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My Life

How can I speak…

when I’m only one


You seem to look…

at me crazy…

Cause of the pain..

and you don’t understand…


I’m one in a million…

So many of us or losing..

the fight…

So thankful for the one..

who fought with me..

You may not hear me…

But I know many hear me..

and join me to fight for our..


Do you hear me?

I hate to yell but hell..

my pain is that intense…

NO act..

over here..

We want Justices…


We tired of been


some die in pain…

because of the abuse from

the one’s…

who supposed to help us..

Do that make you all happy?

see so many dying?

Technical I’m not finish with it but wanted to get it up, while I have the time and strength to share. I wanted to share it last month, since it was Sickle Cell Awareness Month. But you all know its every day for me… Do enjoy and let me know what you think.  The poem says a lot, so many sickle cell warriors have died this year. We don’t have it easy when we go to E.R/hospital. Since so many don’t know what it is or what we go through. We get sent home in pain or mistreated while been in hospital. I know you all have read a few of my post, and know I had could not so good nurses and doctors. I’m praying for cure for us.

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Day 4-6, Living With Sickle Cell Anemia


Hey and welcome to my world. I must say I’m not home yet, which I had got my hopes up on going home. I’m praying for tomorrow.  Still in some  pain, but not as bad as when I got admitted. So thankful for all the comments and prayers, truly touch my heart:) blood count came back up on its own, and guess what dropping slowly but surely. I have to be put back on steroids,  and nope not happy about it. If I don’t take them it could do more harm then anything,  but honestly I believe it make me sick at same time. I hope I can get some rest in a few.  I believe I shall wrap it up and try get comfortable.  I  have had some good nurses dis time around,  which is a plus. I hope all is well with each and everyone of you all.  God Bless

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Living With Sickle Cell Anemia…

thumbnailSCDI’m so thankful for all the prayers and comments and even the likes, truly touch my heart. I had been sick for over a month,and trying to stay strong while in school, but got to the point I just couldn’t take it anymore. Ended up at the E.R Monday afternoon,let me tell you, that was the longest time I ever had to wait to be seen. If I was in the mood to  write a story on E.R, that would be one of them, with so many lovely and not so lovely stories to share with you all around the world. Lets just say, I didn’t get seen to about 7:30 that night, yep you read correctly and yes I type correctly. I was not a happy person, let me tell you. I got admitted but didn’t get put on the floor to the next morning. I was blessed with kind doctor and lovely nurses, and some cute male nurses if I do say so myself 🙂 I had transfusion, only one unit, which I’m thankful for. My doctor is smart now, he starts ahead of time to look for my blood. Whew, because you know I be still in their waiting, so im home, with the love one’s. I really wasn’t in the mood to post from hospital. I basically just got some rest, because I havent been sleeping since I havent been feeling good. I was my first hospital stay since the new year, so that’s truly a Blessings. If you was with me last year, you know how much that means to me and where I’m coming from. Right now, I’m doing some catch up with my studies, so hopefully soon as I’m caught up or when the term is over I can give blogging some more of my attention. I have read all the comments, just haven’t had time to approve them. I can honestly say my hemoglobin was good before I got put in but my retic count wasn’t because I was in so much pain, it end up dropping and he though I would need 2 units of blood. I know I’m everywhere with this post, sorry about that. I try to do another one real soon to keep you all updated. I do have doctor appointed in a few days, to see how everything going on. I pray all is well with each and every one of you. God Bless 🙂

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Day 1-3,Living With Sickle Cell Anemia

I have being in hospital ever since Monday, I haven’t been feeling my best since the weekend and the pain got worse. I actually had doctor appointment Tuesday and was going to wait it out, but since I couldn’t get in touch with my ole primary doctor so I can get referral to go to my new one. I decided to cancel and go to E.R. Lets just say my lab came back fast because it was consider critical low. I’m not feeling my best still. I have to get transfusion. It actually was 6.9 when I arrive then that night it drop. Its taking longer this time for my blood, as you all know its hard to find my blood type. I haven’t been feeling my best, but decided to go head and share with each and every one of you. I’m so touch by all your comments and prayers. I do have some great nurses and doctors, that taking good care of me. I’ll try to keep you all updated from here on out. I do hope everyone is doing good. God Bless 🙂

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Day 2, Living With Sickle Cell Anemia

I like to thank everyone for there kind words and prayers, I haven’t got to all my comments just yet, but have read them all. Truly touch my heart to hear you all praying for me. Early this morning got news I need to have tranfusion, my blood count has drop to 7.0! I’m not happy about it dropping because I believe it could’ve been prevented ahead of time. Before I came to hospital yesterday I receive some upsetting news, that my paperwork hasn’t been fax so I can see sickle cell doctor. Everytime I call and my blood doctor call they said they was faxing it over right then. We shall see how that goes. Its going to take awhile before they find my blood, so I have been told and I have been through this so many times in the past. Hopefully so many peeps done went out to donate blood 🙂 I do have a nice nurse today, the other nurse went home before she wasn’t feeling her best. Just waiting to see the doctor to see what he have to say. Thats all I have to share with you all for now. I shall keep you posted.

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As of now, just about done receiving my blood and so ready to go home and rest while finishing my assignment. I have to be honest, I was starting to worry that they may not get my blood type in time. I shouldn’t have had such a doubt, because MY GOD IS IN CONTROL! 🙂  It went good, only took two tries to stick me when it came to the I.V part. I have realize that the nurses in the E.R are just downright rude, because when I’m on the floor I don’t get treated like I’m nothing. I actually had a nice nurse today. I have been up here since 10 this morning, didn’t really get started to about 11. I actually had a little nap during the procedure which I must say I needed it more than anything.  Time to go home and see the babies. I let you know how I feel about that later. lol  They always coming running to the door and hug both my legs. One on left side and the other on the right side, you can’t help but to love them right?

I’m so thankful for the one’s who go out and donate so I can have my transfusion, that truly a BLESSING, that so many people go out and donate blood to save someone life. If I could, I would, but I need all the blood that I can have in me. I Hope Everyone Is Having A Bless Friday! God Bless 🙂

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Laying In Bed

Laying In bed

tossing & turning

Trying to get right

Laying quietly in

my room

I heard babies crying,

while some are playing.

Poor littles one in pain

Pain so intense

I couldn’t sleep.

Praying just to get

some Zzzz’s

I.V in  sore spot

driving me crazy

As my pain intense

so does the I.V

Laying in bed

Tossing & Turning



 for never leaving me!

Morning came

new nurses arrived

he showed me to never

lose FAITH

Laying in bed

oxygen on point

blood pressure

not looking so good

Tossing & Turning

praying to be able to

go home soon and

be pain-free


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As you can see I had a lot on my mind. I know for a fact I will be adding more to it, if I don’t get to busy with homework.

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IV has become
My friend
Right along with
Fluids, pain medication
Getting stuck every
So often!
Beeping from I.V
Wakes me from
Deep sleep!
Nurses coming and going
Stuck to me like Chuck
Where I go, it follows

Workn progress!

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