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Living With Sickle Cell Anemia


It have been awhile since I mention my illness,to it surprise me last week and broke my spirit at same time. But I know God is all I need.It started with me getting nasty cold, which turn out be bronchitis with lil pneumonia! Im like serious on bronchitis, just went through it the month before.I couldn’t hardly move,so that was my notice to make my way to evil place! God Bless me with some good nurses and doctor while in ER!  I did have a long wait, which my poor body hated, and germs spread! You would think peep would cover mouth,but nope! As you all know, im finally home since MondAy afternoon! Lets just say,my body is in for a fight of my life again. I rather not go into detail. If I refuse to take my meds, im killing myself!But come on, all meds have bad sides of them! I almost went back to hospital Tuesday, I was in so much pain! Hurt move,talk, think, cry! God gave me strength to fight without the hospital! Im still in some pain, but not as bad as early in the week! Good weather, and I cant enjoy it:( I have update doctor appointment next week, plus to get recheck on labs and xray really? Labs understabdable, but umm u sent me home saying things look better! No smart comment at the moment! Turn out I needed antiobodies, which wasn’t mention to me before you discharge me! Thinking I need a new primary doctor! Im lil lazy to do the searching right now, but dont feed me bs and then have to eat your words later 🙂 All the prayers,comments touch my heart in so many ways. I cant have transfusions, to everything is cleared. I left hospital at 7.2! Another rough journey, im praying ill make it through once again. Makes you wonder how some people become doctors when you educationing them. I did have two big idiots as doctors.

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Day 4,Living With Sickle Cell Anemia

Hello, and welcome to day 4. I’m still in the hospital, yesterday was actually a long day. I ended up gettng my tranfusion lastnight and didnt get finish to about two somethng this morning. As of right now my blood count is looking good, but its showing I’m dehydrated still so thats probably why  I’m still hurting some. Had to get some x-rays this morning, seem I have touch of bronchitis, I don’t know how I got it.  The doctor believe its the reason why I’m in the hospital because of it. I don’t know why its so hard for people to cover up there mouth when they cough. I’m so thankful for all the prayers, kind words you all have left me. God has truly BLESS me with some kind nurses and doctors. I’m not much with words tonight. I shall keep you all updated and make the next post longer. Till next time.. God Bless 🙂