Doctor Appointment (update)

I had doctor appointment on Wednesday since I got since I got some lab work done!  I must say that I’m thankful for the prayers because I receive some good news back! Only one thing was low,but so what long as it wasn’t a 21, that’s when they and I have to worry! I believe I do the most worrying! I actually did some Tuesday when the nurse took to long! Makes you wonder what I have port for if they move slow as tropical Issac that’s coming my way may be! I provably should had said coming to U. S right? I can’t tell you what’s more stressful doctor visits or math problems?  I hate math as much as the doctor office!  Lol! Oh yea back to the nurse taking her time, you would think hospitals have ton of them that know how to access port right?  NO! WELL enough on my update, be on the lookout in a few weeks! I so wish I had twin to step in my place, I hate needles, any takers? Just playing I’m just thankful for who all go out and give blood for me and so many others in need! God Bless & Goodnight!

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