire and touch someone life. No matter what I'm going through in my life. It's a get away when my SC becomes to much for me to handle. I love to get carry away in MY WORLD! I'm on a JOURNEY to discover myself. God Bless! :)

2 thoughts on “My Love Journey

  1. Excellent blog! I’ve known since I was a child that I was born without two things, patience and a sense of direction. I get lost at the mall but lived here 35 years lol. The journey I went through last year alone with love would make anyone step back and sit down somewhere😂! I just went back to waiting on God cause Lord knows when I put my hands in it, all hell breaks loose!

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    1. Lol, I do know what you mean. I was always told God send you someone when he knows you ready not when we think we ready. So many of us forget to wait on him. Ty for sharing your thoughts. Hoping have part 2 up today. Many Blessings


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