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Welcome to my world, I know it bn awhile since I wrote or had the courage to type. I have bn going thru a lot with my illness and dealing with idiot doctors  I’m glad it’s finally finna be some warm weather we’re I’m at.  I’m having more trouble with my shoulder so I have voice or either wait to I’m feeling upto typing.  I also bn thinking what to do about my blog since I have bn abandoning it lately. I supposed I could do a post just talking to you all once a week about my week about what’s going on with me on my side of the world. I pray everyone had a good valentines day with there loves. I don’t do valentines,  I see that as a every day thing,  not just one time thing. But hey that’s just me. As I mention early in post about idiot doctors,  seem to be having trouble when I go to er . I have do farther off, and that’s foolishness to me. Last weekend I suffer to Tuesday.  Honestly I didn’t have the strength to temp move and be bother with people. I tend to have attitude when I’m hurting. Some say mean as a snake. I was glad know my counts went up a little after starting my meds I hate. I had went see sickle cell doctor back in December and they up my hydrea that I help, supposed help less my crisis but also makes me throw up and not want to drink water. I have to drink water, that’s  a must for me. I was throwing up blood and I had stop it and go back to the other one till I see doc next week. Ill end post till Wednesday,  hope all is well with each and everyone of you all. God Bless

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Be Mine

Here is my heart…

take your pick…

 and give it a taste..



Today is February 14

and my heart is in so many flavors..

This is the day..

you can have my heart..

as many time as you like..

Because I’m giving it away…

with special messages..



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I know I mention I receive good news yesterday 🙂 The good news was I went home, so I spent the rest of the day with my family. I was so glad to see my little lady , her little face lit up. She was so upset about leaving school that she was crying, she stop when she saw me. It truly made my day coming home, I must admit. I told the doctor I was ready to go home either way if I was hurting or not. Let me tell I meant it. A week in the hospital was long enough for me. I must admit I did have cute doctor, the man I saw the first night I was put in. I was excited to hear my blood count went up a little bit more. Thank God. It didn’t get check the night before, and I was off the fluid the day before for four hours, so who knows it might have made a difference. I must admit I did have a good Valentine, going home and being with the one’s I love. Nothing is better than that. In my book that the perfect Valentine. 🙂 For the first time since I have been in hospital I haven’t really been in the mood to post or comment through my ordeal. I must admit it has been one of my not so good experience in a long time. That truly says a lot. I’m not going to bore you with long story, I know you all getting tired of reading about my experience in the hospital. SO I leave it as that. Thank you all for your encouraging words and prayers, truly meant/means a lot to me. Kept me going! God Bless 🙂