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Another short update!!!

Hello and welcome to my world. It’s crazy and it seems that all I have been doing lately is updating y’all on my life. I’m trying to do better. Sometimes life gets hectic and we forget certain things. I have my moment I want to shut down. I have been told I need to start writing again. I believe it’s the hurt and anger in me that’s destroying who I was. I’m a time bomb ready blow. Why not just share my thoughts and journey with y’all. I was told who knows who I may touch. You don’t realize who affects you till you hit hard there not here anymore. I have written here and there. Break down every time. Idk how to do this journey anymore. So bare with me while I walk this journey. Some days or rough days aren’t good. I even started back walking again and it’s been helping me. I didn’t realize how much I needed it. I did go back to keto to help keep me healthy and out of the hospital. My doctor’s appointment went very well. My blood pressure was good and so was my heart rate. And let me tell you, your girl took the stairs, I don’t do elevators long as I can prevent it. Well, pray everyone is well and bless. God is good all the time. Bless

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Update(doctor appointment)

      Good Afternoon World,

 What a day, had wait an hour to be seen. That’s one of the reason I hate doctors offices, you hardly ever seen when you suppose to be seen. But honestly I can understand when you go to oncology/hematology doctor. They see so many patients, many cancer patients on top of what I have. I know some maybe getting bad news and some maybe getting good news. My heart goes out to the one’s who receiving devastating news. Today was sorta good day. My counts were 8.3 and 24. I haven’t been that high in a while. It might be from the meds that suppose to help me have less crisis, but I can’t handle them headaches with the pills. I just have to stick with my Folic Acid.  Besides I have been cutting back on a lot of things. So whose say I truly need that meds. I hate reading story of woman losing they hair to the meds.  Some even had to shave they head and go natural. Me on the other hand I’m already natural and I would hate to have to start over again on my journey. I must admit I love my doctor. I love how he talks about God and come in with good attitude. When you find a good doctor, you know you in good hands. If only he was still in the state of Alabama and not Florida.  It’s cool day here, but nice breeze and weathers. I love it. Not to hot and not to cold. I didn’t get chance see the sun till about around 1. It was gloomy all day. I must admit I might some nice people while waiting. I’m usually jamming and not paying attention to my surrounding,  but t.v no music in ears. Did have a good boom read but still had chance talk different one’s. I believe out of all them was older woman. I’m hoping she got good news, she came out in good spirits, telling different one ‘s bye and speak to them later.  Before she left she said God Bless sweetie and I said it back.  Her strength showed through her character. Well going end post here. I pray you all are well. God Bless

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Hello World,

I how everyone had a good and bless weekend. I did have a doctor appointment today. Lets just say dis before in get into it all. I hate going see my primary doctor. If you say my appointment is at 1 I expect to be seen at such and such time. I should be seen. I had to wait three hours, yes, you read correctly.  I made appointment to just get referral to be able get my eyes check and get my shoulder check. Which I had to get my headache meds change since the new whatever they done did don’t agree with me. I’m allergic. Other then that I had OK day. I’m enjoying the spring like weather. I hope all is well with your all.  God Bless

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Hello World,

Another wonderful day to be alive. Last night was rough due to the weather,  not much damage my way.  I can’t say the same for my neighboring states in the south. Some lost love ones and some lost everything they have. I’m sitting at doctor office waiting to get labs done, so not feeling my best. Let see what my counts tell me. I like coming see him, I get hear how everything looks.  Since im having problems with my shoulder, im not letting them touch my arm to draw labs from. Thankful i have port and itll be first time for them. YIKES! Im working on stressing less over stuff in my life I have no control over. I’m a work in progress. Just left the doctor office, things didnt go as plan with my port it would give the lovely lady back blood. So I had to suck it up and well you know the rest.  My counts holding its own, not its best, but not its worse. I dont belive  he did retic count.  Hopefully my counts can hold to i can see my primary doctor next week. Yes, working on looking for a new one. Thats a post for another time. With all the meds im on, trying break it down see what im allergic to exactly;(. I pray all is well with each and everyone of you all. God Bless

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thumbnailSCDHey World,


Its been awhile since I been able to post and just enjoy blogging.  So since September come in, I have been loving the fact its my month to bring awareness about sickle cell. I’m on Facebook a lot and in many groups dealing with my illness. Seems so many our the warriors have died. I had got to the point of why am I fighting when we get treated so poorly when we go to er. That be another post for another time. I hope to share some stuff through the month about some of the things  and so many other go through.  My doctor appoint on Tuesday went very well, my blood count is highest it ever been. I haven’t been transfuse since early June. Don’t even get me started on that hospital stay and how many times it took before they took me serious about my pain. Even though counts r good, can’t say the same about my headaches, they have got worse. Lets just say I’m taking more meds to get them in check. I’m trying to stay on top of them and not get ct scan. It could mean many things. Another post later down the road. I had eye appoint  last month, it went so so. they have to stay on top of them. I’m on eye drops  and have to wear glasses. I’m nearsighted big time Sorry to make the post so long, but its been awhile since I posted and wanted to do mini update.



I’m hoping to visit many blogs over the weekend.

