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Trying Love You

When you going to see me for me
And not no one else.
I’m not them
I’m trying to love you
When you going to see me for me
Right now you breaking my heart
You see your past
And not your future
I can’t keep taking hits like this
When you going to see me for me
I’m here love you
I’m not trying to use you
I’m just trying to be the one for you
I’m trying to heal and love you
But all you do is shut me down
I can’t keep taking hits like this
My heart is breaking
I didny think loving you
Would be so much work
I’m just trying to love you



Day 23. I can’t even give you a story in the poem. Guess taking trips down memory lane really woke something in me write. Enjoy! God Bless

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Rest On

As I layed in bed
You was fighting to live
God Bless Your family
They gave upon you.
When you needed them
To a fatherless child
Broken hearted mother
So many grieving individuals
My heartaches for you.
God Bless You
As you rest in paradise.
As I layed in hospital
Fighting to keep going.
You was dying
And leaving so many
Hurting and shock
God Bless the brokenhearted
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Someone from my area lost his life fishing over weekend. We had bad weather , but they discover him yesterday morning! Let your love ones know how much they mean to you! God Bless

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Who Said

Loving him

was going to be easy?

I wish I woulda known

what I know now.

Who said..

walking away was going…

to be easy?


Why I had to fall..

fall to I can’t fall anymore..

Now I’m stuch down here..

brokenhearted and can’t

get a grip of reality.

You Know..

I tried to hate him..

My heart couldnt’ even go there.

I had talk with God..

I know I’m not surpose to hate

but do forgive me..

All I could do ..

was cry..

because hate couldnt even come.

I figure if I hate..

I wouldnt love him anymore..

Who said..

It would be easy?

I wish somebody woulda..

told me something.

I feel like..

I lost myself..

and now trying to rediscover

who I’m surpose to be.

Yeah yeah..

You lose some..

win some?



I ain’t trying to hear that.

All I want to know..

Who Said It..

Would Be Easy?

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