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Me Praying God this man doesn’t make a fool of me.
Asking God spare my heart just in case
Telling my future self love is worthy
I’m more than enough
Encouraging my sister’s self-love the way to go.
Never losing ourself to someone who never saw our worth.
Taking time see what’s right in front of us.



I know still have an update to do, but got encourage to write short poem. Do enjoy and God Bless

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To be healed

I had to wait for my heart to heal.
I had to forgive myself
I had to learn to love me again
I never realize the hell you took me
I couldn’t look at myself in the mirror.
I hated everything you took me through
I had to wait for my heart to heal
Boy you broke me
You destroy everything I was.
I had to learn to love me again
I had to have chat with myself
Teach myself you are worthy
I had to show myself
Who I was
That I was worthy
To be love
You showed me how strong I could be
Once reality kicked in.
I saw me returning to the strong woman
I once was.
I just had to wait
I had to learn to forgive myself
I just had to wait
To my heart heal
And I felt my worth
It was amazing
To know my worth
To be loved
The way I loved you.
It’s an amazing feeling
To be healed


~PJ~Day 27. Feels good to express myself more and more after not writing for almost 2yrs. Do enjoy God Bless

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My Love Journey Thoughts..


When dealing with love on my journey and coming across someone who tend to want to use you for all the good you worth. Some times it seems were the light that they need to survive, to get them out there hell  hole. Is love taking all the hell they put you through just to show them. I love you, I’m here for you. I ask myself dis question constantly, because it seem like I may have something prove. Do we stay because we gave them our word that we wouldn’t  hurt them. Some even play on our guilty conscious when we fed up and ready to walk. The control a user can have is banana’s.

I decided to add thoughts towards the end of it so I won’t get confused.  When I’m feeling much better.. hoping start the other My Love Journey post again. Till next time. God Bless

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Child Of God

Down on my knees crying out

Lord knows I felt like

it was the end of the


with broken heart

He told me to get up

and wipe my tears


My love isn’t worthy

I’m not ready for Love

Please don’t cry


I never thought it would

get this far

Im not worthy of you

You have a heart of GOLD

and you deserve so much


Everytime I look into your


I see the Worth of you

and I regret all the lies

I told you


Don’t cry

I’m not worth your tears

please dry your face and take heed

to the words coming from my


I’m sorry but you deserve

so much more than me

I came into this relationship

base on lies, only looking

for one thing

But I saw the real you,

and I knew you were protected

Stop right there

don’t cry

Dry your tears and listen

You don’t deserve to be

treated like your nothing

Your more than I can give you

Your A Child Of God



 Thank Gabby & Everyone for helping me choose the title I have above! truly meant to a lot to me that so many have  help! God Bless 🙂 Registered & Protected