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Does love sound like a conversation starter

When it comes to love, do we truly take in consideration if we both ready? Should we talk among ourselves see where we’re each both stand with one another? Love is truly a conversation starter. How do you all feel about it,? Do you just go into love without having talked about it? Hell, that’s like going into relationship blind? My thoughts on the matter. Sometimes love to surprise us and slap us in the face wake us up? Usually, I go into a relationship not prepared for anything major. I let them know not looking for anything. Sometimes it’s best to start off as a friend and go from there. So the question at hand does love sound like a conversation starter? 

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Blog (HELP)

I guess I should’ve check my blog before I started making post again. I have two different type of My Love Journey post now, trying see how go by doing them on out. Should I keep them both or change them. If you been with me for awhile you know some come with numbers asking questions, and the new ones are well no numbers, they just my personal experience and thoughts what I have learn. But I guess you can take both the My Love Journey post that way as what I learn. I have post that need go up for both journey post and I’m trying see which way go before I continue using same titles. Any ideas will be appreciated.  I pray all is well with each and everyone of you all. God Bless

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My Love Journey P.5 (repost)

lovejourneybystuwillsFor some odd reason I’m having trouble on how to reblog my very on post.. So will post link here for you all to check out again or check out the first time. Question and thoughts have been on my mind for awhile. I’m trying to get back in the hang of things with My Love Journey. Also have other things that I’ll be posting but that’s another post for another day.


Thoughts: Its crazy how we have a show called Catfish, but doesn’t seem to make people stop falling for people online. Should it make you stop are be cautious of your heart? What’s happening online could possible happen in real life. People get played everyday. So does it really matter on how we come by the person we love? Does it matter how you met that person? So many question for the post once again, but love to hear everyone thoughts.  If I forgot anything do let me know, please and enjoy. its always a pleasure to hear from my fellow bloggers and there thoughts as well.

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Am I Wrong

for feeling  the way I do

My heart in one place

 & my head thinking of

someone else

Am I wrong?

I don’t like who I am

once it all done

I’m cheating myself

and losing who I used

to stand for.

How could something

be so much pleasurable

be so wrong.

It’s wrong because

My heart  not in it

My head just going through

the motions.

The other day I thought of


Miss the hell out of you

but went another way

Since I can’t have you

I’m replacing you

with someone whose

close to my needs & body

I rather have you that’s

close to my heart

Am I wrong?

for feeling these way?

I miss you

haven’t heard from you.

I thought I was done with you

Months ago

But you ran across my heart

and I have the urge to pick up

the phone & reach out

to you

Instead I call boyfriend #2

I’m trying to move on but

my head saying otherwise

Am I wrong

for feeling lonely when I don’t

have to be by myself?

I’m missing you deeply

I know you not thinking

of me

I want you, but I choose him

Who am I hurting?

Answer is

I’m wrong for doing what I’m


I’m losing myself

my standard are being tested

My heart trouble

Man #1

Where are you?

Do you feel me?

can you since me?

I’m in trouble

Am I wrong

for feeling these way?



So many time’s we ask the  question Are we wrong or like the poem says Am I wrong. This is inspired by true events in my life and many others in my life. I get inspired to share not only one story but many others. Sometimes we tend to lose who with are when getting involve with someone. So before you jump in head first make sure you not losing who you are. Do enjoy poem. God Bless & Good Night

I dedicate this poem to my Love Journey, if you new at my blog or My Love Journey make sure to check the post and the questions out. Love Journey or My Love Journey! I will return to My Love Journey once I’m finish with the semester. Registered & Protected

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My Love Journey P.5

I done said it many times before, but just in case you havent went back to read the other post with the same title. You’ll see the title more than once, but you’ll see a number at the end of each JOURNEY!  On My Love Journey, has taken me through somethings, and I have learned somethings as well. When I was in Middle School I had a friend who was in the same group with me I believe Future Teachers of Alabama, I think that’s what it was called, or was it High School? Who Knows.

Anyways how many time’s or have you ever heard YOU CAN’T LOVE SOMEONE YOU NEVER SEEN? That can mean in person or havent laid your eyes on them by seen a picture,video chat or whatever.  Some may even say it’s not normal to meet someone offline and to be in love with them? Hmmm…. Well I have heard that a few times, and have argue my case as well.  Now back to my story at hand, since this is my blog for thoughts and whatnot I guess its okay for me to change subject as I please long as I don’t lose you all in the process. My friend mom told me and a few other young ladies that she met her husband online and well you know the rest, they married of course. My thing is love is everywhere, we just got to be willingly to have an open mind to it. Sometimes we miss out on that opportunity and someone good can slip right through your fingers. Now I’m not saying we should all be open-minded to founding our true love online. I was actually going to make this into a book and I might still do. I have talk to different people, on how they met they soul mate. I have an older cousin who said that her husband she met him in the club when she went for the last time. She stop going of course and gave her life to GOD, and he still wanted to be with her he follow her soon after. God knows what he doing! As you take my JOURNEY though My Love Journey you can see where I have been and where I’m at now.  I honestly believe can’t nobody tell us who we can and can’t love. Thats whats wrong with a lot of people now, we telling them who they can and can’t love. Sometimes we have to learn from our own mistakes, to see it for ourself. I actually have a friend who had to learn a few of them. I do have permission to share they story on my blog, since  it will eventually get use for my book. I will not share they names, but will tell you what I learn on they LOVE JOURNEY!

