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Everytime I think of you, its like I’m betraying my heart!
Last conversation
We was down right guilty..
I love you!
I need you!
Is love supposed be so damn difficult?
Guilty Guilty Guilty…
Loving you from a far. 
Isn’t helping…
Wishing you was near…
I need you like I need my last breathe…
So Guilty?
Can you charge me for staying true to my heart?
I haven’t acted out!
But baby I’m so Guilty,
I feel it in my soul. 
I yearn for you. 
I’m Guilty!


So much on my mind I had to write it and share with you all. Do enjoy, and yes it’s dedicated to my Love Journey

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I’m missing your touch…
I’m missing your love..
I loved the way you made..
Me feel…
My heart
Was at peace…
Trip down memory lane..
Got me yearning for you…
I’m missing the past…
Our present situation. .
Is heartbreaking. .
It’s like
Why did we stop caring. 
My heart use to be near..
I use to sense your pain…
Missing you..
Loving you..
Gone so wrong..
Honey baby
Where have you been?
My heart..
Missing love. ..
I miss feeling what we..
Missing the feelings,
Not you…

Dedicated to Love Journey, not sure on title. Do let me know what you think, enjoy

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Summer Crush

My heart feel at ease
I’m ready to give it a try
One more time
Can this be real?
What I’m feeling
My heart is going insane
It’s actually feeling emotions for another soul
Summer is here
New season
time to finally put away
Past and give it a try
I can’t be scared no more
The past is the past
My future right around the corner
And I can’t let him pass me by
Because of previous mistakes on my behalf!
Summer arrive
And brought me a flame
That’s ready for my attention
Summer Crush

Actually started on it last month after got out of hospital but it all came to me yesterday but the ending was just a few minutes ago and wanted to share! Do let me know what you all think! Enjoy and God Bless 🙂 Registered & Protected
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Fragile Heart


 I tried loving him

Showing him a different side

He was a fragile man

Every time he had one foot.

Out the door

The other one was still with

His ex.

Loving him was rough

When all she did was play with

His emotions & mind

~Fragile Heart~

The poor foolish man was torn

I didn’t fight because to fight

Would’ve been pointless

I’m known as cold less

So I know the way the heart works

I had to keep my mouth shut

I have been told

I kill with my tongue

Loving a Fragile soul

Has shown me many things

You can’t heal what don’t

Want to be complete

You can’t mend a broken heart

If they still stuck in the past

Loving that Fragile Man

Showed me things and mad me stronger

I didn’t let him break me or make me bitter

I THANK GOD for having me through it all

Without him I couldn’t make it

All I could do is pray for

That Fragile Heart

And many more like him


PoeticJourney Registered & Protected

Once I get the chance I will share my first copy of Fragile Heart and you can pick whichone you like the most. I try and have it up later tonight! God Bless