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Word to the Wise (Spiritual Word Of Day)

Don’t get down in the pit and start doubting what God showed you. Your dream is just as real in the PIT as it is in the PALACE! ~ TD Jakes 💃🏿#Joseph

What powerful message to share with y’all.

Good Afternoon, pray message to speak to someone heart/soul. God is truly good all the time. So glad the weather warmer here today. God Bless

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Word to the Wise (Spiritual Word Of The Day_







Good Morning, God is truly good all the time. I pray all is well with each and everyone of you all and message speak to someone heart/soul today. God Bless 🙂

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Fallin’ In Luv

I could fall in luv a thousand times…

I can make luv a thousand times..

I can have you for eternity..

just fall in luv one time..

Fallin’ in luv

I could dream a thousand times of our future

I can make you happy a thousand times

I really want it to be one time so it could

last 4eva!

cause I only fall in luv

with a you once!

Fallin’ in luv

I could write your name in the sky a thousand times, I can tell

you I LUV U a thousand times or more

that’s my true dream

~PJ~ Registered & Protected

This poem is dedicated to  Love Journey, actually wrote the poem when I was younger and it’s actually publish, but when I came across it a few weeks ago I wrote a newer version of it, hope to share it with you all soon.

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My Music Man

The way he cares,

truly touch me

He sings, from his heart

making sure to leave a

mark on my beating heart

Sound of Angel

that takes me high

What A Music Man

I have…

I love the way you care

drives me sane when

you cater to my heart

My Love for you

is the drumming

of my heart.

Making music with you

is dream come true.



As you can see I have no title as of yet, and poem has been on my mind lately. Basically rough draft I may add more or tweak it! As of right now, sleep is truly calling me. So do let me know what you think! Enjoy and I believe I’ll dedicate it to Love Journey!  God Bless 🙂

Thank You Gabby, for helping me with the title of the poem! I love how you don’t mind giving me title ideas! God Bless You 🙂 Registered & Protected

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Open Your Eye’s To Dreams

He had a dream

you saw how GOD

use him to make

a difference

If you have a


never give up believing

You can make Difference

All it take is one person

to believe in change

You see how GOD

use him

You could be next

to open up so many Eye’s.


PoeticJourney/Tigerboy251(title) Registered & Protected

Never think your dreams aren’t important. Just Imagine so many people before us did we wouldn’t have some of the things we have now. I can honestly say THANK GOD FOR DREAMS!

I originally wrote the poem for MLK DAY, but was still recovering from been in the hospital at the time, so since its BLACK HISTORY MONTH, wanted to share it with you all! Do Enjoy! God Bless 🙂

My brother help out with the title, if you haven’t check him out do click my blogroll with the name David and check out his work!

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Sleeping beauty

such beauty & innocent

As she lay to dream

dreams of a perfect

world full of

everything nice

Dreams of butterflies,

flowers in perfect


Don’t you dare kiss her

Sleeping Beauty

needs her rest



This picture above was taking when she was younger and was in the process os getting potty train. Since I have new pc I can’t seem to find my flash drive to share new ones. I know it’s not finish, so bare with me. Do enjoy! God Bless 🙂 Registered & Protected

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” Wisdom”

In a world filled with hate, we must still dare to hope. In a world filled with anger, we must still dare to comfort. In a world filled with despair, we must still dare to dream. And in a world filled with distrust, we must still dare to believe.

  Michael Jackson