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Another Update!!!!

Hello and Welcome to my world once again. It’s been a while and a lot has been going on. I don’t know where to start but I have been in and out of hospital almost every week. They weren’t listening to me. But I believe I’m on the right track now. I do have a check-up coming on in a few days. I truly had some good doctors that took the time to listen to me. Listen so good they made sure I was seen this week. It’s a blessing when God put the right people in your care. This month has been rough for me. I know for a fact, I’m not ready to stop living. So it’s time to fight.

Sickle Cell Update…

I have been having trouble with my heart rate getting high for no reason. Then my blood pressure got high as heck. 175/100. I was going thru it, to be honest. I wasn’t stressed The only time I would stress is if certain people would call with nonsense about stuff I can’t do anything about it because I’m sick. It’s crazy how they want to bother you when you are down? Anyways my counts ended up dropping and had to have blood. Just thankful it didn’t take me long like a month or two ago when dropping to 5.4. God knows how to slow you down. I truly have lost my way. My faith has been shaken. I’m working on finding myself again. Meaning spiritual and emotional and physical. I’m ready to start living again. I know the last visit I had started blogging and sharing more. But it was hard to focus thru pain and meds so gave up. I may share them still but as of now not sure about them. Going to cut the post here because tomorrow is doctor appointment and hoping to share more. I pray everyone us well and safe. God Bless

Please forgive me for the visits. Let me get myself together and I catch up soon.

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Hello World,
It’s bn few days, bn taking things and life slow. As I mention in last post. We find out my dad has cancer. All I know is it serious and I’m not sure just how. I believe and know God has the last say so. I had check up today and counts have drop from 8.8 to 7.5. Doc believe need unit, but I’m not trying have that right now. I bn dealing with headaches and pain lately. I knew it was something but just figure it was the weather. Last time i went er, they did nothing and I was running fever and coughing and whatnot, but since everything looks fine to them sent me home. Smh. I hate when people don’t so they job and think just cause counts fine nothing wrong. Well obvious they was wrong and probably my stressing didn’t help. The kids went back to school yesterday. So that a plus, we can rest and do more when they away learning.. lol.. omg 2 was and some days with them off. I.must say thankful I’m not parent. I know my blogging hasn’t bn consistent in awhile. But more then ever I need be writing clear my head. I need get back in school and finish my degree. My plan for the summer if I live see it.i hope you all rights well and enjoyed the New Year. I read comments and even some post, but bare with me. GOD Bless

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New Year  (2017)

Good Morning World,
I pray all is well and that we all made it in the New Year. God is truly good all the time.. I may not be feeling my best, but thankful see another day/year. It’s raining where I’m at. Love rain long as I’m not in it and that it don’t interfere with my sickle cell. I hoping to make 2017 better year than the last. Only God knows what we can handle and what we can’t. Idk after receiving some bad news my body is preparing me for big crisis. You don’t expect your love one received bad news that they have cancer. You think they unstoppable. My dad  (man of God) as yell know I’m PK. Was sick for few months, after Christmas he finally went doc to receive some news we wasn’t expecting. .ulcer or cancer and his labs was lower then mine for the first time in my life.. he needed to be in hospital receive blood.. my God we could’ve lost him.his counts was 4, and he was still thinking about going work.. me and my brothers and mom talk him into going hospital. Tests was done, he got blood soon as he hit floor. So thankful for people who give blood save so many people lives. He came home yesterday. I had wait till he made it home find out what’s going on. Worrying doesn’t do well with sickle cell person.. colon cancer we don’t know how serious till tuesday. I heard it spread more before leaving hospital.. I want scream, cry but hell that’s not going make it go away. I’ll have finish post another time. I pray yell r doing good. Remember tell your love ones you love them. You never know. GOD Bless 

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I know it’s been awhile since I post. I bn going thru it dis summer.. some times I feel like I should give up, but my sense come back and reminds me. I’m here for a reason. God has last so even when we begging to be taking away. I got out Sunday and I’m pain again . I feel like my cold dawn got worse. Voice almost gone. I know when I left counts wasn’t the best, but I was ready.. if I known I wasn’t ready probably stay little longer.  Almost sickle cell awareness month, we have the bold lips for awareness.. wear your boldest lipstick and take pic and use hash tags. A few weeks when i got out,  had get my scripts . The woman behind counter ask me what sickle cell is, hate say I don’t like talking about it. I got get out of that mind frame n spread word. We lost another warrior a few nights ago. One day it’s going be me. I want to touch so many lives and do so much before I leave. I ask myself am I really living, part of me says I’m not. I’m hurting myself. I bn battling with my faith, illness.. I know God got me, no matter what. It just get so tiring when all u go thru is repeating itself.. hope that make sense, half asleep.. I pray all is well with each and everyone. God bless

Thank for riding with me…

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Day 5-8, Living With Sickle Cell Anemia

thumbnailSCDHello Everyone, This has been one long week. I don’t believe I have been this sick in a long time. I havent been in the mood to blog are do much of anything. I actually started back with my studies Wednesday and havent even tempted to do any of it. I’m hoping to do some of it. I actually made calls yesterday to let them know whats going on, with me. I don’t want to be drop from my classes. I didn’t get transfusion because it’s not in my best interest, but part of me wish I had got it. I’m so weak. My blood count is still low but still holding its low. I’m 5.8 so it’s coming up a lil. So that good 🙂 I got off the fluids yesterday, which im very happy about, I got tired of going to the bathroom so much. I still have my port hook up since I still have to get pain meds, since Im still hurting. Yesterday they actually lost someone on my floor she was 100yrs ole. She was blessed to live to see such a bless age. My nurse took it hard, and I can truly understand where she was coming from. Thank you all for the prayers and comments, and do bare with me. I havent had the chance to approve comments. Even the likes means a lot to me 🙂 Im hoping to go home today are tomorrow. It maybe tomorrow because im not feeling my  best today, and I want to be at my best when I head home. I did get a chance to talk to my lil lady and she ready for me to come home to her. And im ready to come home to her as well. I told her to be good, so I hope she does, but that easy said then done.   I have had some great group of nurses, doctor. Cant really say doctors, because I only been seen one doctor. I have to make a post about that another time, right now I feel like laying back down and getting some more rest. I pray everyone is having a Bless Friday.

