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Mini Update

Good Morning World,


wp-1458744164813.jpgI hope everyone had a bless and safe weekend.  I hope everyone that was affected by the storm is doing ok. My end wasn’t as bad as some area. Got plenty of rain and win that 4show. Other than that we came out okay. I haven’t been to my place see how it did on that end yet. I’m hoping to check it out. After seen that video going around on facebook of the two trap babies. Omg God is truly good all the time. It brought tears to my eye’s see how all that was involved came together save them, babies. My god that stranger that was praying the whole time. Just really did it for me. Nobody but God that’s all  I can say.  Yesterday was a pretty day. Windy and sun were out. I love how the weather can make something so bad be so beautiful. Watching the news and seen how many people died. My God, it breaks my heart, let us keep them in our prayers and their family as well. We never know when it’s our last time on earth.  Let’s remember to let our loved one’s know we love them and we forgave them for whatever the reason maybe. Sometimes we think we have more time to do whatever we haven’t done. But honestly, we don’t.


I have been debating on what to post or how to share certain things with you all on my blog since I have been going so long. I have plenty to post about, it’s the idea getting everything together just right that bothers me. Till next time, I pray all is well with each and every one of you all. Take the time and pray for someone are let them know hey I’m thinking about you are I love you.  God Bless during these terrible times we living in.

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Hello World,

Another wonderful day to be alive. Last night was rough due to the weather,  not much damage my way.  I can’t say the same for my neighboring states in the south. Some lost love ones and some lost everything they have. I’m sitting at doctor office waiting to get labs done, so not feeling my best. Let see what my counts tell me. I like coming see him, I get hear how everything looks.  Since im having problems with my shoulder, im not letting them touch my arm to draw labs from. Thankful i have port and itll be first time for them. YIKES! Im working on stressing less over stuff in my life I have no control over. I’m a work in progress. Just left the doctor office, things didnt go as plan with my port it would give the lovely lady back blood. So I had to suck it up and well you know the rest.  My counts holding its own, not its best, but not its worse. I dont belive  he did retic count.  Hopefully my counts can hold to i can see my primary doctor next week. Yes, working on looking for a new one. Thats a post for another time. With all the meds im on, trying break it down see what im allergic to exactly;(. I pray all is well with each and everyone of you all. God Bless

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Against All Odds

I learn to fight
I shed tears, question
Myself if I was meant for
These journey with Warriors
Against All Odds.
God showed me just how..
Strong I was to be Warrior..
He knew what he was doing
When he created me
Against All Odds .
I showed strength, when I wanted
To give up
God showed me love…
In the midst of storm
He showed me I’m nothing
Without him..
Reminded me to hold on to
Against All Odds..

Dedicated to my journey of life. No matter what you going thru his right there in the midst! Don’t stop fighting/ believing in him..No matter my odds, God had everything in control… Not sure if I’m happy with this piece, do let me know what you think 🙂