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Love Thought


How can you be still in a relationship when you have so much resentment towards your partner? What happened to just leave and started over when time right? I know some of us hate the starting over the process. You have learned another person again, tell them your life story and blah blah blah. We become worried and concern when others may not except us like the one we been with for years. Do we stay just stay? Do we make it work? What do we do when someone else may come in not even knowing they woke something up inside of you that you haven’t felt in a long time. It could be just a conversation, the way they carry there self. I like to know whats y’all thought on the topic?

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Word Of Wisdom

Words do hurt, but the most painful words are the ones you said or didn’t say about yourself. I challenge you to have a conversation with your future today and declare… I’M STILL COMING!!  #SayIT #StillComing
Good Afternoon, God truly good and I pray who read this message touch somebody heart/soul. God Bless

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Does love sound like a conversation starter

When it comes to love, do we truly take in consideration if we both ready? Should we talk among ourselves see where we’re each both stand with one another? Love is truly a conversation starter. How do you all feel about it,? Do you just go into love without having talked about it? Hell, that’s like going into relationship blind? My thoughts on the matter. Sometimes love to surprise us and slap us in the face wake us up? Usually, I go into a relationship not prepared for anything major. I let them know not looking for anything. Sometimes it’s best to start off as a friend and go from there. So the question at hand does love sound like a conversation starter? 

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My Love Journey Thought….


During my Journey recently a lot of different things have come to my knowledge. As I was having conversation with my best friend about her journey. Im not big on saying follow your heart. For the fact, at times my heart and head are saying different things. Deep down I feel like I’m betraying myself. What I mean part of you want to forgive and the other half want to hold your ground and move on and just stay guarded. We got to know when to do what’s best for us. Sometimes bn guarded can do more harm to us then heal. Something I’m still learning.

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Year almost over and got me thinking

of different conversation we had, and

ones that were never said for whatever reason.

Maybe we should’ve just left things the way it was from get go.

Maybe not, who knows?

Only GOD!

It’s been a minute since I heard your

voice, I was scrolling thru phone for

song to sleep to, and you waltz in my

thoughts, and what the different songs

mean to me.

I do miss you, but must of all I pray you

well, happy.

Time to let things go for good and I see

that more now then ever.

I hope dis reach you in good spirit,

cause I’m not sure what it doing to me.
Happy Holidays and for last time, I love

you and goodbye…


So many memories, it’s always good to let the past go and work on the future. Haven’t came up with a name just yet. Do enjoy n let me know what you think. GOD Bless