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Day 8, Living With Sickle Cell Anemia

I believe I start this post with some good news before I start it with negative news for my dear followers. I got the good news to come home today. I find out just how sick I truly was. I knew I was sick when I find out about my blood count was 6.9 then drop to 6 the same night. I find out had fluid in my lungs and that I had touch of pneumonia. I’m still not happy about my blood count, not as high as I would like it to be, but I’m praying it be just fine before my check ups in a few weeks. I think its in a few weeks. So much on my mind. Everythingelse look good, so it was good for me to go home. Blood count was going up, it was 7.8, and I was praying and hoping it would be 8. something, but it ended up dropping to 7.6. My doctor had the weekend off, but find out Monday that he was looking over my chart and x-ray from home. Now that a man that’s dedicated to his job and patients. I wasn’t crazy about the doctor that step in for him over the weekend, he didn’t say much like my doctor does. He explains everything.  I don’t want to make this post long.  I wonder since I got so sick so soon, that much mean the month of MAY is going to be good month. I say good month because its my BIRTHDAY! A few years I be tapping 30! WOW! Is all I can say.I’m so touch and thankful for all my followers that have been with me for the long run and the new one’s I have met on the way. I haven’t forgotten about you all, it’s just my health and school has been keeping me busy and haven’t got the chance to visit and comment like I would love.  You all have been a BLESSING to me on MY JOURNEY! I do hope all is well with each and every one of you! Sending many BLESSINGS TO EACH AND EVERYONE OF YOU! God Bless 🙂




I have slip on been more of ADVOCATE for my illness, I hope soon as I get done with this semester I be better at bringing more awareness to Sickle Cell Anemia!

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Day 3, Living With Sickle Cell Anemia

Hello and welcome to another day with me in the hospital. Still waiting to get the confirmation about the blood tranfusion. I didn’t get much sleep lastnight, because they kept going and leaving out of here. My blood count has drop some more over the night. As of right now, I need two units of blood instead of one. Just got a visit from my blood doctor and it seems I will be rocking oxygen to help with the pain. I have been bless with some mre nice nurses today as well as lastnight. I’m so touch and thankful for all of y’all kind words and prayers, it does mean a lot to me. I shall keep you all updated as much as possible, I’ll be getting two units of blood for sure now. So I have to wait to both of them are here, so I an get them all in same day. I’m so happy SPRING is here, and I get to miss it all because I;m sick… :(, but I’m Alive, so I can’t complain. It could be so much worser then what it is right now. I do hope all is well with each and everyone of you.

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Living with Sickle Cell Anemia

I must say I haven’t been doing good for a while, but I have been pushing it to the side and praying that it pass. Guess stress really do know how to get to me and my weary body. If you didn’t know the cold doesn’t do my body justices whatsoever. I couldn’t imagine living in a state that’s colder than Alabama. You probably thinking it don’t get cold here, maybe you right. But since I’m not fond of cold I can’t agree with you. I actually wrote a poem, that I will share.

Pain you have return

I’m praying you leave me

I’m hoping GOD hears my


I done stress myself

before classes started

I done lost a love one

and mourn to my

chest tighting up

Pain you need to go

I’m praying for pain

free month

Headaches please vanish

You making it hard to

concentrate with my studies

Back pain…

Not today. tomorrow

or this month


please go away

I have cried enough

I choke back tears


Thank You

sometimes that’s all I can say

Pain leave my body



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As you can see this hasn’t been good month for me yet, But I’m Bless to be alive even if I’m in pain. God Is Good. God Bless 🙂 HOpe Everyone Is Having A Pain Free Day!

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Day 1, Living with Sickle Cell Anemia

Last week of classes and Im sick and in hospital. I have to get two unit of blood!  Yay me! Not! I came in early this morning, woke up feeling bad. So im stuck in bed literally! Thats a first for me. Oh how I hate being down and weary in my body! Im praying I be home soon so I can enjoy my few weeks off from school! Thank you all that bn praying! God Bless

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Living with Sickle Cell Anemia

Today isn’t good day. I have pretty much being in bed all day. The weather has finally got to me and I’m battling with myself. I’m praying it shall pass because I’m already stressing with school and it’s over week after next. Telling myself I can’t get sick, just to keep myself going. Right now I’m love my bed but hating at the same time since I have so much to do and going on right now in my life. I have to tell myself I can’t get sick or just wait to I’m done with my classes. I wish it work that way. I had good weekend we took the little ones to the park, probably shouldn’t stayed out in the windy weather. It was so beautiful Saturday and to see my love’s enjoying they self. I shall post pictures up later or once I’m feeling better. I must say they wanted to play instead of taking pictures for auntie. I just spoil them about hour ago with some candy since we don’t really celebrate Halloween. Just to see they little face lights up makes me feel good. I can honestly say I missing the days with no pain right now. I stay in bed longer then usually. I have to give myself pep talk before I can start my day. I actually wrote a poem and once I’m feeling well. I shall post it. Believe I’m going to call it a night or either lay down since I finally took something to ease my pain. I hope everyone is having a Bless Night! God Bless 


p.s Thank You Nightshade130 for your encouragment, you truly A Blessing. More to come. God Bless You