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Hello and Welcome to my world. I got out of hospital the day before the 4th. Blood count had drop 6.5, but I wanted to be home. I’m off my steroids. I had stop taking them before I was cleared. But got the lovely news while in hospital. Had good nurses and my doctor wanted to be on his P’s and Q’s. Surprise me cause I was ready to get rid of him. I’m doing better then I was…Headaches are giving me hell. But I’m pushing on each and everyday. At the moment me and bro staying at parents house, we currently having plumbing problems. I’m missing my peace and quietness. I had update doctor appointment, since been out of hospital. It went good, blood count went up tremendously:) I just wanted fill you in what’s been going on since I been quiet. As of right now I’m not feeling my best and don’t know what’s going on. I’m trying to see how long I can stay out of hospital. Please do keep me in your prayers. Many Blessing:)

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Surgery Update Pt.3

Hey Everyone, I’m a few days late with the post, been trying finish term out. Sad that I have retake one of my classes, and I’m glad I have to do it. Because that class was so over my my doctor appointment went good. No damage was done from a few weeks ago, which I’m happy about 🙂 I did get approve for more physical therapy. It has been two months since my surgery, that was actually on Saturday on my dad birthday. Tuesday I was a little worry because I woke up with my hip hurting me, it was because of the weather. It was the first time since the surgery since I had pain like that. Im just glad everything is going good with my healing process,still having problems sleeping at night. I don’t go back to him to August, which is good in my book. Thank you all for all the prayers thru my hard times and good times.

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Update ( doctor appointment)

I’m still not feeling my best, but as of right now waiting on my blood work, so we can get things moving. My doctor appointment with primary doctor went very well to extent, I was glad to get off some medicine. And also got new poison to help me as we’ll. My headaches are getting worse, so we had to do something to help the process. I have been putting off doing update post for awhile, but with my hectic school schedule and days I’m not at my best, I wanted to share what I can. I know last year was worse then this year, the last two sickle cell episode took me back when I was younger and wouldn’t go to hospital. I haven’t had pain like that in long time, bring tears to my eyes, and no matter what they medicate me with me it wouldn’t work. I know I shared a post awhile back, I’m not been able to get transfuse, cause of warm antibiotics. I pray if it got lower then 5, they would transfuse even if it didn’t do much. Yes, I really had no reason to share post last time i was hospitalize since I know its a give or take, but I know God got me even when the doctors wanting to give me blood and I kept denied it. My blood count came up fast this time in the 8″s. I’m praying when I see my blood doctor next week it still be decent enough. I’m not going give up, I do get discourage at times, but im Bless with so many loving souls. God truly knew what he was doing when he created me , and when he place me here on WordPress to share my story. Thank you all for joining me and praying. I hope to have more share next week. God Bless 😉

No matter what you going through, never give up! Continue to fight and hold on to God hands!

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Doctor Appointment (update)

I had doctor appointment on Wednesday since I got since I got some lab work done!  I must say that I’m thankful for the prayers because I receive some good news back! Only one thing was low,but so what long as it wasn’t a 21, that’s when they and I have to worry! I believe I do the most worrying! I actually did some Tuesday when the nurse took to long! Makes you wonder what I have port for if they move slow as tropical Issac that’s coming my way may be! I provably should had said coming to U. S right? I can’t tell you what’s more stressful doctor visits or math problems?  I hate math as much as the doctor office!  Lol! Oh yea back to the nurse taking her time, you would think hospitals have ton of them that know how to access port right?  NO! WELL enough on my update, be on the lookout in a few weeks! I so wish I had twin to step in my place, I hate needles, any takers? Just playing I’m just thankful for who all go out and give blood for me and so many others in need! God Bless & Goodnight!

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Living With Sickle Cell Anemia

The month almost over and I must admit I’m excited. If you have been on my JOURNEY since the year came in! I have been in hospital every month since September! God has heard my prayer for the month of MAY to be good for me! 🙂 I haven’t been feeling my best, but hey I’m not in hospital bed hook up to machine. I actually had doctor appointment today, it went good. I have to go out and get some blood work done, so I can see how good it really went 🙂 I was supposed to get some lab done on my birthday, but it seem they thought they was finna stick me instead of using my port! I don’t think so. Last time I got stuck to get blood lets just say I didn’t enjoy the pain of getting stuck! The nurse had the nerve to move the needle around in me, because well the blood had mind of its own! lol! Back to monday they nurse never came and it started raining hail and whatnot. I was like I’ll come back because I wanted to get home. Once I get my labs back, I’ll let you all know how it went. I know I have been quiet a little this month, havent been feeling my best but just praying that it didn’t send me to evil place (hospital). I had a few visit before the month came in, lets just say my patience with ignorant doctors, have run dry. Seem the ER keep getting more ignorant one’s than intelligent one’s. I don’t know!  My blood count has been holding its on like around 7.5 or 7.6. I would love for anything higher if you know like I know, but always please it’s not 6.


I have some good news, I finally start seen the Sickle Cell specialist next month. I will keep you all updated about how it goes. I’m so thankful for all the prayers you all have rolling in for me, it truly means a lot to me. Go truly Bless me with some good friends! I do hope all is well with each and every one of you!