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My Love Journey Thought….


During my Journey recently a lot of different things have come to my knowledge. As I was having conversation with my best friend about her journey. Im not big on saying follow your heart. For the fact, at times my heart and head are saying different things. Deep down I feel like I’m betraying myself. What I mean part of you want to forgive and the other half want to hold your ground and move on and just stay guarded. We got to know when to do what’s best for us. Sometimes bn guarded can do more harm to us then heal. Something I’m still learning.

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Don’t say a word…

I’m not ready to hear…

When I was ready

you spoke lies to my

mourning soul..

Don’t say a word..

I’m not ready to take heed…

I gave chances and chances..

and your betrayed me..

Don’t say a word

My heart is done

I don’t see you the same..

Don’t say a word..

I’m done listening to you

whine about how sorry you are…

I’m stronger than your lies,

Don’t say a Word…


~PJ~ Registered & Protected

Will be dedicated to love Journey, took me awhile to get it just right, you know me I love to make sure its just right before I share with you all. Do let me know what you all think. Enjoy and God Bless 🙂

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Done Caring

I don’t need your love!
I don’t want to hear no excuses.
You lied!
You betrayed me!
I don’t need your torment!
Stop with the whining and crying,cause my heart went cold!
All my feelings I had for you in my heart are gone.
I don’t want to hear it
Stop right there
Don’t speak
Don’t you dare, say a word
I’m done trying to care!


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How can you

How can you love me
when you not willing
to open your heart
you complain about me
not expressing myself
Once I do
you choose to play
with my emotions.
This my last chance
I choose to love you
I choose to shut down
and walk away.
You broke me
so I want to say
How can you care
but still betray
yourself from
 I tried & tried
 over & over
I can’t do it
I betrayed my heart
to love
I betrayed my heart
every time I open
up to you.


~PJ~ Registered & Protected


The poem will be dedicated to my Love Journey, do enjoy! God Bless 🙂

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Where were you

You promise me

You’ll never leave me

When I was in need

You betrayed my trust

I lost my way

My heart couldn’t forgive


My love went downhill

Where were you

You promise me

You’ll stay by my side

Whenever I needed you

You betrayed me

Now you’ll missing me

& wanting me back

I kept my word

I was there

But you didn’t stay

True to me

Where were you

I’m glad you showed me

Your true colors

It gave me time to

Hear God speaking to me

So I’m thanking

You for betraying me


Kept his word

He never left my side

Where were you?

You was where you

 was supposed to be

You betrayed me

He heal me

I was lost

He found me

You broke me

He fix me

You knock me down

He lifted me up


Is good

he never lets me down


PoeticJourney Registered & Protected


When everyone lets you down, GOD is always there for you even when you think you alone. Sometimes we go through different things in our life, so we can hear him speak to us.