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Living With Sickle Cell Anemia

Hello and Welcome to my World. Today isn’t a good day. I don’t know if it the weather or the stress. It could be a combination of both. Some days or good and some days are bad. Today is a bad day. We don’t realize the things that send us over the edge. The things that disturb our peace mentally and emotionally. I’m learning to step back and look at what was hurting me. I make Saturday a wash day at my mother’s house. I push myself because I know things have to be done. Right now my back and up to my neck. I hate depending on my meds to help me feel better, I hate hurting even more. I have been doing a lot of resting for the past two days. Taking meds, laying on a heating pad, and of course, taking my meds. Oh, and drinking plenty of fluids and praying. I wish my dad was still here. I always go to him first and ask him to pray for me. I’m going to end the post here and pick up with an update tomorrow. Hope and pray everyone had a good weekend. God Bless

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Living With Sickle Cell Anemia

Hey and welcome to my world. It’s been a while since I wrote anything about my disease. Every since new year came in I have been hurting and dealing with a minor crisis. I have made two e.r visits. The first one I should have stayed but I felt like I was better but let me tell you it was all in my head because I got worse but refuse to go right back. When you been thru hell with medical staff people you choose to go home then being judge from people who don’t know your illness. I ended up going back Sunday and counts had come back up but was still hurting. A different doctor that day and since counts look better they wouldn’t admit me. So I had tough it out at home.

I haven’t seen my sickle cell doc since September and ended up losing my primary doc because she moved back home. Without primary doc, you can’t get in to see a specialist without a referral. So I have been without my meds since November. I must admit I don’t miss taking them, but I know my folic acid is a must have for me. To help me stay healthy. You don’t realize how much you so dependent on meds, like my sleep meds. I haven’t been sleeping lately. I hate the pain meds they have me on, makes me itch and let me tell u I hate scratching. The E.R did a number on me. I have so many fresh scratch marks on me from a week ago. Nope, they haven’t healed yet. I have been taking over counter meds to help with minor pain. I finally find a new primary doc and hope meet her next month. My blood doc got me in to see my sickle cell doc next month on 4, so I’m happy about that. It’s odd how I can see cancer/hematology doc without a referral. So thankful for him. Also get labs and result on the same day. My count has dropped once again. Guess that’s why I been cold so much lately and hurting. Winter is heck on my body. All I want is feel normal without pain, but I wouldn’t wish my illness on anyone. It amazes me how many nurse and docs have compassion and the ones who don’t. Are we allowing frustration of someone we once love to destroy the compassion we have as human beings?

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Living With Sickle Cell Disease

Hey and welcome to my world. As of lately, I haven’t been feeling good. I couldn’t use my right hand to do much of anything. Feeling a little better today. I had to make E.R trip Sunday because I was hurting so bad and right hand is and was swollen. I had to debate with myself if I wanted to go. The crisis started late Saturday night, I knew I didn’t want to go that night and be stuck with a lozy doctor with no bedside manners. I know I shared some of my experience with you all in the past. I was worry I would have the same problem as Sunday rolled around. I finally made up my mind go before it got worse. The wait was prob over an hour it was a busy day. Got triage out the way. I did t like the doctor who name was on my band. He was the same doctor that gave me med I’m an allergy to and can kill me. The doctor never wants to listen to the patient. I got a woman doctor who I had when been admitted on the floor. She now works in E.R. Before go into more information on my experience. I have bn going cold turkey without my pain meds. Haven’t had it since June but did have E.R visit last month. So I made sure let her know that. She wanted to just give me fluids and oxygen see if that helps. Red flag, if I could handle my pain at home I wouldn’t be made E.R visit. So I was in pain for over an hour before got med. Thankful counts were looking oh do good, but at the same time I know just because of counts show good report doesn’t mean anything. She was like what should we do. She caught me off guard with that question. I have never got asked that question from a doctor at that hospital. I was like is she pulling my finger she can’t be serious. She was like we going to give you some meds so you can think about it. She even asks what I take. I’m like yea this got me a joke. But she was serious. I decided to go home because I could go to my sickle cell doctor and pick up my prescription. She gave me a look because she knew I was in pain still. And sometimes I do end up returning back to E.R. she gave me three bags of fluids before she discharged me. Sometimes you have been strong when you don’t want to be. Don’t get me wrong I was getting frustrated because of my pain. I wanted to cry and scream but I know to do all that would make it worse. I did have some good nurses that night. And woman got my port on the first try, when I went last month, they had a hard time. I had request a nurse who never miss doing my port. When you hurting, you don’t want to hurt even more. I did pick up on the doctor I don’t like voice and was glad I didn’t have a deal with him. God is good all the time. I did get a chance to see my favorite doctor who got me last time. I wasn’t on his side and he was like she is good. He always let me know what’s up with nurses and doctors. I can talk to him like a friend. Both hospital visits were not so bad. I have started taking my Endari meds again, so I’m taking that’s helping with my counts. My retic was high. I usually get sick and have been admitted in October. Still not 100 percent. I have post and blog when I’m feeling ok to pick up. My hand is still swollen, it’s going all the way up to my shoulder blade, to be honest. I pray all is well with each and every one of you all who read my post. And thank you for the prayers, I can never have enough. God Bless.

