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Storm Coming

Wind blowing
Trees swinging
Trees hollering
To Gods voice.
Rain playing drums on the rooftop
Do you hear the music
Do you feel it
I hear God speaking to me.
Wind blowing
Trees swinging to Gods voice.
Losing control and sending us
A warning
Get ready
Trees hollering
As I rock to his word
Do you feel the melodies
God speaking to you
Storm approaching
Yet you not moving as if you still got time
Wind hollering
Leaves blowing
Limbs breaking and flying around
Do you hear it?


Day 14. Not sure how I feel about it, to be honest. I even rewrote it and change it up more. May share it and let y’all pick which one you like. Do enjoy and let me know.

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how you just swept in and blew us away.

I mean the calendar said September you would


I must say, I wasn’t prepared but truly did enjoy it

I get to pull my long sleeves out

dress up my tank top with a jean jacket

to keep me warm and safe.

My body may not agree with my words,

but I can’t help myself.


you done, did it?

Michael didn’t have anything on you.

Heart goes out to the ones that are suffering.

But Fall,

you brought the windy weather

And turn my world upside down.


Has finally arrive



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You have finally arrived but still

Feeling that summer vibe.

I’m so ready to dress for the occasion even though

my body may prove me wrong.

The way the leaves change from green to red.

To wow us with its arrival.

I’m thinking of boots, different leggings to

even long sleeve shirts.


Are you here?

Do you sense me?

I love when the change of the weather greets me.

It’s like a gift from God

To be blessed to see another season



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Hello World,

I how everyone had a good and bless weekend. I did have a doctor appointment today. Lets just say dis before in get into it all. I hate going see my primary doctor. If you say my appointment is at 1 I expect to be seen at such and such time. I should be seen. I had to wait three hours, yes, you read correctly.  I made appointment to just get referral to be able get my eyes check and get my shoulder check. Which I had to get my headache meds change since the new whatever they done did don’t agree with me. I’m allergic. Other then that I had OK day. I’m enjoying the spring like weather. I hope all is well with your all.  God Bless

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Mini Update


I don’t have a regular post today, due to the weather. we’re under tornado watches and  warnings. I just got news that one of my friends homes got damaged due to storms. I was waiting for tomorrow to do update Post but so it seemed I may have to cancel my doctors appointment. I believe we will still be under the warnings and thunderstorms tomorrow.  Tomorrow is never promise to anyone. So on that note I shall end my post till tomorrow.

I do want to let you all know with any of my post I do love inputs, thoughts, opinions, whatever you all may want call them.

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Good Evening and Welcome to My World… I know it’s been awhile since I posted pretty much anything. I finally got a new primary doctor. Took me two times to finally snap me into reality and change doctors. Only one GOD n let me tell you, he wasn’t it. I had to take extra trip to get put in hospital since he wouldn’t do it. So far as right now, I’m doing much then I was last week. The crazy weather was getting the best of me. One minute hot and next cold. Now it’s just right, I pray it last. Minus the rain. Blood count is holding it’s on for now which is good. I have had my check up with sickle cell doctor and blood doctor and it went well. Has been a month since I been in hospital, so That’s always a plus:) I’m working on getting more insurance because the one I have now, isn’t doing me justices. I’m hoping to visit other bloggers and return slowly but surely. I believe I mention awhile back I have to have surgery on my shoulder. I’m hoping to meet with him soon and once everything set up, I’ll post with you all. I pray all is well with each and everyone of you all. GOD Bless

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God Beauty

The way sun glares on my face,
A loving reminder I’m alive
The Beauty Of God
Feels my heart with so much
The way the wind blows
On my face, such a sweet kiss from God…
God Beauty..
Is a wonderful feeling…
The sound of laughter from True Blessings…
The rain that bless us even…
When we have so many things
To do…
Thank God..
For his loving beauty…
Seem death have call many
Home .
But many have took there place..
As they enter into heaven…
God Beauty..
Do you feel the love of God?
Beautiful weather, as well as..
Woah I thought we left winter…
I’m grateful for his loving
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Living With Sickle Cell Anemia

thumbnailSCDToday isn’t a good day. I’m so not enjoying the weather. Taking one day at a time, is easy said then done, when your body is screaming pain every which way. The E.R did call and check up on me yesterday, asking if I was feeling better then then day before, I told them no. I’m trying hold out to Tuesday, since I see my blood doctor. I don’t know if I can do that right now. My labs may have came back good, but my body is telling me another story, I don’t know what more to say.  I was glad I didn’t have a long wait Friday, only thing I didn’t like is the medicine they gave me. Seems my headaches are getting worse, migraine medicine not working anymore and I don’t want to up my doses to 100. Me and hospital seem to be at Whits in st the time been. My whole left back is either sore. I can’t lay on it, or touch it. I have pain shooting up. And my left arm is doing the most. Sighs… IMA love it when I have a day or even a week with of no pain. I’m on break to Wednesday, so thankful for that Blessing….

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Living With Sickle Cell Anemia

Hello and Welcome to my place, if you new to my JOURNEY, you may not know I just recently got out of the hospital for been in there for about a week! sighs! If you been on my JOURNEY, you all know the routine and thank you all for staying with me for the long ride. I never imagine it would be so bumpy. I have never seen the inside of hospital as much as I have this year. I suppose it’s the first time for everything. Well not just this year, since the year just came in. lol. I have never seen the inside of hospital every month. Usually just once or twice and sometimes none. I truly miss the times I didn’t see inside the hospital. I’m glad I finally got my port, on my last stay, so I don’t have to worry about  getting stuck so much when I do have to visit doctor office as well as the hospital. I’m hard person to stick. Every since I been out the hospital I haven’t been feeling my best. I have been in pain ever since. I find out yesterday I’m actually in the process of having a crisis, but were trying to do everything to prevent it before it get out of hand. I’m happy to let you all know, my blood count is looking good. YAY! I hope it still looks good,when it comes to check up or if I have to return to hospital because for some odd reason I can’t get my pain under control. I must admit did have nice looking doctor yesterday with the prettiest darkest blue eye’s. I’m a sucker for them. Okay you getting to know me a little bit more 🙂  On side note, my little lady has been sick as well with ear infection, she is starting to feel a little bit better. THANK GOD! If it was anything besides ear ache, I couldn’t be around her. She been saying, but I love you. 🙂 Okay back to the point of my post. I haven’t been feeling my best, right now I’m still not feeling the best that I should be feeling. I’m actually in the process of watching a movie with my little lady.  I just hope my blood count stay the same, since it was looking good, but long as I’m hurting that means it got plenty time to betray me. 😦 I’m praying it stay up and going strong. I’m so thankful for the one’s who or still praying for me and holding me in their thoughts. It means a lot to me! I must admit, the day I came home from hospital I did tell the doctor I wanted to come home even if I was in pain, but to be honest, I had started to feel better. The weather has been a little crazy here.

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Missing You

I enjoy you over the pass few days

you brought a smile to my face

and joy to my heart

Oh how I miss you

Today I wish you was here

to embrace me with your


I’m stuck daydreaming

of warm weather

to brighten up my


I’m Missing You


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