Good Evening and Welcome to My World… I know it’s been awhile since I posted pretty much anything. I finally got a new primary doctor. Took me two times to finally snap me into reality and change doctors. Only one GOD n let me tell you, he wasn’t it. I had to take extra trip to get put in hospital since he wouldn’t do it. So far as right now, I’m doing much then I was last week. The crazy weather was getting the best of me. One minute hot and next cold. Now it’s just right, I pray it last. Minus the rain. Blood count is holding it’s on for now which is good. I have had my check up with sickle cell doctor and blood doctor and it went well. Has been a month since I been in hospital, so That’s always a plus:) I’m working on getting more insurance because the one I have now, isn’t doing me justices. I’m hoping to visit other bloggers and return slowly but surely. I believe I mention awhile back I have to have surgery on my shoulder. I’m hoping to meet with him soon and once everything set up, I’ll post with you all. I pray all is well with each and everyone of you all. GOD Bless



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