I believe that all I will say on this post since I have little one’s calling me and Discussion Board due tonight! I love to hear any input and feedback from you all. You all know I’m curious as to what you all think on anything I post! Do Have A Bless Saturday! God Bless 🙂 Registered & Protected

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My Love Journey P.2

I did a post earlier for my Love Journey and shared  a song about How can we Mend Broken Heart. Funny thing, I may change sides along my journey because I’m learning new things about myself every day. And hey I’m psychology major, so give me a break. Lol.

                Can we truly mend a broken heart? I mean really mend it? Will it always be whole or do we actually have to work at it long as we discover who they truly or. I have many poems that will make you wonder and many quotes and question that will be like ummm maybe she got a point or you might be just as confuse as I am. Hell, I don’t know.

  •             One of my favorite statements came from my cousin a few months ago .How true could it possible be. It takes a strong woman to love a torn man, but a stronger man to love a scorned woman; two strong minded people can’t be together, because they will always be bumping heads. When you find the person who is weak in the areas where you are strong, strong in the area where you are weak, then that’s compatibility! This makes it a stronger relationship.

This lovely status caught my attention. Makes me wonder how true it could be. I done met a few men in my life that was either torn or broken whatever you want to call it. Maybe I was meant to heal him for another woman to deserve him. Maybe I was meant to get as close as I did with the next one, but not really have him as mine. I wish I had known that before I fell in love with him. The last one I didn’t give a chance because my heart was trying to come to grip of losing the last one, that held my heart so tight, that made it so hard to walk away. So the next time one walks in my life I’m prepared, how about you? Registered & Protected

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What Is Family?

To me family is the one’s whose there for you through the hard times as well as the good times. Sometimes there your own flesh and blood and sometimes there the people’s who you meet along the way as you take your journey to discover who you are.

 “The family.  We were a strange little band of characters trudging through life sharing diseases and toothpaste, coveting one another’s desserts, hiding shampoo, borrowing money, locking each other out of our rooms, inflicting pain and kissing to heal it in the same instant, loving, laughing, defending, and trying to figure out the common thread that bound us all together.  ~Erma Bombeck”

                I ask this question to tell you a story.  But before I began I would like for you to think before you respond. So here is my story. My parents were recently in a car accident and the car got total.  They couldn’t get out the car, had to wait to emergency personals came to help them out. So he decided to call his older sister to see if she could come and get them and bring them home. His sister told him she was busy and on top of everything she didn’t even tell her husband about the ordeal. I don’t what would possess him to call her in the first place. She act like she can’t help anyone or too good to help anyone.  So I had a talk with my cousin, my dad sister older child. First she was like or they okay, and were wondering if her mom knew about it. I told her yes, she knew and she wouldn’t go pick them up and bring them home. She was like why, what? I was like I don’t know that was a lie, because I knew.  And she was like I know how my mom can be, because I know they done had plenty problems before. Then five minutes everything changes she hit me back up. Trying to make me feel bad for whatever, hell it didn’t change my mind.

Since I have sickle cell and I had crisis awhile back and had call her sister who don’t mind helping me out if she can. I needed a ride to hospitals. She was like I have doctor appointment and I can come and pick you up before I go to it, because she was at work at that moment.  She was like let me call my mom if you can’t wait. She was worry that it could be serious, since me being close to death in the past before. Let me tell you nope she wouldn’t come and get me. I don’t even know why my cousin even bothers to call her mom and ask. I figure she thought she would say yes or something.  I held out to my cousin came and got me.  Since the accident we have being struggling, and I came to the point I wanted to give up on my dreams and focus on something that could help my parents out.


To be honest, it pisses me off that you can’t afford to count on family now and days. I can’t be to mad at my cousin because she don’t know the whole story. Having to bite your tongue says a lot for me, since I’m the type of person who just says whatever. I believe I should say how I feel to the person that really started all these. I feel bad because my uncle is put in the middle because his helping us out. Am I wrong to be mad when someone is willing to help or should I still feel the same because his my uncle by marriage? It amaze me to see who is willing to help you out when you at your lowest. So to the question, what would you do, if this same ordeal happens to you. Would you want family to help you? Or someone that’s not your relative to help you out.