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Day 2-3, Living With Sickle Cell

I’m still in the hospital and in a lot of pain. At one point I truly thought, I was getting better, but that’s negative. I haven’t got much rest to be honest.  I started working on the post yesterday, but my body wasn’t having it. Some days I just felt defeated. I haven’t gone 7 months with no hospital stay in a long time. It’s being awhile since I gotten sick. Honestly, we know our body better than anyone. With all the rain we have been getting, I’m not surprised on the way I been feeling! I’m still trying fight the sleep. You know as a child we hated to go school. I pray who all were affected by Tropical Storm Cindy, made it out with no harm.  My count seems to be playing with me big time. Drop all the way 7.3 and following day it comes up to 7.6. I’m feeling much better than I was, which I’m very thankful for. We a lovely visit from my Lil Lady, she had been texting me saying she misses me. That visit I truly needed to brighten my day.  Thank you all for the prayers , it truly means a lot to me. God is truly good all the time. No matter the situation, good or bad. Going end post here since I’m hurting . God Bless

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Day 3, Living With Sickle Cell Anemia


Hey peeps, welcome to my world! It has being hella hectic for me since weather hasn’t bn good to me.  I was just in hospital last week and got out Sunday, and hello back th’s following week. I’m so ready for Spring! I’m in process of meeting with pain management doctor soon. I see my sickle cell doctor dis week. Haven’t seen him in months, was need to get my crisis under wraps. I’m at the point I need drop my primary doctor a.s.a p. Dont want to stress about it while recovering. I’m Praying I don’t have see inside hospital unless it’s for blood work or surgery. Pray all is well with each and everyone of you all. I got Bless with some good doctors and nurses. Remember I said doctor,  I go to the other hospital that my doctor not connected with..Thank GOD. I’ll end post here so I can get some rest. But before I do, count is up, oxygen strong, so it blood pressure, pulse. GOD is truly good. Lil pain not as bad as it was:)

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Living With Sickle Cell Anemia…

thumbnailSCDI’m so thankful for all the prayers and comments and even the likes, truly touch my heart. I had been sick for over a month,and trying to stay strong while in school, but got to the point I just couldn’t take it anymore. Ended up at the E.R Monday afternoon,let me tell you, that was the longest time I ever had to wait to be seen. If I was in the mood to  write a story on E.R, that would be one of them, with so many lovely and not so lovely stories to share with you all around the world. Lets just say, I didn’t get seen to about 7:30 that night, yep you read correctly and yes I type correctly. I was not a happy person, let me tell you. I got admitted but didn’t get put on the floor to the next morning. I was blessed with kind doctor and lovely nurses, and some cute male nurses if I do say so myself 🙂 I had transfusion, only one unit, which I’m thankful for. My doctor is smart now, he starts ahead of time to look for my blood. Whew, because you know I be still in their waiting, so im home, with the love one’s. I really wasn’t in the mood to post from hospital. I basically just got some rest, because I havent been sleeping since I havent been feeling good. I was my first hospital stay since the new year, so that’s truly a Blessings. If you was with me last year, you know how much that means to me and where I’m coming from. Right now, I’m doing some catch up with my studies, so hopefully soon as I’m caught up or when the term is over I can give blogging some more of my attention. I have read all the comments, just haven’t had time to approve them. I can honestly say my hemoglobin was good before I got put in but my retic count wasn’t because I was in so much pain, it end up dropping and he though I would need 2 units of blood. I know I’m everywhere with this post, sorry about that. I try to do another one real soon to keep you all updated. I do have doctor appointed in a few days, to see how everything going on. I pray all is well with each and every one of you. God Bless 🙂

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Living With Sickle Cell Anemia

Its been awhile since I have blog about my illness, I have actually being doing good since  last week, I was in pain and was trying to handle it so I could take my finals, but ended up going to the E.R Monday. Something told me I wasn’t going to be able to hold out that long, but I was planning on trying and almost made it. The trip to the E.R went good, everything came back good, so I didn’t have to get put in the hospital and that’s always good news to hear 🙂  I actually had made doctor appointment for thursday and had to cancel that appointment since my finals got reschedule for that date.  I ended up seen my doctor the next day and of course put on more meds, I must say I’m starting to hate taking pills. Pills to prevent me from getting sick, pills to help with the pain, so I don’t have to go in the hospital or doctor. I must say I have being to E.R since June so thats good, haven’t being put in the hospital since June as well. I’m praying this good year for me. I need a good year, when it comes to school and my health. I know a lot of you all have been with me through all this, so you all understand where I’m coming from. I have a few days off, I start my new classes next week, and I must say I think I’m ready!  This month is SICKLE CELL AWARENESS MONTH. I actually had good experience this time around, I wonder did I have a good experience with the nurses and doctors, because I haven’t being in for a while. It does makes me wonder. One of the nurses I’m use to was letting me know she’ll be leaving the hospital and taking on another career, something she be doing for over 20 years. She is pretty much the main nurses that know how to access my port, because some nurses just don’t know what they doing. All the good one’s have to leave. WHY? If you know someone, or you yourself have trait or the disease, go out and support the cause. ITS TIME TO GET MORE AWARENESS FOR SICKLE CELL DISEASE.

