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Day 4, Living With Sickle Cell Anemia

Not sure how to start my post. I have been sick since Christmas Eve. Didn’t want go E.R are miss bn my family for the holidays. I finally decided to go to E.R Saturday after Christmas,  long as my count was good, they didn’t keep me. I thought I was getting better and ended up worse then Christmas. Two more hospital visits before I was bless with doctor who knew what to do when it comes to my illness. Tuesday morning, I was brought back to E.R, but what a wait cause hospital was book. I know I cried so much that the pain got worse every time. 6 hours waiting to be seen. once I got in back, it went smoothly. Had a good doctor and nurse. I couldn’t walk the first few days. I can walk a lil now but legs still bothering me. I got two units first day here, didn’t work as soon as I got it. Brought my count up to 9, has drop to the 7’s now. Praying it doesn’t drop anymore. I’m still here cause of pain n count dropping. Hoping go home tomorrow but only time will tell. I’ll end it for now and share more at another time. Pray everyone had a good Christmas and New Year. GOD Bless

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Lets Pray

thumbnailCAQGAS54This holiday so many are missing love ones.
I’m praying for the mother whose mourning and wishing she lost her life in car accident instead of her baby!
As I read her status it broke my heart.
I may not be a mother, but I know pain of losing someone close.
I’m praying for young lady fighting cancer alone and trying go on during holidays
As her mother fight to make it back to her.
Do bow your head with me …
So much pain when it should be joyful…
I know God got them covered and protected…
I pray as you all cherish the holidays, do enjoy it…
You never know when your last time or loves one’s …
Tell them you love them now while they can hear it!
I’m praying for my blogging family to continue to have a bless holiday and rest of 2013!
God Bless

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