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My Day

Today I celebrate another
Year on earth.
Its my day
Set aside from the rest.
God created me back when
Blew breathe in me
Save me from myself…
Most of all, love little oh me
Today is my day…
I plan on living as if its
My last day on Earth..
Telling love ones I love them
Enjoying the lovely people God
Put in my life…
Happy Birthday to me..
Oh how sweet it was to hear
Mr. Man sing Happy Birthday
2 me..
He made sure he wasn’t left out
To give me some love over
Happy Birthday
2 me!


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Its your Birthday


It’s your birthday,
God has bless us
See another year with you
I’m not sure how I feel
Of our princess turning
They truly don’t stay little long
It feel like you was just
Born, and now overnight
You are growing up to fast
Happy Birthday
My love
Enjoy it..
Don’t rush your age,
I want my sassy,
Prissy, and sometimes
Tomboy, to just be a child
With so much innocence
Happy Birthday
I love you
Don’t you dare grow up
On me…

A recent picture of her from my ig account, until Saturday when we have a party.

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His Not Dead

My God died for me,
But he rose three days later..
He died for me
And you..
He knew I needed him more and more..
I love how he didn’t let us down
Yes, God died,
But he risen three days later.
It was writing in the book of life
Want he do it?
My God isn’t dead…
He risen for me and you
Happy Easter..
His not dead!
Happy Easter, God Bless ๐Ÿ™‚

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Hope you happy

I hope you happy with your choice
I know I am,
I feel so free. 
I gave you me
But you wasn’t happy
So these is my farewell to
I send my regards to you.
Don’t you ever say I didn’t do right
By you.
I hope you happy
Smiling with joy.
I pray the next fool,
Believe all your lies
I hope you happy ..
I’m free and I
Most admit, I never
Felt so good..
I hope you’ll happy…
Here’s my farewell kiss


Finally got inspired to write last night, before crashing out! But the rest came to me few seconds ago! Do enjoy and God Bless ๐Ÿ™‚ Truly dedicated to My Love Journey!

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Two Faced

The lies you tell, make you
One minute you sweet
The next you curse the person
Who been there for you..
Two Faced..
Don’t smile in my face
While you push knife
Deeper .
You make me sick..
I was there for you when
You needed a friend. 
Lies destroyed our friendship.
Two Faced.

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Don’t it just urk your nerves when you meet fake people..Got inspired to vent and clear my head! Lesson learn for us when we stomp our toes

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Sound Good….

Sound good to me…
The way you say my name…
Drives me crazy…
I love the way you sound when I say your name…
You truly sound good to me..
Just imagine if I was lying
Next to you
The music we would make…
Beautiful melody as our
Body intertwine with one another
You Sound good to me…
I’m missing you tonight …
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Do enjoy dedicated to my love journey, let me know what you think! God Bless

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You Caught Me…

You caught me drowning

when I needed…

someone to bring me to

my senses…

Sweetie I’m so thankful

for you…

Even though we may bump

heads at times…

I think of you constantly…

you brought sunshine in my life…

when my body was letting me


I laugh so much..

I didn’t recognize my feelings…

I fought to recover

my past…

You reach out and pull me drowning…

I’m so thankful for a man like




Actually wrote dis last month, but wasn’t sure if it was finish, are ready to be shared. Its dedicated to Love Journey, do enjoy and let me know what you think. God Bless ๐Ÿ™‚ Registered & Protected

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Mirror Mirror

Mirror Mirror
Who Am I
Do you deceive me…
I don’t recognize the person looking back…
I see bruises
And forget where I been…
I feel like I’m chasing sleep to recover time…
Mirror Mirror …
Why am I suffering ..
When everyone is moving on…
That did me harm…
All I want is be free..
What have I done wrong to deserve all this…
All I want is to be free from this turmoil….




After reading silent Kimย poem yesterday it gave me the courage to finish this poem about a person dear to my heart. I don’t know how it effects ya’ll, but been there for her, I can understand where Kim is coming from. Her poem pull at my heart and finally gave me the courage to share my poem to the person dear to me who love it btw the and working on art piece to go with it, so once it done I’ll share with ya’ll once again. Do enjoy and let me know what you all think. God Bless ๐Ÿ™‚ Just remember you all are never alone, God is with you even when it feel like the world has left yall to sit ad riot and the turmoil of the mind.

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Do Me Right…

Caress me…
Rub me.
Please me. ..
Don’t you dare tease me…
Tonight our night, baby
I been waiting for the right time…
The way you caress me..
Sends shivers thru me.
You even rubbing the right spots.
You even pleasing me, theย  way I imagine…
Caress me, like it’s our last time…
Rub me, as you hold me
Don’t forget the love I possessed for you…
Please don’t you dare stop..
The melody of us is sweet music…
You whisper my name…
I scream yours as you go deeper
In me…
Don’t you dare tease me…
You better please me…
Tonight the only night we have…
I know I started it at the end of last year but finish at the beginning of the New year, just didn’t know what to call it and of course with my health not at its best its taking me longer to share my poetry! Do enjoy and let me know what you think! GOD Bless:) Registered & Protected

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