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Living With Sickle Cell Anemia

Hello and Welcome to my place, if you new to my JOURNEY, you may not know I just recently got out of the hospital for been in there for about a week! sighs! If you been on my JOURNEY, you all know the routine and thank you all for staying with me for the long ride. I never imagine it would be so bumpy. I have never seen the inside of hospital as much as I have this year. I suppose it’s the first time for everything. Well not just this year, since the year just came in. lol. I have never seen the inside of hospital every month. Usually just once or twice and sometimes none. I truly miss the times I didn’t see inside the hospital. I’m glad I finally got my port, on my last stay, so I don’t have to worry about  getting stuck so much when I do have to visit doctor office as well as the hospital. I’m hard person to stick. Every since I been out the hospital I haven’t been feeling my best. I have been in pain ever since. I find out yesterday I’m actually in the process of having a crisis, but were trying to do everything to prevent it before it get out of hand. I’m happy to let you all know, my blood count is looking good. YAY! I hope it still looks good,when it comes to check up or if I have to return to hospital because for some odd reason I can’t get my pain under control. I must admit did have nice looking doctor yesterday with the prettiest darkest blue eye’s. I’m a sucker for them. Okay you getting to know me a little bit more 🙂  On side note, my little lady has been sick as well with ear infection, she is starting to feel a little bit better. THANK GOD! If it was anything besides ear ache, I couldn’t be around her. She been saying, but I love you. 🙂 Okay back to the point of my post. I haven’t been feeling my best, right now I’m still not feeling the best that I should be feeling. I’m actually in the process of watching a movie with my little lady.  I just hope my blood count stay the same, since it was looking good, but long as I’m hurting that means it got plenty time to betray me. 😦 I’m praying it stay up and going strong. I’m so thankful for the one’s who or still praying for me and holding me in their thoughts. It means a lot to me! I must admit, the day I came home from hospital I did tell the doctor I wanted to come home even if I was in pain, but to be honest, I had started to feel better. The weather has been a little crazy here.

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Day 3,Living With Sickle Cell Anemia

Good Morning, Another Day here in the evil place. I might make two post today. I’m not happy to be honest. I can’t eat or drink to I get my port. YAY for the port, boo that I can’t have anything to eat or drink. We have subway here at the hospital so it’s not like I would eat the hospital food. I would love a cup of coffee right now. I had another lovely nurse last night she went and go my sub for me last night. 🙂 I’m still waiting to get my transfusion, I need two units instead of one. I believe they have one right now, but not the other one. Sighs! I’m a little nerves about the port, but I need it, because I don’t know how much more I can take getting stick. I saw my little lady yesterday, she didn’t want to leave me. I was so happy to see her. I told her I would call her and check on her, but I feel bad since I was in so much pain yesterday. I had forgotten to call my little lady. She didn’t want to talk to me today. I can’t blame her. I saw my doctor yesterday. I seem to have to start seen a sickle-cell doctor since I’m having more crisis then every before. Oh yea lucky me I have to add another pill to my collection. Sighs! If you all don’t know I hate taking medication. I can understand take them every now and then when you have pain, but to take them so you wont have pain is another story. Well that all for now, I do hope each and every one of you is having a lovely day.



P.s I’m so thankful for all the prayers and lovely comments, they truly help my day go by. God Bless:)

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Living With Sickle Cell Anemia

Where should I begin, I haven’t been feeling good ever since last week. I had a little trip to E.R they didn’t keep me because well my count wasn’t low enough! Go figure right? Shrugs!  I started feeling better, but you know the saying calm before the storm right? Early Sunday Morning, it hit me hard and like a ton of bricks. I felt it in my legs,arms,back,etc. I smile when I wanted to cry, took plenty hot showers and bath just to feel a little relief. I had forgotten about bengay, it came to me in dream last night. I’m trying to hold out going back to hospital because of school, semester ends tomorrow. I have to be honest, I haven’t done any homework, every time I tried the pain go bad, sounds bad or like I have excuse not to finish my homework. I’m so ashamed, but if you ever felt bad you know exactly what I’m talking about. I’m so thankful for all the prayers and encouraging words, truly have touch me. I have one of the worse headaches, i don’t know how long I done had it. I’m just glad my back isn’t hurting, because it was painful to move or get up once I did sit down. I could go on and on with this post, but I do have to tempt to get some more homework done, but I do know for a fact if I’m not feeling better in the morning, I’ll be at the hospital dreading it all!  I must admit this is the worst I have felt since going into crisis and sharing with you all lovely people. I believe when I got introduce to the ideal of blogging about my illness,I was just starting out really to blogging here. It was bad then, and it’s not pretty now. So on that note, I hope everyone is having a lovely and bless night! God Bless 🙂