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Good Morning and Welcome back to my world. Finally made it to my sickle cell doctor and must say glad be back on some of my meds. So far my sleep is blah. I done got out of bed, so many times. Either use restroom or something to drink. I done fold clothes up, played a few games on my phone. Why Am I Up? I need sleep, like right now. Guess I took my sleep meds late and body is like oh no we ain’t with that. Sighs. Tossing and turning and dealing with pain.

As some of yall may know if you been with me for a while. My dad has cancer. Well, he had to have surgery back in November because one wasn’t shrinking. It was getting bigger. The surgery went well. Thank God. He went for a scan last week to see how the others are doing since starting treatment again. They shrinking but two of them. The doctor wants to go in and remove them. My dad was like like let me think about it. In other words, pray about it and talk to the wife about it. You know God is good all the time. No matter what you going through. I can’t imagine not having my dad. When we find out a few years ago. It was shocking. We could have lost him. I thank God for that doctor appointment after Christmas. His counts were low. We knew something was wrong, but never in million years, we think it was cancer. We had to literally tell him to go to the hospital. He needed blood because he was losing it, and to see what was going on. His primary was like it maybe its cancer or an ulcer.

My nephew just celebrated his 9 birthday these past weekend. They grow up so fast. Where has the time gone? He celebrated his bday at the bowling alley. Second year in a row. No bowling, he chooses the arcade and lazor tag.

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Surgery Update Pt.3

Hey Everyone, I’m a few days late with the post, been trying finish term out. Sad that I have retake one of my classes, and I’m glad I have to do it. Because that class was so over my my doctor appointment went good. No damage was done from a few weeks ago, which I’m happy about 🙂 I did get approve for more physical therapy. It has been two months since my surgery, that was actually on Saturday on my dad birthday. Tuesday I was a little worry because I woke up with my hip hurting me, it was because of the weather. It was the first time since the surgery since I had pain like that. Im just glad everything is going good with my healing process,still having problems sleeping at night. I don’t go back to him to August, which is good in my book. Thank you all for all the prayers thru my hard times and good times.

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Physical Therapy

Week Four since surgery and yesterday mark a month and recovery seem to be going lovely for me:) no more accidents! I’m been very careful! Taking it careful or one day at a time, I’m starting to hate that saying. I never realize the little things I take for granted to you can’t do on your own! Sighs. Physical therapy is going good, can you believe it I actually look forward to it! So by the time I get home I can crash! Lol I need some other ways to get calcium in me, I don’t drink milk! Right now I’m doing yogurt! I don’t want add more poison to my collection of pills if you was wondering what I call poison. Still working on bending my knee when I walk. Ima get it! School has become struggle for me right now! I never thought it could be possible. Thanks for all the prayers, likes, truly means a lot. Sending prayers out for each and everyone of you all. God Bless

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Physical therapy

Week three since of Monday just pass. Yay! As you all may know for the ones who read my late post last week, of my accident! Doesn’t look like I damage anything, which I’m very thankful of! I was very worry… thank you all for the prayers. I so don’t like this season or the next. I’m more concern with my sickle cell while recoverying. Having trouble doing squats. You never realize the lil things to you can’t do them anymore. I know its temporary thing for now. I’m pushing myself every week! And trust I crash out everytime I get home. Me and bed have such good relationship during the day then night.  We working on bending my knee while walking, I think in back of my mind I’m scared ima fall. I still be happy with X-ray in a month. I have truly learn lesson to not do much and even tho not crazy about walker its not the enemy, it can prevent harm while recoverying… God Blessed till next time

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Surgery Update Pt.2

Today l had my first doctor appointment since my surgery. It went good and was so glad to get the staples out and didn’t hurt.I was worry for nothing. Had a lot of people telling me everything would be okay. I need physical therapy for awhile. Can’t wait to see how everything goes when I return in six weeks. I’m praying for a smooth rest of the year with my health! The X-ray came out good, and showed everything going smoothly 🙂 God is Good!

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Physical Therapy

Today was my second day, and let me tell you my body tired! I’m so ready to get back to been able to bend my knee. I haven’t got much sleep in the last two nights, so I’m praying tonight I get some. My first day at therapy did a number on me and I couldn’t sleep at all that night. Hurted so bad it felt like I was hit with ton on bricks. Tomorrow is the day I get staples out and let me tell you I’m scared its going hurt. Nope, I don’t like pain. My crisis I can tolerate enough to I can’t walk. Didn’t mean make the post so long, so on that note! I’m thankful for everyone who have join my journey and prayed for me! Truly means a lot to me! Thank for all the likes and comments as well! God Bless:)

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Why have you abandon me?
twisting and turning
Pain shoot thru me
Leave me wishing
For a pain free night
So I can sleep
Fluff my
Move to foot
Of the bed
To see if it
No justices
Take meds
Leave me weary
Where have you
No nap?
Went smoothly
Sleep deprived
Oh how I need
Please return

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Physical Therapy

Today I had my first appointment at the rehab place. I must say she work me today, I didn’t feel it, to I got home and tried to get comfortable. I did the basic physical therapy while in hospital, but hell the work I did today has nothing on it. I’m hoping by next week, I’ll be back to posting my regular post especially updating ya’ll on the healing process. I believe that’s all I have to share with y’all for now. Like thank each and everyone of y’all for the prayers, comments, and likes. Truly means a lot to me. Do bare with me on approving and commenting. I do read them all. I pray all is well with each and everyone of you all. God Bless

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Surgery Update

Hello Everyone,

So thankful for all the prayers and comments truly touch my heart! I’m home, actually came home yesterday! It wasn’t as bad as I thought, my God knew I could handle it all! I read the comments but couldn’t respond and.still can’t!  Everyone saying I’m doing good on the walking! It maybe with walker for now! But to hear nurses say how good I am when other people are struggling that been using them longer then me. I had a good team working with me. I had a little rough time! Fever after surgery, they couldn’t find out where it was coming from. My blood count held its own before and after surgery! Then well it fell and came back up and did it all over again. I had a great group of nurses on my team as well! Some I felt probably in wrong career because she just forgot a lot of stuff! Lol Talk about that another time! Time for me to crash, hope.share more soon.God Bless

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Surgery Day

Good Morning, early post because I know I wont be able to do it later! Today is my surgery and its at 7:30 in this morning and I have be there at 6:00! And will leaving out at 4:30! Its in another county! I have slight headache, I didn’t eat because well I couldn’t!  No food or drink after midnight! I have put it all in God hands! If y’all wondering I’m having hip replacement surgery due to my sickle cell! 6-8 weeks recovery! Therapy is going whoop my butt! Lol! I’m thankful for the prayers and likes. I make sure to update once I got strength to do short post! Hope all is well! God Bless

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