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In A Crisis

My heart beating to so many emotions
I’m trying to figure if I should stay
Or go
I’m in crisis
My body betraying me
I’m losing the battle
Within myself
It out of control
I can’t come to terms with my emotions
I’m in crisis
And my frustration is at breaking point
I’m losing control
The old me returning
I’m struggling in crisis.
I’m in need of deliverance
I’m in crisis
Crying out
For help
I can’t take it any longer.
I’m in crisis
My head spinning
I’m losing control
Can you hear me?
Do you see me?
I’m losing control
My body betraying me
My emotions
Done destroyed me
I’m out of control
I’m in crisis
Can you help me?


This poem is dedicated to my life. Do enjoy and let me know what y’all think. God Bless

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What you scared of

Or you worry about

your old feelings returning

Or you scared he may

feel the same for you

You didn’t know

you hurt him back

in the day.

Years have past

And here is your chance


And you have found one

another all over again.

What you scared of?

Dont let your opportunity

pass you by.

These could be your second & only


What are you scared of?

Is your heart


you right now?

Do you want him?

Are you just that confuse

because your heart is

playing with you.

What you scared of?

he could be the one

and you letting your heart

get the best of you

What you scared of?

These may be your only chance

Open your heart,move

your lips to the beating of your


Tell me..

What are you scared of?

Tell him just how you feel

Tell him now, not later.

What you scared of?

It’s now or later.

Make the right choice & and

let it be known.


Just make the first move

Tell him what you been feeling

so tell me

What you scared of?


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I know awhile back you read a poem I wrote that my friendé), inspired me to write about her situation, well I wrote this one first and since it was little too much to type up at the time. When me and her was in a chat I came up with the one I shared called